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Kaiser Behemoth

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Kaiser Behemoth

Kaiser Behemoth is a Rank S Elite Mark found in Coerthas Western Highlands.
Map of Spawn Points

Killing the Elite Mark will reward the player up to 100 Centurio Seals, 100 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics and 30 Allagan Tomestones of Mendacity.


Coerthas Western Highlands

(x17,y29) (x17,y25) (x22,y21) (x22,y18) (x18,y19) (x11,y17) (x7,y13) (x9,y14) (x15,y12) (x18,y13) (x26,y12) (x28,y8) (x29,y13) (x36,y10) (x36,y13) (x29,y13) (x28,y16) (x32,y18) (x34,y21)

Spawn Conditions


Summon the Behemoth Heir minion and walk/fly over spawn points. Assuming its random timer is up, Kaiser Behemoth will spawn on top of you at its chosen location.


84 to 132 hours after it's been killed; or alternatively 50 to 80 hours after maintenance has ended.

Tips and Tricks

  • Thunderbit is a dodgable conal aoe on the mt. It inflicts all hit with a cleansable Paralysis debuff.
  • Wild Horn is an attack on the mt.
  • Ecliptic Meteor is a large aoe that hits for most of player's hp.
  • Trounce is a dodgable conal aoe at a random player.


No doubt you've heard of Behemoths, those monstrous beasts that have been a bane on Coerthas ever since the Calamity. Adventurers like you have faced them in battle countless times, and have been meeting with more and more success of late.
However, there is one among their number that has always made good its escape, even when gravely wounded by the swords and spells of myriad adventurers. Due to its giant size and superior strength, it has become known as the king of behemoths.
They say that this kaiser behemoth, whose body is crisscrossed with the scars of a thousand battles, seeks any opportunity to avenge itself on the adventurers who defeated its brothers. If you value your life, I'd avoid doing anything to arouse its ire.

— Alexondre of Falcon's Nest