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Tidings from the East

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Tidings from the East

Tidings from the East Image.png
Quest giver
Rhalgr's Reach (X:14.6, Y:9.4)
Quest line

Experience 46,000
Gil 969
Previous quest
Return of the Bull
Next quest
The Sword in the Store

Lyse has tidings to share with you.

— In-game description





  • At the Ruby Bazaar, Hancock shares a tantalizing rumor: that individuals resembling Gosetsu and Yotsuyu were but recently seen walking the streets of Kugane. Though you struggle to comprehend how they could possibly have escaped Doma Castle alive, the fact remains that the Garleans were sufficiently convinced to dispatch a sizable contingent of soldiers to hunt them down. Never one to leave a comrade at an enemy's mercy, you agree to join Yugiri in her quest for the truth.
  • Ever eager to help, Hancock has taken the liberty of employing “one of the finest informants money can buy” to aid in the search. He awaits you in the back streets of Sanjo Hanamachi...
  • To no one's surprise, the informant turns out to be Gyodo, the Namazu who unwisely betrayed you to the Empire during your first visit to Kugane. Promising no more funny business, he shares a promising lead: an elderly Roegadyn samurai recently sold a katana of surpassing craftsmanship to a pawnbroker on Kogane Dori. While Alisaie accompanies Gyodo to a meeting with his imperial connections, you and the others will seek out the pawnbroker to ascertain whether the weapon in question did indeed belong to Gosetsu.

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