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Bolt, Chain, and Island

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Alphinaud loves it when a plan comes together.

— In-game description




Despite the (Hard) in the name, the trial is not actually more difficult than any other story-mode trial. It is easily completed blind with the Duty Finder. This is also the last time the developers use the (Hard) designation on a story-mode trial.


Completion of this quest unlocks an increase to mount speed in The Sea of Clouds.



  • Alphinaud suggests that you seek the support of the Zundu in slaying Bismarck and petition Chief Sonu for an island to bait the Enterprise's hook. Present your proposal to the chieftain and see what he says.
  • Swayed by Alphinaud's impassioned denunciation of Bismarck as a false savior, Chief Sonu declares that you will have your island. Inform Cid that you have fulfilled your part of the bargain.
  • Cid's preparations have proceeded smoothly, and the required chains and ballistae have already been delivered to the Sea of Clouds. You need but notify Wedge when you have assembled your party of brave companions, and you will be ferried to the island provided by the Zundu.
  • You inform Wedge that you are ready to hunt the white whale. Board the Enterprise with your companions and rid the Sea of Clouds of Bismarck's ravenous presence.
    The Limitless Blue (Hard) can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • You execute Cid's bold plan to perfection, and the Lord of Mists falls like so many before Him. Soon after, the long-silent voice of Hydaelyn resounds in your mind once more, though you must strain to make out Her words. Alas, it fades as quickly as it came, and you are left to wonder at Her intent...
  • Prize in hand, you turn towards the Enterprise, only to find Igeyorhm and Archbishop Thordan barring your path. After wresting the key from your grasp, the Ascian observes that you have regained the blessing of Light -- albeit at a fraction of its former strength. Retrieving the key, the archbishop casts it heavensward, and the Allagan relic emits a beam of light pointing the way to Azys Lla. The pair then depart aboard the Soleil as you, still weak from your struggles against Bismarck and Igeyhorm, can only watch, powerless to stop them.
  • After you disembark from the Enterprise, thoroughly downcast, Alphinaud assures you that all is not lost. Though the archbishop has claimed the key to Azys Lla, you yet live to give chase. Scant consolation, perhaps... but true nonetheless. Having all but placed the prize in your enemy's hand, you are fortunate to have a chance at redemption. It is time to put away self-pity, and steel yourself for the task ahead.