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Zones are self-contained areas in Final Fantasy XIV that must be "zoned" (i.e. loaded) into or out of by the player. Generally large and making up most of the world of Hydaelyn, players spend most of their time in zones. They are further divided up into areas.

Field Operations are zone-like areas that have time limits and are technically classed as duties by the game, so they are not listed here.

Overworld Zones

The Overworld consists of zones with hostile enemies, FATEs, settlements, landmarks, and Aetherytes that can be used as teleport points. Players will visit most parts of the overworld through the Main Scenario Quests.

Players will earn "Mapping the Realm" achievements for completing the map of each overworld zone. In Realm Reborn, the map is automatically filled when players enter a new zone, while zones in following expansions require players to explore the zone to complete the map.

Overworld zones in A Realm Reborn include the regions of La Noscea, The Black Shroud, Thanalan, parts of Coerthas, and Mor Dhona. La Noscea, The Black Shroud, and Thanalan are divided into 4-6 smaller overworld zones, while Coerthas and Mor Dhona have one overworld zone.

All expansions from Heavensward include 6 main overworld zones that are significantly larger than zones from A Realm Reborn. Heavensward is set in northern Aldenard, comprising the remainder of Coerthas, Abalathia's Spine, and Dravania.

Stormblood's overworld zones are evenly split between Gyr Abania in northeastern Aldenard and Othard in the Far East.

Shadowbringers is set in Norvrandt, a continent in the First reflection.

Endwalker consists of overworld zones that span a variety of locations across vast distances, including one overworld zone in The Northern Empty northwest of Aldenard, two in or near the Ilsabard continent, two in outer space (The Sea of Stars), and one in the distant past (The World Unsundered).

Dawntrail is set in Tural (also known as The New World), a continent far to the west of Vylbrand.

List of Zones by Region

La Noscea

The Black Shroud



Mor Dhona

Abalathia's Spine HW.png

Dravania HW.png

Gyr Abania SB.png

Hingashi SB.png

Othard SB.png

Norvrandt SHB.png

The Northern Empty EW.png

Ilsabard EW.png

The Sea of Stars EW.png

The World Unsundered EW.png

Yok Tural DT.png

Xak Tural DT.png

Unlost World DT.png