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Sisterly Act

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Sisterly Act

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Quest giver
The Rising Stones (X:6.1, Y:5.8)
Quest line
Experience 10,800
Gil 2,729
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestEmissary of the Dawn
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestFeel the Burn

Main Scenario Progress: 528 / 853 (61.9%)


Stormblood Progress: 149 / 162 (92%)


Alisaie is impatiently fussing with her linkpearl.

— In-game description


Choose one of the following options:



  • As Alisaie laments her brother's lengthy silence since departing for the Garlean motherland, a messenger arrives from the Eorzean Alliance. He informs you that a council is to be held in Ala Mhigo to deliberate how best to combat the Ascian menace, and that the Scions' presence has been requested. Moments after the messenger takes his leave, Riol receives a call from Thancred. It would seem your old friend is en route from the imperial provinces bearing important intelligence, and so you set out to meet him in the Ala Mhigan Quarter.
  • After gulping down a cup of water, a breathless Thancred briefs you on all that he has earned during his time in Garlean territory. The various resistance movements abroad fight on, bolstered by materiel support from the Eorzean Alliance, but the impostor wearing Zenos's face continues to move in plain sight, affirming your suspicion that an Ascian hand holds the reins of the Empire. Last but not least, Thancred reveals that he received a distorted message from Alphinaud, from which he could only make out two words: "The Burn." Immediately recognizing this as the name of a barren wasteland on the edge of Othard, Alisaie declares her intention to search for her brother there, and you duly agree to accompany her.
  • Alisaie proposes paying a visit to Doma in order to apprise Hien of the situation and consult him on transportation to the Burn. Since you will be in the area, Thancred suggests that you first take the opportunity to call on Y'shtola, who is currently in the Doman Enclave conducting her primal investigation.
  • You find your fellow Scion speaking with a local miner, who complains of having unearthed naught but deaspected crystals of late. After he takes his leave, Y'shtola shares her observations on the use of sacred relics in summoning. These objects of worship, it would seem, allow for a primal to be called forth even in the absence of faith on the summoner's part, making them dangerous in the extreme. When the subject finally turns to Alphinaud's garbled message, Y'shtola readily agrees to aid in the search, prompting Alisaie to depart for the Kienkan to meet with Hien.
  • Though Hien promises to spare no effort in the search for Alphinaud, it is plain that he has serious misgivings about venturing into the Burn.


Accepting the Quest

Alisaie: Oh, [Player]. If you've come here hoping for news, I'm afraid there isn't any.

Alisaie: Everything is exactly as it was. Y'shtola is still investigating primals in the Far East, Thancred is still gathering intelligence in the imperial]] provinces, and Alphinaud is still... out there somewhere.

Alisaie: There's been no word since his first scheduled report, nor does he respond to calls. And all the while, I'm just meant to sit around here waiting. It's driving me mad!

Alliance Herald: Begging your pardons! I bear a message from the Eorzean Alliance!

Alisaie: Thank the gods for that. We have a visitor.

Alisaie: Welcome to the Rising Stones. If you have a message, I should be most eager to hear it.

Alliance Herald: My lady! The Alliance leadership will soon convene to discuss the matter of Ascian interference, and they humbly request the presence of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

Alliance Herald: Having assessed intelligence provided by the Ala Mhigan Resistance concerning the whereabouts of Lord Zenos's remains, they too suspect Ascian involvement, and wish to deliberate a suitable course of action.

Alliance Herald: As the foremost authorities on our foe, your order's counsel would be most welcome.

Alisaie: Of course, we should be glad to assist in whatever way we can.

Alisaie: With almost everyone else afield, I'd say this one falls to us. By which I mean, I'm not going on my own. You'll come with me, I trust?

Player: Of course I will. / I'd rather not.

Alisaie: There you have it. We accept the invitation.

Alliance Herald: Thank you! The time and date of the meeting will be shared in due course, but I can confirm that the council will take place in Ala Mhigo. By your leave...

Alisaie: I somehow doubt we'll have anything useful to offer, but standing mutely at a meeting would still be better than the nothing I've been doing of late. Let's make ready to depart, shall we?

???: ...Thancred!? What's going on, man?

