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Forever and Ever Apart

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Lyse would not delay in beginning the search for the Yasakani–no–Magatama.

— In-game description


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Shiosai is located x:21.3 Y:19.5 Z:-1.9



  • Lyse would not delay in beginning the search for the Yasakani–no–Magatama.


Accepting the quest:

Lyse: If this is Sui-no-Sato, then Shiosai, the overseer, should be around here somewhere...
Alisaie: I daresay one of the locals will be able to point us in his direction.
Alisaie: that I look around, I get the distinct impression we are not welcome here...

Speaking with Shiosai:

Lyse: So...this is our man?
Shiosai: ...Leave this place and never return. We have no need of wide-eyed wanderers.
Lyse: Sorry, I didn't mean to stare. My name is Lyse, and these are my friends, [Forename] and Alisaie.
Lyse: We're looking for the overseer of Sui-no-Sato, Shiosai. That's you, isn't it?
Shiosai: ...The Kojin of the Blue sent you hither, did they?
Shiosai: I am no overseer, nor ever would I claim to be one. I am high priest of Shisui of the Violet Tides. Shiosai.
Lyse: So you are the man we're looking for! Great! We need your help. We're looking for this jewel called the Yasakani-no─
Shiosai: Stop. I will hear no more.
Shiosai: We will suffer no outside troubles in our sanctuary. Especially those of would-be treasure hunters.
Isobe: <chirp> <chirp>
Shiosai: Quiet, Isobe, or there will be no dango for dinner.
Shiosai: Ahem. I can do naught to aid you. I say to you again, leave this place and never return.
Alisaie: ...At the very least, sir, you might condescend to tell us of your village, and of why you are so loath to show us even the most basic courtesy.
Shiosai: ...Sui-no-Sato is our sanctuary. Under the benevolent leadership of the Ruby Princess, sovereign of Shisui, we Raen enjoy humble yet fulfilling lives. But it was not always so.
Shiosai: Long ago, our forebears were driven from their ancestral lands. Beneath the waters, they sought refuge from the ravages of war, and here they flourished. All that we are─our culture, our traditions─was born of the sea. As was I.
Shiosai: Though we have engaged others in diplomacy, it has ever been with the utmost caution. Isolation and independence are essential to preserving our way of life.
Shiosai: So it was when Doma fell twenty-five years past. The Ruby Princess, in her wisdom, decreed that we would take no part. As it was, so ever shall it be.
Alisaie: Forever and ever apart... Forgive me. I understand now how highly you value your way of life, and how you will suffer none to endanger it.
Alisaie: You may be assured that we have no desire to do so. And I would hope that we have given you no cause to assume otherwise.
Shiosai: ...You have not. But this changes nothing.
Shiosai: Regardless of your intentions, it is not my place to break with tradition.
Shiosai: I must consider the wishes of all who call Sui-no-Sato home. For me to defy their will and permit outsiders to remain would be a gross betrayal of my responsibilities. Please do not ask this of me.
Alisaie: ...Thank you for your time, sir.

Speaking with Alisaie:

Alisaie: And so it continues. Another village, another deaf ear.
Alisaie: Clearly, Gyr Abania is not the only place with walls.
Alisaie: I'm starting to wonder if this was all a huge mistake. Gosetsu couldn't have known we would take this long. I only hope he's still alive...
Meanwhile, in the tavern of Isari...
Yotsuyu: I tire of this filthy tavern and its still filthier clientele.
Gosetsu: 'Tis scant reward for your treachery, aye. A painted woman of your rich experience deserves a better class of customer.
Yotsuyu: Name-calling? Is that what we've been reduced to?
Gosetsu: Orphan of the Naeuri, widow of Sashihai─what joy it must have brought you to be revenged upon us all.
Yotsuyu: Not enough. Not nearly enough.
Yotsuyu: My appetite for your agony is as an abyss─bottomless. Insatiable.
Yotsuyu: Before you die, you will cry and beg and prostrate yourself upon the earth. You will crawl on your belly through the muck and the piss, and debase yourself for my amusement. All of you.
Yotsuyu: But you think you are made of sterner stuff. Hm. Rather than have him beat you, mayhap I should have my oaf go and fetch your master's head...?
Yotsuyu: Poor, poor Lord Kaien─kami rest his soul! Noble leader of a fallen nation... A fine puppet he made for the viceroy─for a time.
Yotsuyu: Twenty-five years he was content to serve his masters as a dog. And then everyone had to rise up and get themselves killed.
Yotsuyu: Tell me, how did it feel to fail him that day? To live with the disgrace of his death.
Yotsuyu: Not that you were a stranger to living with disgrace, of course. In the, what was it, twenty-five years since you were humiliated and tossed into an imperial gaol, you had plenty of time to get used to it.
Yotsuyu: Oh yes, I heard the stories. About the samurai who would do anything to return to his master's side─even if it meant pledging his blade to his sworn enemy. They say he walked with death─that he slew a thousand men in the Empire's name. Truly a tale for the poets.
Gosetsu: I do not deny my sins. But I will not be reproached by the likes of you.
Yotsuyu: Oh, I mean not to reproach you, but to praise you! You're a survivor, samurai.
Yotsuyu: So let us not dwell on the past, you and I, and instead give thought to the future. To wit, I would ask you again to help me resolve this vexing matter of Doma's missing heir.
Yotsuyu: Living or dead, it makes no difference really─but the Garleans are most insistent that we put this problem behind us, and I know you helped him flee. So, tell me: what became of Lord Hien?
Gosetsu: To my dismay, the details escape me at present. Mayhap your dog could jog my memory?
Yotsuyu: Get on with it! And mark me, brute: there is no limit to how far you can fall.
Grynewaht: Of all the bloody... <mumble> <mumble> When I get back to Eorzea, I'm going to find that little shite and I'm gonna make [him/her] pay... (Grynewaht kicks Gosetsu and other captured citizens wince)