G'raha Tia

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G'raha Tia

Graha Tia.jpg

Male ♂
Miqo'te (Seeker of the Sun)
Black Mage
White Mage
The Rising Stones (6.1,6.0)
Students of Baldesion
Scions of the Seventh Dawn
Quest NPC
Voiced by (JP)
Yuma Uchida
Voiced by (EN)
Jonathan Bailey
Voiced by (FR)
Loïc Guingand
Voiced by (DE)
Marcus Off

Well, I am a historian. And I have a certain, shall we say, “affinity” for the lore of the Allagan Empire.

— In-game description

G'raha Tia is a Miqo'te found in The Rising Stones.

Shadowbringers appearance

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Labyrinth of the Ancients Feature quest 50 G'raha Tia
For Prosperity Feature quest 50 G'raha Tia
The Wisdom of Allag Main Scenario quest 80 G'raha Tia
Reviving the Legacy Main Scenario quest 80 G'raha Tia
The Flames of War Main Scenario quest 80 G'raha Tia
A Trip to the Moon Main Scenario quest 83 G'raha Tia
Beyond the Depths of Despair Main Scenario quest 85 G'raha Tia
Return to the Crystarium Main Scenario quest 86 G'raha Tia
Once Forged Main Scenario quest 88 G'raha Tia
Vic┨οry ̈ ̈ ̈╳, │̆││ε Lost Main Scenario quest 90 G'raha Tia
┣┨̈//̈ No┨ΦounΔ••• Main Scenario quest 90 G'raha Tia
Hello, World Main Scenario quest 90 G'raha Tia

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Syrcus Tower Feature quest 50 Rammbroes
The World of Darkness Feature quest 50 Rammbroes
Reflections in Crystal Main Scenario quest 80 Ryne
Alisaie's Quest Main Scenario quest 80 Krile
Forget Us Not Main Scenario quest 80 Alisaie
Like Master, Like Pupil Main Scenario quest 80 Y'shtola
The Admiral's Resolve Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
The Search for Sicard Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
On Rough Seas Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
The Great Ship Vylbrand Main Scenario quest 80 Merlwyb
Futures Rewritten Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
Unto the Breach Main Scenario quest 80 Alisaie
Here Be Dragons Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
Righteous Indignation Main Scenario quest 80 Estinien
For Vengeance Main Scenario quest 80 Restrainment Node
When the Dust Settles Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
The Company We Keep Main Scenario quest 80 Alisaie
On Official Business Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
Death Unto Dawn Main Scenario quest 80 Kan-E-Senna
Old Sharlayan, New to You Main Scenario quest 80 Krile
A Capital Idea Main Scenario quest 82 Krile
A Frosty Reception Main Scenario quest 82 Tataru
Amidst the Apocalypse Main Scenario quest 85 Mihleel
The Blasphemy Unmasked Main Scenario quest 85 Ahewann
Alzadaal's Legacy Main Scenario quest 90 Y'shtola

Additional Information

See also: Crystal Exarch

G'raha Tia's bloodline can be traced back to the Third Astral Era, and a figure whose true name has been lost to the ages. Known only as Desch, Seekers of the Sun such as he were but a minor clan from the outskirts of Ilsabard. During the height of the Allagan Empire, Desch was conscripted into the imperial army alongside his few brethren. The Miqo'te somehow gained the trust of princess Salina, and, as the era drew to a close, was entrusted with her blood and the secrets necessary to control the Crystal Tower. He survived the Fourth Umbral Calamity, and members of his family have since carried the royal line of Allag. With the passing of ages, the ties to Desch and the emperor grew thin, with only one child in every generation born with the telltale Royal Eye. G'raha was shunned because of it, and began to study in Sharlayan to learn the origin of the trait, armed with naught save the many stories he inherited from his forebears. Ot was this study that saw him admitted to the Students of Baldesion.

Now twenty four years of age, G'raha enjoys being outdoors where he will oft curl up under the boughs of a shady arbor and read until sunfall. He also has a beautiful singing voice, though he performs mainly those melodies that have been passed down through his family.

The Allagan Eye: This crimson hue to one's eye is a trait manifesting only in those possessed of royal blood. It was called the Royal Eye in the Third Astral Era, but has since become known as the Allagan Eye, as most who knew its true name perished in the calamitous events triggered by Xande's actions.


As a member of the team that delved into the Crystal Tower, G'raha aided the Warrior of Light in gathering the necessary elemental aethersand to make the Elemental Fangs required to pass the sentries blocking the tower. Somewhat arrogant, he chided the Warrior of Light, calling them a simple courier. When the members of NOAH were present, they met past the Tower gate and neutralized each sentry. With the way open, the Warrior of Light and a band of adventurers stormed the tower.