Riol: ...All right! Just be careful on the road back, ye hear!

Alisaie: Did I hear right, Riol? Is Thancred coming back?

Riol: Aye, that he is. Says he's acquired some important intelligence.

Riol: Bein' in Garlean territory, though, he couldn't risk sharin' the particulars in case the imperials were listenin' in. So he said he'd head back as quick as he could, and to make sure someone was waitin' for him in the Ala Mhigan Quarter.

Alisaie: Understood! [Player] and I will go!

Alisaie: We're bound for Ala Mhigo anyway, and there's sure to be time before the council begins. Come on, let's be off.

Riol: Thancred wasn't in any danger, from what I could tell, but he did sound as if he'd been in a footrace with a chocobo. Whatever it is he's learned, he's in a hurry to share it. Ye'd best be on yer way.

At the Ala Mhigan Quarter

Alisaie: There's no doubting your talent for espionage, but the journey is long and the borders heavily guarded. You did well to make in back in one piece.

Thancred: You two are a sight for sore eyes. Now all I need is water for my parched throat. Fetch me a cup, will you? Traipsing through imperial territory is thirsty work...

Thancred: Gods, I needed that.

Alisaie: I won't bother telling you to catch your breath. Whatever brought you galloping back to us, I assume it's urgent.

Thancred: Quite. Without further ado, then.

Thancred: After the successful uprisings in Doma and Ala Mhigo, rebels in several other provinces were inspired to follow suit. Unfortunately, they did not fare quite so well.

Thancred: The Dalmascans paid the heaviest price. For their defiance, the Emperor made a show of razing their capital to the ground, prompting many of their neighbors to abandon thoughts of resistance.

Thancred: But not all have given up on liberty. Heartened by the news of Doma's prisoner exchange, some still believe that the Empire may one day be amenable to negotiation.

Thancred: We have the shinobi to thank for spreading the good word. They have worked tirelessly to keep the subjugated informed, and a little knowledge can go a long way.

Alisaie: There is at least a spark of hope, then.

Thancred: A spark in want of kindling, yes. The Alliance has already begun supplying materiel to resistance movements abroad, many of whom would otherwise struggle to continue the fight.

Thancred: The support effort is being led by the sultana and the Elder Seedseer, who have both seen enough Ala Mhigan refugees to know the consequences of oppression. And for their troubles, they have quickly earned a reputation as folk heroes in certain corners of the Empire.

Thancred: That is all for the provinces. As for the Garlean motherland itself...

Thancred: Our friends the Populares have suffered something of a setback, I regret to say. Talk is rife that Doma has summoned a primal, and the Empire's more liberal voices are being drowned out in the fearful clamor for retribution.

Alisaie: And who do they think orchestrated this summoning!?

Thancred: Oh, any but those truly responsible. Zenos has seen to that.

Thancred: Speaking of whom, the crown prince is recovering remarkably well. Well enough, in fact, to enable him to personally tour the provinces, putting the fear of the Emperor into the hearts of any would-be dissidents.

Alisaie: He walks in plain sight? And none suspect him? Then it's as we feared...

Thancred: Yes. An Ascian wears his skin.

Thancred: ...But it was not that which brought me here in such haste. During my time in the provinces, I learned many things, yet at no point did I hear any report of a Doman emissary in the capital.

Alisaie: But Alphinaud should have arrived by now. Could they be holding him there in secret?

Thancred: The possibility did cross my mind -- but I have reason to believe he never reached his destination.

Thancred: As you know, Scions assigned to covert operations, such as Riol and myself, are issued special linkpearls for communication in the event of an emergency.

Thancred: I mention this because it was originally Alphinaud's task to coordinate the response at headquarters─meaning he has one. And whose voice should I hear when mine recently crackled to life...?

Alisaie: You spoke with Alphinaud!?

Thancred: Spoke with, no. I but heard his voice -- and none too clearly at that. Two words were all I could make out.

Thancred: “The Burn.”

Alisaie: The wasteland on the edge of Othard? Something must have happened to them there!

Alisaie: There's no time to waste! We must make for the Burn at once!

Thancred: I had a feeling you might say that.

Alisaie: And? I can't very well sit around here drinking tea if Alphinaud is in trouble. You said yourself that this linkpearl was only to be used in emergencies.

