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Prelude in Violet

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Prelude in Violet

Prelude in Violet Image.png
Quest giver
The Lochs (X:36.9, Y:30.2)
Quest line
Experience 10,800
Gil 3,500
Previous quest
The Call
Next quest
Soul Searching

Alisaie is eagar to rendezvous with Urianger.

— In-game description





  • You arrive at the Rising Stones to find Urianger waiting. The Archon duly relates his own experience of the voice, adding that he heard it at what was all but certainly the selfsame moment. Unwilling to speculate idly on who might be responsible, he declares his intention to make for Ala Mhigo to examine Thancred in person. Before you all depart, however, Y'shtola takes the opportunity to raise the subject of a strange phenomenon she observed in the Far East─which Urianger rather smugly deduces to be the localized aetheric thinning simultaneously observed across Eorzea. Mindful that it cannot be a coincidence, the two Archons are in the midst of agreeing to investigate the matter further when the voice returns to assault your minds again. Your skull ringing, you open your eyes to see Urianger and Y'shtola collapsed upon the ground, and a desperate Alisaie trying in vain to rouse them as all around rush to your aid.
  • Though plainly distraught at the plight of your comrades, Alisaie attempts to take charge of the situation, ordering that Thancred be brought to the Rising Stones for observation alongside the others. This done, she excuses herself to attend to a private matter in Limsa Lominsa. A certain someone is waiting for her at Maelstrom Command─one who might appreciate your presence too.
  • At Maelstrom Command, the person you have come to visit is revealed to be none other than Ga Bu. Alas, you find the child exactly as you left him, mute and oblivious to the world outside the walls of his mind. In spite of this, the opportunity to see the koboldling and voice her innermost fears to you is enough to rekindle Alisaie's spirits, and she meets your gaze with renewed resolve.
  • Thanking you for your company, Alisaie turns her steps back to the Rising Stones. Rather than following hot on her heels, you allow your friend some time alone with her thoughts, content in the knowledge that the young Scion will find her way.
  • Back at headquarters, Alisaie outlines her plan for rousing the stricken Scions, which begins with seeking the aid of various factions. Amidst a sea of uncertainty, swirling with Ascian machinations and unexplained phenomena, she is determined to forge on. Her newfound determination fuels your own, and you likewise set your sights upon that which only you can do.


Accepting the Quest

Alisaie: Urianger agreed to meet us at the Rising Stones. If any of the others heard the voice, we'll find out soon enough.

Lyse: Good luck. I should get back to the meeting with the Elder Seedseer, but if there's anything I can do─anything at all─you must let me know, all right? Promise me.

Alisaie: Right, let's be on our way.

At the Rising Stones

Alisaie: Urianger! Gods it's good to see you!

Urianger: Would that our meeting were under happier circumstances. I judged the voice sufficient cause for concern even before you sent word of its effect on our comrade...

Y'shtola: You heard it too, then?

Urianger: Aye. And all but certainly at the selfsame instant. Alas, pained as I was, I could make little sense of what few words did then reach mine ears.

Y'shtola: Who do you think is responsible? Could this be the Ascians' doing?

Urianger: That I cannot say. Not when so little is known.

Urianger: Ere I indulge in speculation, I would examine Thancred with mine own eyes.

Alisaie: To Ala Mhigo, then–without further delay!

Y'shtola: One other thing. During my visit to the Far East, I observed a strange phenomenon.

Urianger: Thou referest, I presume, to the localized reduction in aetheric density?

Y'shtola: Well, that spares me the trouble of an explanation. Yes. I noted precisely that at two apparently unconnected locations. I take it the phenomenon is not limited to the Far East?

Urianger: Indeed not. Of late, our agents charged with surveiling the beast tribes have spoken of little else. In every corner of the realm, they tell of places in which the aether hath grown thin.

Urianger: Naturally, my suspicions first turned to primal activity, but the areas thus affected betray no evidence of summoning. I must confess to being quite perplexed.

Y'shtola: If the same phenomenon is being observed in multiple locations on opposite sides of the world, we may safely discount regional factors. Needless to say, this warrants further investigation.

Urianger: Indeed. I shall make it my task to–

Urianger: The voice... It calleth to me once more...

Y'shtola: I... I hear it too!

???: Only you... Only you...

Alisaie: Ah! Unnngh! No...!

Alisaie: Y'shtola... Urianger...

???: Throw wide... the gates...

Alisaie: No! NO! This can't be happening!

Alisaie: Y'shtola! Urianger! Open your eyes!

Alisaie: Open your eyes, I beg you...

