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Familiar Faces

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Familiar Faces

Familiar Faces Image.png
Quest giver
The Sea of Clouds (X:6, Y:25)
Quest line
Heavensward Main Scenario

Experience 153,600
Gil 595
Previous quest
Into the Blue
Next quest
Devourer of Worlds

Alphinaud has a mind to start searching the Blue Window.

— In-game description


  • Stand /lookout at the isle's eastern edge.
  • Stand /lookout farther to the north.


  • Alphinaud declares that you two should begin searching the isles in earnest for the Soleil. Follow him east and stand /lookout for the missing airship.
  • Though your vantage point affords an excellent view of the surrounding isles, you see nothing resembling the archbishop's airship. Proceed north and stand /lookout once more.
  • In the course of your search, you come upon a most unexpected sight: a unit of imperial troops surrounding a terrified Vanu Vanu. Before you can assess the situation, the troops mistake you for Ishgardians and attempt to seize you as well, apparently under the orders of “Lord van Hydrus.” With Alphinaud's help, you manage to defeat the Garleans, thus rescuing the Vanu prisoner.
  • Lonu Vanu, as he names himself, expresses his profound gratitude for your intervention. Though the presence of the imperials is an unfortunate development, the discovery that the Vanu here are not openly hostile to you and Alphinaud makes up for it.

Solo Walkthrough

After using /lookout for the second time, a straightforward solo duty will begin.

  • Alphinaud will heal you when needed, and will have a Ruby Carbuncle to help with damage.
  • Target the healers first to make things go smoothly, as they will restore the health of their allies and make them much tougher to kill.

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