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Return of the Bull

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Return of the Bull

Return of the Bull Image.png
Quest giver
The Lochs (X:28.2, Y:22.9)
Quest line

Experience 10,800
Gil 3,481
Previous quest
A Blissful Arrival
Next quest
Tidings from the East
None Forgotten, None Forsaken

Raubahn seems unconvinced by the Qalyana's sincerity.

— In-game description





  • At the appointed location, you rendezvous with Arenvald, who has succeeded in enlisting the aid of Alphinaud, Y'shtola, and Thancred. Deeming it best to have eyes both inside and outside the throne room, you proceed to divide your forces into two groups. Thancred and Y'shtola will keep watch without, while you and the others take up positions within. Make your way to the palace's rear entrance, on the eastern edge of the quarter, and identify yourself to the guard on duty.
  • In the midst of the meeting, the Qalyana broodmother somehow summons forth an incarnation of Sri Lakshmi, plunging the throne room into chaos. Too late, you realize that the guards entrusted with keeping the area free of crystals have themselves been enthralled. As the only warriors present blessed with the protection of the Echo, you and Arenvald must occupy the primal whilst your companions defend the visiting envoys from the Qalyana and the enthralled guards. Rally the hesitant Arenvald, and make your stand against the Lady of Bliss!
  • Try as you might, the need to protect your allies from the primal's baleful influence renders you powerless to wrest the initiative from your foe -- until, that is, Fordola arrives to even the odds. Swallowing your questions, you engage Sri Lakshmi together, and succeed at last in banishing her to the aether. The battle is over, but the Butcher still stands before you, free of her fetters, weapon in hand...
  • After a taut moment, Fordola surrenders her sword, and returns to her cell of her own accord. It would seem the danger has passed. Ask Lyse if she and her guests are unharmed.
  • After thanking you for your efforts in the throne room, Lyse returns to conclude her meeting with the envoys from Gyr Abania. No longer needed, you retire to the rooftop gardens, where you a joined after a time by Raubahn. The General tells you of the council's decision to form an elected government, signaling the end of his time in Ala Mhigo. You subsequently pass Nanamo on your way to speak with Lyse, and sense that Raubahn's plans to return to Ul'dah are about to encounter a sultana-sized wrinkle...
  • As you and your companions discuss the day's events, Nanamo arrives, flanked by Pipin and a rather sheepish-looking Raubahn. After some prompting by the sultana, the gruff warrior duly announces that he has been dismissed as leader of the Immortal Flames, and stripped of his seat on the Syndicate. Shocking though these revelations are, it does not take long for the assembled company to make light of them -- and small wonder, for Ala Mhigo's dearest son is finally home. Speak with Lyse, and learn of her plans for the future.
  • For the moment, it seems that Lyse intends to return to Rhalgr's Reach. Follow Alphinaud's lead, and join her at the Resistance stronghold.
  • Lyse declares that her time as commander of the Resistance is over, and that she means to invite Raubahn to take her place. With Nanamo's resettlement project also proceeding apace, all present agree that the seeds of hope have at last begun to quicken in the war-torn land of Ala Mhigo.

Solo Duty Walkthrough

Upon speaking with Arenvald, you will enter a solo duty.

  • Your Duty Action is a short range instant cast AoE on standard spell/skill cooldown, best suited to taking out aether spheres in groups. NPCs with the Echo will also target the aether spheres but at a much slower pace -- account for their target, but don't rely on them to catch any missed.
  • In the 2nd part of the fight, NPCs will avoid AoE, spread for markers and stack appropriately. Their reaction times are delayed, so some may find it easier to not move immediately. One NPC will also cast a shield for the ultimate (since your Duty Action is already in use).
    • Boss's HP appears to not go below 18% - when this point is reached, an NPC will prepare the killing blow while you should stay in shield.