Alisaie: Say something... anything... Not again... Please! Not again!

After the Call

Isildaure: Confound these old bones... Useless as I am, I should have been the one to be struck down...

Clemence: Ocher, Sister, and I will take turns to keep watch over the slumbering Archons. We'll not leave them untended even for a moment.

Riol: Didn't the selfsame thing happen to Thancred? Who's bloody next?

Ephemie: We had spoken earnestly of doing more to ease the senior Scions' burdens─but not under these circumstances... nor less so soon. I only hope I will be equal to the challenge.

Coultenet: As a mage, I have some few scholarly acquaintances of my own, and will reach out to them for their insights. It may not be much, but ‘tis my own little way of aiding Mistress Alisaie.

Alianne: It cannot be discounted that Mistress Krile has heard the voice as well. I will ask Tataru to send her word of what has come to pass.

Hoary Boulder: This is an unprecedented predicament for the Scions, but we must remain strong─the least of us most of all.

Alisaie: Forgive me, that was an unseemly display...

Hoary Boulder: It happened before your very eyes, my lady. None here would have behaved any differently.

Hoary Boulder: We have borne the two of them to a private chamber. But tell me, is it true that Master Thancred languishes in a like state in Ala Mhigo?

Alisaie: I'm afraid so. Though, given the circumstances, it would seem best to observe them together. I will send word to Lyse that he should be brought here.

Hoary Boulder: Take heart, my lady. The world is full of scholars and knowledgeable folk of every persuasion. Someone out there is bound to know what ails our comrades, and how it may be cured. Thus will we rouse them─no matter what.

Alisaie: That we will, Hoary. That we will.

Alisaie: But first things first─our comrades will have questions. May I ask that you explain the situation to them? I must attend to a private matter.

Alisaie: Oh, I promised I'd visit someone in Limsa Lominsa. He's been waiting at Maelstrom Command for a while now.

Alisaie: ...You know, you should come along too. I think he'd be glad to see you.

Hoary Boulder: Worry not, [Player]─Ocher and Aenor are keeping watch over Mistress Y'shtola and Master Urianger. Pray keep Mistress Alisaie company.

At Maelstrom Command

Storm Private: With Mistress Alisaie, are you? She usually visits alone. Still, it'd make a welcome change for the little one.

Alisaie: As you've probably guessed, it's Ga Bu we've come to see. The private here will bring him out to us.

Alisaie: Ever since the Maelstrom took him in, I've tried to visit as often as I can. And after what befell our friends, I was taken by the urge to visit again. It's...difficult to explain.

Storm Private: Here he is, my lady.

Alisaie: Ga's been too long.

Ga Bu: ...

Storm Private: I'm afraid there has been no change. If he can see or hear us, he has given no sign...

Alisaie: I see. You're still fighting.

Alisaie: I'm proud of you.

Alisaie: We promised that we would come and visit you together, didn't we. Alphinaud and I. I'm sorry that we haven't managed that yet.

Alisaie: You know, with the three of us like this, does it not remind you of that night? Of the stars beyond count, twinkling in the heavens?

Alisaie: I was feeling pretty low back then. Powerless. But I knew that my brother was close by if I needed him. And that the others would be waiting for me back at the Rising Stones.

Alisaie: Not like now.

Alisaie: I've seen my share of trouble since coming to Eorzea.

Alisaie: ...Been reminded again and again of my limitations─of how little I can change about this world. And I've come to know the sorrow of parting all too well.

Alisaie: But to have the people I hold dear struck down before my eyes, and be powerless to help them...? That─ That I cannot bear.

Player: You still have me. / You don't have to bear this burden alone.

Alisaie: ...No. I don't. You're right. It's pure arrogance to imagine I can solve everything by myself. You'd think I'd have learned that by now. Thank you. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Alisaie: Well, that's more than enough brooding for one day.

Alisaie: Come on. We have friends to save.

After the Meeting

Alisaie: Let's return to the Rising Stones and take it from there.

Alisaie: Thanks again for agreeing to come. It meant a lot to me.

Finishing the Quest

Alisaie: I did some thinking on the way back, and I think Hoary is right: we need to seek outside help. Ordinarily, we would turn to our own experts on such matters, but they're both among the stricken...

Alisaie: I will begin by reaching out to the myriad guilds and research institutions here in Eorzea. Additionally, Grandfather and Minfilia had a wealth of connections between them, and I mean to explore those avenues too. We'll find a way to save everyone, mark my words.

Alisaie: Much and more has happened in recent days. Some of it for the good, some...not so. But all around me, people continue their fight.

