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Heroes of the Hour

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Heroes of the Hour

Quest giver
Foundation (X:11.3, Y:13.3)
Quest line

Experience 16,740
Gil 583
Previous quest
An End to the Song
Next quest
Litany of Peace

Alphinaud seems distracted.

— In-game description



  • Alphinaud praises you for your epochal victory over Nidhogg, but admits that freeing Estinien felt the greater accomplishment. Yet even with the excision of the wyrm's eyes and their insidious influence, Alphinaud is concerned with how Estinien's spirit has endured the harrowing separation. Make your way to the Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly, and inquire with Lucia as to the Azure Dragoon's condition.
  • After thanking you for your deeds in service to Ishgard, Lucia informs you that Estinien has yet to regain consciousness. Promising that Ser Aymeric will send word as soon as the dragoon awakens, she suggests that you occupy yourself by paying a visit to Count Edmont and his sons. Head to Fortemps Manor with Alphinaud and announce your return to the city.
  • After treating you to a hero's welcome, Lord Edmont generously offers you the use of his guest quarters, that you might rest and recover. Alphinaud politely declines, however, begging leave to visit the Temple Knights' infirmary. Follow your young friend to the Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly.
  • You arrive at the Temple Knights' headquarters but find no sign of Alphinaud. Upon speaking with Ser Aymeric, you learn that your fellow Scion has stationed himself at the ailing Estinien's bedside, and seems determined to remain there unto the bitter end...

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