After clearing the way through the Labyrinth of the Ancients, G'raha caught up with them, sharing the history of the Allagans and the Labyrinth, noting that he had a certain "affinity" for the Allagans and their history. When they way opened into the Tower proper, G'raha suggested the team return to Saint Coinach's Find to regroup. He penned a preliminary expedition log and helped plan the next stage of their exploration.

Noting that the secrets of the Tower may be too dangerous for the world, G'raha and Cid nan Garlond surmised that they must learn how the Tower's defenses worked so they may return them to a state of slumber if necessary.

When the door to the tower proper refused to open, two strangers, Unei and Doga appeared, claiming to be members of the Students of Baldesion who were researchers of Allagan history. G'raha's Royal Eye reacted to their presence, to which they revealed that they both shared the same trait. Though he questioned them of its origin and anything they may be able to share, the twins merely told him that all they knew is that one who is tied to the royal line was tied by fate to Allag itself.

At the door to Syrcus Tower, Cid explained that they had tried everything and anything to open the door to no success. G'raha points out that the only clue they have are the two people, a man and woman, engraved on the door, but have no idea who they are or what they represent. The two strangers walked forward and raised their hands, and the door swung open of its own accord. It was at this time that Nero tol Scaeva appeared, and revealed the truth: the twins were in fact clones of the original Unei and Doga, members of the Allagan royal family, which is why the seal on the door reacted to them.

After explaining who they were and why they were created, G'raha asks them if he is related to Allagan royalty, since he inherited the Eye. Doga states that he is unable to say for certain, but it is unlikely that him carrying the Eye is no mere coincidence. He reassures G'raha that he will most likely receive answers in due time.

At the top of the tower, the group is beset by a never ending wave of clones that seek to bring Unei and Doga into the Void. Though he battled alongside the Warrior of Light, G'raha was rendered immobile by his Eye causing him severe pain. When a rift opens and the twins are pulled through along with Nero, a voice echoes out, stating that Xande's covenant will soon be honored. The rift then closes, and the remaining clones collapse. G'raha works with Cid and the Garlond Ironworks to find a way to open the rift once again, stating that he wished to help the twins complete their mission, and also to find the truth about his lineage and the Royal Eye.

Back at the top of the tower, G'raha reveals the cause of the Calamity that swallowed the tower originally. Impressed, Cid comments that a man could spend two lifetimes and not learn half of what G'raha knows. G'raha, for his part, admits he does not remember where he learned these things. Harnessing the power of the tower, they open a way to the World of Darkness.

Before they adventure forward, G'raha has a private word about the changes he has undergone since meeting Unei and Dorga, and learning about the tower. He says he has become consumed with trying to remember something, but he does not know what. He implores the Warrior of Light to allow him to travel into the rift with them, so he may see the journey completed with his own eyes. Agreeing, they head off into the World of Darkness.

After driving off the Cloud of Darkness, Unei, Doga and Nero appear, the latter visibly affected by the darkness. The twins explain that because they carry the blood of the royal line, they are protected, but Nero suffered grievous wounds, and the dark aether of the Void had begun to attach itself to him. The twins planned to stay behind to prevent the Cloud of Darkness from opening another voidgate and urged the others to leave quickly before they lost Nero. At that moment, the Cloud of Darkness attacked G'raha, but he remained unscathed. The twins quickly realized that he did in fact carry blood of the royal line within him, and if they shared theirs with him, he would be able to control the tower. After accepting their gift, both of his eyes carried the sanguine hue of an Allagan.

After fleeing the Void, G'raha tells the Warrior of Light he had recalled what he had forgotten, but now was not the time to speak of it. Alone, he muses that they made a wonderful companion, and wished they had more time to adventure together, but fate dictated he take another path. He soon began ordering the researchers out of the tower, leaving only himself behind.

When his comrades approached the gates, G'raha stopped them, telling them he intended to seal the doors. He explained how Salina had passed her blood to Desch in the hopes of reviving the Crystal Tower as a beacon of hope for the people, as well as guaranteeing that there would always be someone who could control it. But as time passed, the bloodline had thinned so much that the connection to the royal line was nearly broken. And so he sought to fulfill the princess' wish; to make the tower shine like a beacon once again. Cid reminded him that the tower's energy was far too potent, and they would require the same technology as the Allagans to use it correctly.

G'raha agreed, and stated that by the time civilization had reached that point, they would have lost both the royal line, and the means to control the tower. Thus, he intended to follow in the steps of Amon and pull the tower, and all those inside, back into a deep slumber, and act as their guide when civilization gained the means to open the gates once again. He tasked them and the Warrior of Light with creating a world where that hope could reign, where tragedy would be a past memory. Wishing them well, G'raha sealed the towers' doors, and entered into a deep slumber.