Alisaie: From the shinobi who search for Alphinaud to the Alliance members who make ready to move against the Empire, they march on in the face of great adversity, bearing heavy burdens. Everyone is playing their part...and so must I.

Alisaie: You have your own part to play, I know, and it's bigger than most. So I won't keep you. Just promise that you'll visit from time to time, and I promise I'll have good tidings to share with you when you do.

Post-quest Cutscene

Zenos: The Populares no longer present an obstacle. Now is the time to bring the Empire's might to bear.

Zenos: A word from Your Radiance is all it takes. But one word, and the imperial army will fall upon Ala Mhigo as a pack of bloodthirsty wolves and tear that feeble nation apart.

Zenos: Have you no words for me?

Zenos: Despite the lengths I go to-an emissary, playing the part of a fool.

Zenos: When first I took this face, I swore to use all of my knowledge, all of my power, to further the cause of the Empire. My deeds stand testament to my commitment.

Zenos: And with this adamant flesh at my disposal, I could destroy the eikon-slayer as easily as one might swat a fly. Why do you hesitate?

Zenos: Our enemy is resourceful. Though victory is certain now, it will not remain so indefinitely. Deliberate if you must, but be quick about it. We will speak again when you have unburdened yourself of doubt. Until then, I take my leave...Father.

???: I should be the one to sigh.

???: I played my part to perfection. I had earned my rest. And then, thanks to Lahabrea's crowning act of idiocy, our favorite emissary sees fit to summon me back.

???: Elidibus was ever a worrier. A most tiresome trait, would you not agree?

???: What, have you no words for me either? No matter. I've long grown weary of this mummery.

???: Now, my dearest grandson. Let me remind you of your place, in the simplest of terms.

???: You do not make judgments-you administer them. Swiftly and to the letter. Naught else is your concern.

???: Elidibus may be an insufferable bore, but he is no fool. His choices as emissary seldom err.

???: If aught threatens the balance 'twixt Light and Dark, it falls to you to remove it.

???: Be it by your own hands or by your armies, you have ample means at your disposal.

Solus zos Galvus: That is why this empire exists-why I built it.

Solus zos Galvus: Oh dear. Have I touched a nerve? You always were an easy one to read.

Solus zos Galvus: I pity you, I do. As they say, ignorance is bliss. And I know how much happier you would be not knowing the things you know.

Solus zos Galvus: The founding father was an Ascian! And he created the Empire solely for the purpose of sowing the seeds of chaos!

Solus zos Galvus: Don't take it personally. I merely do my duty.

Solus zos Galvus: To bring about a Calamity requires no small amount of power. And there is no surer way to obtain such power than by collecting powerful pawns.

Solus zos Galvus: To that end, I have labored long and hard, and I must say I am quite pleased with my handiwork-paltry though it seems in comparison to Allag.

Varis zos Galvus: You fiends are overfond of your own voices.

Varis zos Galvus: Mark me, Ascian. Man is the master of his own destiny!

Solus zos Galvus: Such a waste of time and energy. Both yours and mine.

Solus zos Galvus: Lest you forget, you are Emperor now. If you wish to spout drivel about man's destiny, save it for the masses. It will server to give them a sense of purpose...and you pliant pieces for the game.

Solus zos Galvus: Oh, do stop sulking, boy. You of all people should understand.

Solus zos Galvus: Ours is a struggle to restore both mankind and the world to their rightful state. Viewed thus, our goals are one and the same.

System: Meanwhile, at a resistance encampment, somewhere in the Empire...

Alphinaud: What in the world...?

Alphinaud: Dead... All dead. Yet I see no wounds, nor any evidence of battle...

Shadowhunter: Damn them. They finally used it.

Shadowhunter: The Empire developed an alchemical weapon in Gyr Abania. A gas. "Black Rose," it was called, and to breath it is to breathe your last.

Alphinaud: And that did this?

Shadowhunter: I thought the project abandoned, and its vile fruit destroyed. But naught else could have wrought such an atrocity.

Shadowhunter: Fools...What do they hope to gain with this butchery? Can they not see that a rule won through terror will not endure? How many more provinces must they lose!?

Shadowhunter: Nay...wait. This is not the work of men, but monsters. The Ascians. It cannot be a coincidence that their trail led us here. Their objective was never to rule, but to sow strife and discord.

Alphinaud: Such a crime does indeed bear the mark of the Bringers of Chaos.

Alphinaud: Black Rose cannot be allowed to kill again. We must find the Ascians and put an end to their plot.