Battle of Carteneau

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Battle of Carteneau.jpg

Following the defeat of Nael van Darnus and the continued approach of Dalamud, the VIIth Legion remnants marched on Carteneau Flats where an ancient Allagan beacon was calling the lesser moon. From each of the city-states poured massive numbers of Grand Company soldiers, and alongside them marched scores of adventurers. Together, they made up the Eorzean Alliance.

Across the lands they marched, converging in Northern Thanalan and moving past Mor Dhona to the west. The VIIth Legion positioned themselves in various formations around the field, planning a pincer attack; with one contingent from the front attacking while a formation comes from Castrum Centri and attacking from behind. The Grand Companies battled against the remnants of the VIIth while the adventurers handled the assault from the Castrum.

While the main forces battled, Louisoix Leveilleur appeared on the battlefield and began channeling the prayers of the people to The Twelve. While the battle raged on, the people all across Eorzea channeled their prayers, hoping to save themselves from their impending destruction.

While the tides of war ebbed and flowed back and forth in favor of either side, the Eorzean Alliance was slowly being driven back, as this was their first large scale operation together. That, on top of powerful new Magitek, they were slowly losing ground. It was at this juncture that the adventurers proved to be a boon, with their knowledge of dispatching Magitek units, they began driving the Imperials back once again.

Just as things began to turn in favor for Eorzea, the unprecedented happened: Shards of the satelite broke off and careened into the earth, casting iron down upon the combatants. With over five thousand years of rage, Bahamut burst forth from Dalamud, and rained fire and destruction upon Eorzea, triggering the Seventh Umbral Calamity. Their battle forgotten, it quickly became a struggle for survival. Eorzean Alliance members, Adventurers and Garleans all fled together. The Battle of Carteneau would come to a close with Louisoix channeling the power of The Twelve and teleporting the survivors to safety, then calling the power of the Phoenix to deliver an apparent fatal blow to the Elder Wyrm. Eorzea would spend the next five years picking up the pieces from this monumental battle, which.