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Sanu Vali of Dancing Wings

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Sanu Vali of Dancing Wings


Sanu vali pic 1.png

Aggression level 4
The Sea of Clouds ()
Sanu Vali of Dancing Wings is a Rank B Elite Mark found in The Sea of Clouds.
Map of Spawn Points

Killing the Elite Mark will grant the player 5,000 gil and 100 Centurio Seals if the mob is the Weekly Elite Mark Bill.


The Sea of Clouds

(x7,y20) (x9,y16) (x7,y8) (x15,y8) (x19,y10) (x23,y11) (x25,y13) (x16,y14) (x22,y16) (x21,y7) (x29,y7) (x36,y9) (x37,y15)

Spawn Conditions


Normal Spawn


5 seconds after death

Tips and Tricks

  • Wings of the Manukmanai is a dodgable line aoe.
  • Hoot is a dodgable conal aoe.


The Vanu Vanu are a beast tribe native to the Sea of Clouds, and they're not short of a few decent hunters and fighters.
Sanu Vali's one of their best and brightest─a Vanu warrior who wields her twin blades to such devastating effect, her compatriots revere her as a force of nature. The Rose Knights who often come into conflict with the birdmen hold her in equal and opposite regard.
The Vanu are wont to put on something of a show before they enter battle, and it's the graceful majesty of Sanu Vali's own war dance that has earned her the moniker “of Dancing Wings.” That said, the only “wings” you'll need to worry about are the steel ones she holds in her claws.

— Noelle of Camp Cloudtop


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