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Sum pic 1.png

Aggression level 4
The Azim Steppe ()

Sum is a Rank A Elite Mark found in The Azim Steppe.

Map of Spawn Points

Killing the Elite Mark will reward the player up to 40 Centurio Seals, 30 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics and 10 Allagan Tomestones of Allegory. Players will also have a chance of obtaining a Cracked Cluster.

List of Spawn Locations

(x28,y26) (x28,y18) (x22,y16) (x17,y18) (x12,y17) (x13,y10) (x18,y10) (x27,y9) (x35,y15) (x24,y30) (x26,y34) (x21,y34) (x17,y33) (x14,y30) (x15,y25) (x11,y28) (x9,y25) (x9,y22)

Spawn Conditions


Normal Spawn


4 to 6 hours after killed.

Tips and Tricks

  • Nightmarish Light is a large gaze aoe. Look away from Sum to dodge this. If hit, you will be Seduced and run towards Sum. This is followed by Garish Light, a small aoe around Sum. If hit by this, it gives you an uncleansable Minimum debuff.
  • Bog Bomb is a circular aoe. It targets random players and is easily dodged. If hit by this with the Minimum debuff, it can one-shot players.
  • Stagnant Spray is a conal aoe on the mt that can be dodged.


There are two kinds of creatures on the steppes: those whose coloring blends in with the grasses and the rocks...and those who sear the eyes with their motley hues.
Any child could tell you that the first kind is patterned thus to avoid discovery by predators. But what of the second?
Should you ever encounter Sum, you will soon learn why its skin glistens crimson like freshly spilled blood... It is a warning.

— Jaliqai of Reunion


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