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An Unwelcome Guest

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An Unwelcome Guest

An Unwelcome Guest Image.JPG
Quest giver
Manager of Suites
The Crystarium (X:12.5, Y:16.2)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Main Scenario
Experience 218,880
Gil 1,026
Previous quest
Warrior of Darkness (Quest)
Next quest
The Crystarium's Resolve

The manager to suites is wearing a grave expression.

— In-game description



  • The manager of suites is wearing a grave expression.
  • In worried tones, the manager of suites informs you that Eulmore has dispatched its military to Lakeland, and that the Exarch has yet to decide how to respond. It sounds as if you may be needed in the Ocular.
  • Angered by the death of a Lightwarden, Eulmore has sent the commander of its army, the formidable General Ran'jit, to demand answers of the Exarch. As you observe their frosty meeting in secret, Ran'jit threatens retribution upon both the villains responsible and their abettors, but the Exarch is uncowed. After the old soldier departs, it transpires that a woman believed to be Minfilia, the Oracle of Light, has been taken prisoner by the Eulmorans. While the Exarch makes provisions for war, he bids you seek out Moren at the Cabinet of Curiosity to learn about Minfilia, who does not appear to be quite the person you once knew.
  • You ask Moren to enlighten you on the subject of Minfilia, and the librarian is eager to oblige. By way of a teaching aid, he sends you to fetch a book entitled The Illustrated Tale of the Oracle of Light.
  • Scouring the shelves of the Cabinet, you finally manage to locate the volume in question and bear it back to Moren.
  • Book in hand, Moren tells you the history of the Oracle of Light. It appears that, after a mysterious maiden named Minfilia halted the Flood a century ago, a succession of young girls emerged who bore a striking resemblance to her, each of whom was immune to the sin eaters' blighted touch. Believed to be reincarnations of the original Minfilia, they came to be called by her name, and brought their powers to bear against the sin eaters as soldiers of the Eulmoran Army. This continued for generations, until the Eulmorans chose to join hands with the enemy, after which they hunted down and imprisoned the current Minfilia, deeming her a threat to the peace. Though she was subsequently rescued by an unnamed hero, it would seem she has fallen into Eulmoran hands once more...
Seeing you labor to make sense of these dizzying revelations, Alphinaud invites you to step outside for a brief discussion.
  • Alphinaud confirms your suspicion that Minfilia's gallant savior was none other than Thancred. Anticipating that he will attempt to liberate her again─no doubt at great personal risk─you decide to spare him the trouble. At that moment, the Exarch makes an unannounced appearance, however, and after confirming that Minfilia is indeed being held at Laxan Loft, he asks that you allow the people of the Crystarium to lead any rescue effort.