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The Unbroken Thread

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The Unbroken Thread

The Unbroken Thread Image.JPG
Quest giver
Lakeland (X:33.7, Y:27.5)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Main Scenario
Experience 228,960
Gil 1,197
Previous quest
In His Garden
Next quest
To Storm-tossed Seas
Simple Gifts
His Own Medicine
Welcome to the Future
Made, Not Born
The Poet Doesn't Know It

Lyna urges you to follow her.

— In-game description



  • Lyna urges you to follow her.
  • Lyna is resolved to unlock the door to the Umbilicus. She bids you return to the Crystarium, and meet her in the Ocular.
  • You enter the heart of the Crystal Tower and a vision from the past washes over you. The Echo stretches on for what feels like many long minutes as you witness the Exarch reveal the truth of his motivations to a stunned Urianger. G'raha Tia─for that is the steward's true identity─speaks of an apocalyptic future in the Source, and of a determined group's efforts to bend time and space so that your life, and the lives of countless others, might be spared. Overwhelmed by the enormity of the endeavor, Urianger grimly agrees to conceal the truth from his fellow Scions, and to prevent them from interfering with the Exarch's planned act of self-sacrifice.
As you recover from the shock of these revelations, Ardbert appears and helps guide you towards a possible course of action. First things first, however, you must report to Lyna where she awaits you outside.
  • You speak with Lyna, and ask for the most direct means of reaching the Tempest. Somewhat taken aback by the request, the guard captain directs you to the tamers at the Amaro Launch.
  • Your attempts to secure an amaro for the forthcoming journey are interrupted by the arrival of your concerned comrades. You discuss your intention to press on despite your delicate condition, and the objections raised by Ryne are met with an impassioned argument from Alisaie. In the end, your companions agree to accompany you to the Tempest─an endeavor which gains the unexpected support of the Crystarium citizenry. They have long suspected your role as the Warrior of Darkness, and it seems you will not want for allies in the days ahead.
  • Although impressed by your determination, Urianger hints that he may have a less strenuous way of reaching the ocean floor. Before you discuss his solution, however, he suggests you conclude any pressing business you might have in the Crystarium.