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Thanalan map.jpg
Map of Thanalan

Connects to
The Black Shroud, La Noscea, Mor Dhona

A region on the southern side of the continent of Aldenard.

— In-game description

Thanalan is a region in Aldenard.

Thanalan is the desert region located in the southern part of Eorzea. Ul'dah, one of the starting cities, is located in Thanalan. The region connects to Mor Dhona in the north, the region of The Black Shroud (Gridanian terriory) to the northeast, and has ferry connections to Limsa Lominsa in the region of La Noscea in the west across the Roetano sea.



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Central Thanalan

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Western Thanalan

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Eastern Thanalan

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Southern Thanalan

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Northern Thanalan

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The Goblet

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