Alisaie: So I'm going, and that's the end of it.

Thancred: Well, far be it from me to change your minds.

Speaking with Alisaie

Thancred: I will leave the two of you to your task and see to my own.

Alisaie: Loath though I am to neglect making preparations for the council, we must act swiftly before Alphinaud's trail goes cold.

Alisaie: I propose we first pay Hien a visit. He's sure to want to hear about these developments, and he may well be able to advise us on how best to reach the Burn.

Thancred: A sound plan. And Y'shtola is in Doma, is she not? I daresay she'd join you in the search if you asked her nicely.

Thancred: While you see to all that, I shall go and report my findings to the Alliance. You may leave any preparations for the council to me.

Alisaie: Thank you, Thancred. Right, to Doma, then. We have much and more to share with Y'shtola.

Thancred: As much as I would like to visit Doma, it will have to wait. Twelve speed you on your way -- oh, and give my regards to Y'shtola.

At the Doman Enclave

Y'shtola: ...Hmm. That is curious indeed. While other matters demand my attention at present, I shall bear what you have told me in mind. Should you notice any change, do not hesitate to seek me out.

Doman Miner: Thank you, my lady. You are most kind.

Y'shtola: ...Well, well. Two faces from the dim and distant past.

Alisaie: Come now, it hasn't been that long. Who was that you were speaking with?

Y'shtola: A local miner who supplies crystals for the rebuilding effort. Of late, he claims to have struggled to find a crystal with so much as a trace of elemental energy.

Y'shtola: Upon learning that I had some knowledge of aether, he came seeking my counsel. Just now he brought me one of his recent finds.

Y'shtola: It was precisely as he described -- devoid of elemental energy... and eerily reminiscent of the deaspected crystals that manifested in Eorzea in the days prior to the Calamity. We would be wise to investigate this phenomenon more closely.

Alisaie: Indeed... But on a more positive note, the locals seem to have taken a liking to you.

Y'shtola: More an interest in than a liking to, I think. The sight of a Miqo'te with a peculiar contraption upon her head has a certain novelty value in these parts. Any actual regard they may have for me, I owe wholly to you and the others who came before. Everyone here has been exceedingly cooperative, and I am pleased to report that I have all but concluded my investigation.

Y'shtola: Simply put, by focusing one's will upon an aether-infused object of worship, it is possible to conduct a summoning.

Alisaie: ...So, the fact that they are objects of worship is the key? They are themselves suffused with the requisite belief?

Y'shtola: Correct. Such sacred relics as the Kojin collect obviate the need for religious fervor in the summoner -- Yotsuyu being the most obvious example. She had but to associate the artifact given to her by Asahi with the divine, and it served to amplify her desires and give them form.

Y'shtola: A form nourished through the power of crystals, also provided by her brother. And thus was Tsukuyomi brought into being.

Y'shtola: Which brings me to the question of preventative measures -- to which I have yet to find a satisfactory answer. At present, I know of naught that will avail us, save to keep watch over the movement of relics and crystals. As if we did not have enough to keep watch over already...

Y'shtola: ...But I doubt you came all this way to hear that which may be perused in a report. Has something happened to Alphinaud?

Y'shtola: ...Hm. I shall join you in the search, of course.

Alisaie: Thank you, Y'shtola. I should be glad of your help. Truly.

Alisaie: Now, if there's nothing else, I shall go on ahead and request an audience with Lord Hien.

Y'shtola: Alisaie puts on a brave face, but she has little talent for concealment. We should join her at the Kienkan.

Finishing the Quest

Y'shtola: My report can wait. Finding Alphinaud must take priority.

Yugiri: I should not have allowed Master Alphinaud to leave without an escort. But it avails us naught to dwell on the past. We must focus on what can be done now.

Alisaie: There you are. I've apprised Hien of the situation.

Hien: Greetings, my friend. Alisaie has explained all to me.

Hien: Needless to say, you shall have our full cooperation in the search. Even if Alphinaud's trail does lead to the Burn, of all places...

After the Quest

Alisaie: If only he knew all the trouble he's caused... When we find Alphinaud, I'm going to give him such an earful.