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Coming to Ishgard

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Coming to Ishgard

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Quest giver
Intercessory (X:6.0, Y:6.1)
Quest line
Heavensward Main Scenario
Experience 46,800
Gil 799
Previous quest
Before the Dawn
Next quest
Taking in the Sights
The Way of the Dodo
A Dark Spectacle
So You Want to Be a Machinist
What's Your Sign

The time for action has come, and Alphinaud knows what he must do.

— In-game description




The intercessory, where players accept the quest, can be entered by talking to the House Fortemps guard in Coerthas Central Highlands at (x:26, y:17).



  • The time for action has come, and Alphinaud knows what he must do.
  • The Scions of the Seventh Dawn, once proclaimed the saviors of Eorzea, are now condemned as murderers─betrayed by the Crystal Braves and forced to flee the banquet held to celebrate the very victory they helped to bring about. One by one, your comrades remained behind in a bid to aid your escape, until you alone emerged from the tunnels beneath Ul'dah to be reunited with Alphinaud and seek refuge in Coerthas. But will you ever find sanctuary behind the walls of Ishgard? Having bided your time in Camp Dragonhead for what feels like an age, you finally have your answer: yes. As wards of House Fortemps, you will be granted admission to the city proper. Haurchefant will tell you more.
  • In the end, it is as simple as speaking with a sentry at the Gates of Judgement. All has been arranged, and none will deny you passage.
  • As you arrive in Foundation, you find that the destruction wrought by the wyverns is still fresh. Nearby, a well-dressed man beckons to you─presumably the manservant of whom Lord Haurchefant spoke.
  • At the manor, Haurchefant presents you to Count Edmont de Fortemps, who invites you to treat his home as your own. When Alphinaud expresses concern over the possible repercussions of harboring foreign fugitives, Edmont reassures you that your reputation does not concern him, and expresses confidence that his fellow Ishgardians will come to accept your presence given time.


Alphinaud: Not at all the circumstances under which I had hoped to visit Ishgard for the first time, but so be it.
Tataru: They say the winds can be rather fierce on the Steps of Faith. Be sure to wrap up before we go!
Haurchefant: I must go on ahead and speak with the count. Fear not, however, for everything has been arranged.
Haurchefant: The sentries at the Gates of Judgement have been informed of our decision. You need but state your names, and they will allow you to pass.
Haurchefant: My manservant shall be waiting for you at the city gates, ready to escort you to our manor, where we shall meet again. Until then!
Temple Knight Gateguard: Wards of House Fortemps? Ah, yes... You may pass.
Proceed to Ishgard?
Alphinaud: From afar, the spires did not seem so tall...
Tataru: Gods... I feel like a child in a giant's castle!
House Fortemps Manservant: Greetings, Master/Mistress [Surname]. On behalf of House Fortemps, I bid you welcome to Ishgard.
House Fortemps Manservant: My lord humbly requests your presence at his residence in the Pillars.
House Fortemps Manservant: If you all would come with me...
Alphinaud: To look upon the splendor of these heights, one would little suspect the ruin wrought by the wyverns below...
Tataru: Is it just me, or is the air up here different? You can almost smell the wealth and power! Gods, it's making me feel faint...
House Fortemps Guard: Greetings, sir/miss, and welcome to Fortemps Manor.
Haurchefant: The Warrior of Light and his/her brave companions, walking the streets of Ishgard at last! What a glorious sight!
Haurchefant: I cannot tell you how long I have waited for this day. Allow me to present to you my family home: Fortemps Manor!
Haurchefant: I should like nothing more than to show you around, but everyone is gathered to receive you.
Haurchefant: Come, my friends! Introductions must be made!