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Girim pic 1.png

Beastkin (Mammoth)
Aggression level 4
the Azim Steppe

Girimekhala is a Rank A Elite Mark found in The Azim Steppe.

Map of Spawn Points

Killing the Elite Mark will reward the player up to Centurio Seal 40 Centurio Seals, Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 30 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics and Allagan Tomestone of Astronomy 10 Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy. Players will also have a chance of obtaining a Cracked cluster icon1.png  Cracked Cluster.


The Azim Steppe

(x28,y26) (x28,y18) (x22,y16) (x17,y18) (x12,y17) (x13,y10) (x18,y10) (x27,y9) (x35,y15) (x24,y30) (x26,y34) (x21,y34) (x17,y33) (x14,y30) (x15,y25) (x11,y28) (x9,2y5) (x9,y22)

Spawn Conditions


Normal Spawn


4 to 6 hours after killed.

Tips and Tricks

All of Girimekhala's attacks can be easily prevented or dodged by staying as close to Girimekhala as possible.

  • Rock of Ages targets a random player, chocobo or pet that is outside of Girimekhala's melee range. It stuns this target as well as targets near them. This is followed by Rout, a stack aoe between Girimekhala and the stunned targets. This attack knocks back everyone affected, but anti-knockback moves can prevent this. If no targets are out of melee range, Girimekhala will not use Rock of Ages or Rout.
  • Prehistoric Trumpet is a large radius aoe that stuns everyone. This is followed by Wooly Inspiration, a front conal aoe that draws in and stuns everyone hit. This is followed by Tusk Butt, in which Girimekhala charges foward and hits and knocks back the players drawn in by Wooly Inspiration. Although Wooly Inspiration is a conal aoe, Tusk Butt is a rectangular aoe and will hit players standing in front of Girimekhala to the immediate left/right.
  • Trunk Tawse is a conal aoe tankbuster.


A mammoth is a large and powerful beast. But any Xaela who calls herself a hunter can dance around one of these steppe behemoths and bring it down with spear or bow.
Yet even the elders caution us to avoid the moving mountain known as “Girimekhala”─that we would not survive to their age if we did not.
An outsider scoffed at their words. Thinking to slay this king of mammoths and bask in our adulation, he set off in all confidence, musket in hand. He soon returned, sweat-drenched and shaking, swearing the bullet had bounced off Girimekhala's wooly hide.

— Jaliqai of Reunion