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Aggression refers to the game mechanics behind attracting creatures towards players or friendly NPCs. In Final Fantasy XIV, a creature's aggression varies in type and rank.


There are two types of aggression behavior in the game:

  • Passive: Passive creatures will not aggro on the player or other friendly NPCs, unless that creature is attacked. It's denoted by a light blue icon.
  • Aggressive: Aggressive creatures will aggro on the player or other friendly NPCs as soon as they enter a specific aggro radius, or trigger other special conditions.[1] It's denoted by a yellow icon within a red triangle.

Creatures are also categorized by aggression rank. It refers to how strong a certain creature is (relative to its level), and range from rank 1 to 6, each with their own icon.

Rank A-icon P-icon Examples
1 Aggressive difficulty r1.png Passive difficulty r1.png Regular overworld enemies
2 Aggressive difficulty r2.png Passive difficulty r2.png Weak Dungeon enemies
3 Aggressive difficulty r3.png Passive difficulty r3.png Regular Dungeon enemies
4 Aggressive difficulty r4.png Passive difficulty r4.png FATE: Kill BossFate Bosses
Elite Hunt Marks
Strong overworld enemies
5 Aggressive difficulty r5.png Passive difficulty r5.png Dungeon mid-bosses
6 Aggressive difficulty r6.png Passive difficulty r6.png Dungeon, Trial, and Raid final bosses

In the overworld, aggressive creatures will not attack players 11+ levels higher than the creature's level.


  1. Some of these conditions include: casting spells, running or Sprint icon1.png  Sprinting, or entering the aggro range while at critical HP.