G'raha would not awaken again for over two centuries, when the remaining people of Eorzea had finally found the means to open the doors to the Crystal Tower. The world G'raha awoke to was a bleak one; destroyed by an Eighth Umbral Calamity caused by the use of Black Rose by the Garlean Empire, and its effectiveness massively bolstered by the Rejoining of The First, killing both the Warrior of Light and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Those that survived had to turn to survival by any means. In order to save the world, the descendants of Cid and the members of those who came together worked to gain access to the Tower, with the hopes that they could put one of Cid's theories to the test that they could use the power of the Tower to travel through time to prevent the Rejoining in the first place. Since the scholars had figured out everything about the Sundering, and had isolated that the flood of light aether had come from the destruction of The First, their plan was to send the Tower and G'raha back before The Flood even took place. Unfortunately, as the premise was little more than a theory, and time flows differently on each Shard, they overshot the correct time by a century. Realizing that the salvation of the star was a very long ways away, G'raha tied his life force to the Tower, extending his life indefinitely and gaining direct acess to the powers of the Tower, but being tied to it, unable to move far from it without weakening considerably. Around the tower he built the settlement of The Crystarium, offering refuge for the few who survived the Flood of Light.

Over the next century, G'raha would work to aid in stabilizing Norvrandt and learning about the plague of the Sin Eaters, as well as the Lightwardens who controlled them and brought about the eternal light, and tried to find a way to dispatch them. Unfortunately, any who slayed a Lightwarden took their place. During this time, he also read over the history of Eorzea while he had been asleep. He read about the exploits of the Warrior of Light and the hero they had become. Eventually, G'raha formulated the idea that if they could find someone with Hydaelyn's blessing, they may be able to handle the influx of Light aether. When none on Norvrandt held Her blessing, G'raha sought instead to pull heroes from legend, and reach back to the Warrior of Light.

Though his first several attempts were unsuccessful to call upon the Warrior of Light, he did bring the Scions one by one to The First, each going their separate ways once they realized that they could not return home. Calling on Urianger, G'raha confided in him everything he had learned about the Eighth Umbral Calamity and his plan to prevent it. However, the solution he had come up with was to make use of the Warrior of Light's gift, returning the balance to what it should be, then using the Tower to pull the Light from the Warrior, before finally using the spell that brought him to the First and moving both himself and the tower into the Void where the light could be safely released, at the cost of his own life. He believed this plan would work on several fronts; preventing the Calamity, saving the Source, and breaking the spell he believed was anchoring the Scions to the First by ending his own life, thereby returning them home.

Though Urianger protested at first, he eventually agreed to aid and keep secret G'raha's plan. He continued to try to reach out to the Warrior of Light, and eventually managed to pull them to The First.

On The First, G'raha acted as a guide for the Warrior of Light and the Scions, aiding them in locating and defeating the Lightwardens as well as warding off attacks on the Crystarium, such as when Ran'jit attacked in an attempt to reclaim "Minfilia", a young girl who had received a part of the original Minfilia's power. He also attempted to reason with Vauthry, the leader of Eulmore, to convince him to stand together with the people of Norvrandt against the Sin Eaters, but he refused, instead declaring war against any who would slay them.

Before locating the final Lightwarden, G'raha speaks with the Warrior of Light and reveals everything; that he had become one with the Crystal Tower, how he came to The First, how the Warrior of Light's legacy acted as a beacon to the people who remained after Black Rose, and why he intended to pull the Warrior of Light to Norvrandt. He thanked them for everything they had done, both to see his mission through, and as a friend.

When Vauthry was revealed to be the last Lightwarden and summarily defeated, the Warrior of Light began to finally experience the effects of the overwhelming amount of Light aether they had absorbed. With their body breaking down, G'raha attempted to pull the light from them and into himself, revealing the final step of his plan to save The First and send everyone back to The Source. However, Emet-Selch prevented this, stating that he had been planning something himself, and intended to turn the Warrior of Light into a Lightwarden. However, since they had been unable to absorb all the light, they had failed. Taking G'raha as a prisoner, he left for The Tempest and reconstructed Amaurot, the city that was once his home.

After the showdown with Hades, G'raha begins working with Beq Lugg, a master of aetheromancy on The First, and the pair begin developing a method to send the Scions home before the link between their body and soul is severed. Initially they attempt to build a vessel out of White Auracite, given its ability to house a soul. However, it is unable to house the complete essence of the Scions, such as their memories. After much experimenting, G'raha and Beq Lugg learn that they are able to use the crystalized form of G'raha's blood and pass his latent Allagan powers to the Auracite, thereby allowing it to hold memories as well.

