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Oni Yumemi

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Oni Yumemi


Oni Yumemi New.jpg

Aggression level 4
The Ruby Sea ()

Oni Yumemi is a Rank A Elite Mark found in The Ruby Sea.

Map of Spawn Points

Killing the Elite Mark will reward the player up to 40 Centurio Seals, 30 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics and 10 Allagan Tomestones of Allegory. Players will also have a chance of obtaining a Cracked Cluster.


The Ruby Sea

(x26,y6) (x18,y8) (x14,y13) (x4,y22) (x6,y29) (x24,y33) (x27,y30) (x31,y38) (x32,y24)

Spawn Conditions


Normal Spawn


4 to 6 hours after killed.

Tips and Tricks

  • Head Snatch is a conal tankbuster that can be dodged.
  • Blanket thunder is a large radius damage aoe. Oni Yumemi will not cast Blanket Thunder if made to move between charged attacks, even a tiny bit.
  • Ice Age is an aoe that inflicts everyone with a Frostbite dot, which can be cleansed.
  • The Shock Spikes buff on Oni Yumemi reflects damage and stuns players. The shock is cleansable. It is granted by the Static Charge move.
  • The Ice Spikes buff on Oni Yumemi reflects damage and slows players. The slow is cleansable.


  • (x16,y10) was discontinued as a spawn location a few months after Stormblood's release.


In the lands of Hingashi, if a creature should appear even slightly larger than its kin, it is soon appended with the title of “oni.” The oni yumemi is a perfect example of this.
This demon specimen, however, earns the description not only for its size─though it is certainly large─but also for its violent behavior.
The oni yumemi shocks its prey into unconsciousness, and feeds while the victim is lost in dreams. And if that wasn't sufficiently horrific, this mark is rumored to wield powers of freezing ice...

— Wlveva of Kugane


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