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Heavens Weep

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Heavens Weep

Quest giver
The Peaks (X:14.5, Y:24.4)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario

Experience 232,200
Gil 500
Previous quest
Hells Open
Next quest
The Road Home

The fear in Alisaie's eyes is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

— In-game description


  • Search for wounded soldiers in need of assistance.
  • Continue searching for wounded soldiers.


  • The fear in Alisaie's eyes is unlike anything you have ever seen before.
  • After securing a foothold in the Peaks by seizing Ala Ghiri, the Eorzean Alliance and the Resistance set their sights on the next logical target: Specula Imperatoris. And so a great host, led by General Aldynn and Commander Kemp, laid siege to the towers. But when the massive cannon at Castrum Abania was used to destroy the main tower of Specula Imperatoris, killing countless Allied and imperial troops, it was plain the rules of engagement had changed...
  • You struggle to keep up with Alisaie as she runs towards what is left of Specula Imperatoris. Desperate to find her brother, she pushes through the gates before you can even think to stop her.
  • Though Alphinaud and many others are nowhere to be seen, you find General Aldynn and Marshal Tarupin in the thick of things, bellowing orders left and right, in a bid to organize their forces' withdrawal. Seeing that Alisaie is on the verge of hysteria, Raubahn reminds her that you all have a job to do: aiding the wounded.
  • Amidst the debris, you find several Alliance soldiers and help them to the best of your ability. Yet for every man you save, there are many more you cannot...
  • While comforting a Temple Knight who remembers you from the Steps of Faith, you hear Lyse pleading for Conrad to open his eyes. At least one of your comrades lives, but what of the others?
  • You find Lyse, M'naago, and Alphinaud tending to Conrad, who lies motionless upon the ground. Though the others escaped with only minor injuries, the grizzled commander's are unquestionably mortal. He uses his final moments to implore Lyse to succeed him as leader of the Ala Mhigan Resistance, and she tearfully accepts, promising to lead their countrymen to freedom. Safe in the knowledge that his legacy is secure, Conrad Kemp smiles and breathes his last.
  • Alphinaud is incensed, swearing bloody vengeance for Conrad's death and the indiscriminate slaughter at Specula Imperatoris. For indeed, what manner of monster would order the death of his own...



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