Just as they finish all the vessels, Elidibus attacks and steals one of the vessels, gaining the power to summon the shades of heroes from all across the Shards to fight against the "Warrior of Darkness". G'raha joins the Warrior of Light in climbing through the tower, but is unable to go any further due to the crystallization of his body slowing him down. He instead holds the shades back while the Warrior confronts Elidibus.

Reaching the top of the tower at the end of the battle, G'raha uses the power of the Tower to trap and absorb Elidibus, body and soul, as a power source for it. Though they won the battle, G'raha had finally used the last of his strength and crystallized completely, but not before passing his mind and soul into the vessel that Elidibus stole. Upon returning to The Source, the Warrior of Light used the vessel to open the doors of the Crystal Tower there and reunite G'raha's body and soul with the memories and experiences of his future self. Fully awakened, he joined as a member of the Scions to aid them in their quest to protect Eorzea.

Following the reveal by Fandaniel of the plot of the Telophoroi to bring about the Final Days and the destruction of Eorzea, G'raha traveled with the Scions to Sharlayan to search for anything they could learn about the last time the apocalypse struck the land. G'raha joined Y'shtola and Krile in searching through the seemingly endless library of The Studium, before the group was brought before The Forum for questioning regarding their intentions. Though they were eventually cleared and allowed to pursue their goal, they were not permitted to continue researching in Sharlayan.

G'raha joined the Scions in traveling to Thavnair, joining them in the attack on The Tower of Zot, defeating the Magus Sisters within. Following the destruction of the core, the tower began to disappear. Using a powerful Float spell, G'raha saved everyone trapped within the tower from plummeting to their deaths. He stayed in Thavnair for some time, offering aid to both those who had been trapped as well as the Alchemists there who were developing the Warding Scales that prevented the Tower's Tempering effects.

When the Eorzean Alliance sought to march into Garlemald to offer humanitarian aid as well as take out the tower there and any Tempered Imperial Soldiers there, G'raha joined the Scions and the Warrior of Light as part of the Ilsabard Contingent, and fought against the Tempered Ist Legion when they attempted to stop them from entering the city proper. He helped around Camp Broken Glass, offering aid to any Garlean refugees who agreed to come with them. He also aided in suppressing those refugees when a loud scream turned them all into thralls. After the Warrior of Light returned and Zenos yae Galvus was driven from their body, G'raha joined them and the Alliance in the charge on the Tower of Babil, destroying it and the Primal Anima at the top, effectively stopping the towers from functioning.

After the Warrior of Light returned from Mare Lamentorum, G'raha met with them that night, talking about their promise to travel on a great adventure together. When the Final Days fell upon Etheryis, G'raha fought alongside his allies to suppress the threat of the Blasphemies appearing around Thavnair. After the battle had mostly calmed down, he suggested that the Warrior of Light attempt to reach out to Elidibus in the Crystal Tower on The First to learn what he knew of the Final Days that had brought about the Sundering. While the Warrior of Light was gone, he aided in offering care to any affected by the attacks of the Blasphemies.

Once the Warrior of Light returned, G'raha joined them and the Scions in seeking the help of Hydaelyn on where they may find Meteion. Using The Aitiascope, they entered into the Lifestream and traversed down, coming face to face with friends and foes alike until they reached Hydaelyn herself. Seeking to challenge the group to make sure they could succeed against Meteion, she engaged the group in combat. When the battle had ceased, she offered G'raha and the others each a portion of her blessing to them before fading away.

Upon arriving in Ultima Thule, the group was beset by Meteion, who began suffocating the party with her immense control over Dynamis. Following the sacrifice of Thancred, he and the others began exploring the place that Meteion had made her nest. With their numbers dwindling as they continued on closer and closer to the nest, G'raha sacrificed himself, using the intense power of Dynamis to create a path forward, asking only that the Warrior of Light uphold their promise to adventure with him again someday. With the last of his aether, he forged the path ahead before disappearing.

G'raha was revived along with his Scion companions by the Warrior of Light and the power of Azem, and joined in the confrontation against Meteion, fighting through The Dead Ends and defeating the Ra-la waiting at the end for them. Though he and the Scions were ready to stand against The Endsinger, they were all vastly overpowered. At the last minute, the Warrior of Light activated their teleportation beacon, and pulled the Scions back to the Ragnarok, where they were forced to wait and hope that the Warrior of Light would be triumphant.

When the Warrior of Light suddenly appeared barely alive on the deck of the Ragnarok, G'raha worked with the twins to heal them as much as possible. When they finally awoke, he scolded them tearfully about how they wouldn't be able to keep their promise if they weren't alive. Upon returning to Sharlayan, G'raha celebrated the aversion of the Final Days. After all was said and done, and the Scions "disbanded", G'raha joined Krile back in Sharlayan and aided her in rebuilding the Students of Baldesion.