Blood for Blood

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the ARR main scenario quest. For retired PvE action, see Blood for Blood (PvE).
Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Blood for Blood

Quest giver
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:12, Y:16)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Required items
1 Bloody Encyclical Icon.png  Bloody Encyclical
1 Draconian Rosary Icon.png  Draconian Rosary
Experience 21,560
Gil 0
Previous quest
By the Lights of Ishgard
Next quest
The Heretic among Us

Alphinaud is determined to discover Inquisitor Guillaime's true identity.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Confront Prunilla and cast /doubt on her account.
  • Search the suspicious box.


  • Ser Joellaut refuses to consider the possibility that Inquisitor Guillaime is not who he claims to be. He bids you speak with Ser Prunilla, the knight who helped the inquisitor carry his unconscious body to the infirmary that night, if you still doubt his story.
  • Ser Prunilla claims to know nothing of the bloody encyclical, but her nervous fidgeting suggests otherwise. As time is of the essence, you should cease with the pleasantries and /doubt her account with fervor.
  • Ser Prunilla confesses that she knew of Inquisitor Guillaime's true identity, but was unable to reveal the truth out of fear for her loved ones. She was also aware that the inquisitor was framing innocent Ishgardians and sentencing them to death, but could not bring herself to act until Lord Francel came under suspicion. Even then, she could only afford to tamper with shipments bound for Skyfire Locks, in the hopes that the draconian rosaries she stole from the inquisitor's chest and hid within the parcels would be discovered and used as evidence of a conspiracy against House Haillenarte. Having learned of the inquisitor's hidden supply of draconian rosaries, search the area southeast of Whitebrim Front and see if you can locate the chest.
  • You find the hidden chest as Ser Prunilla described. Open it and see what secrets it contains.
  • The chest is filled with draconian rosaries, which Inquisitor Guillaime has doubtless used to condemn countless innocent Ishgardians to death. Having obtained incontrovertible proof that the inquisitor is in fact a heretic, you can now approach Lord Drillemont and convince him of the truth.
  • Lord Drillemont is devastated by the revelation, and wastes no time apologizing for misjudging you. But before he agrees to grant you permission to enter the Stone Vigil, he asks that you help him bring the false inquisitor to justice.