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Soul Searching

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Soul Searching

Soul Searching Image.png
Quest giver
The Rising Stones (X:6.1, Y:5.8)
Quest line
Experience 10,800
Gil 1,331
Previous quest
Prelude in Violet
Next quest
A Defector's Tidings

Alisaie is at her wit's end.

— In-game description



  • You visit the Rising Stones to find Alisaie at her wit's end. Even as she wonders which of the Scions' mounting problems to tackle first, Krile arrives to bring calm to the situation. After examining the afflicted in the infirmary, Krile comes to the same conclusion as the Elder Seedseer: it's as if the souls of their companions have taken leave of their bodies. She offers to follow the trail of aether, but to do so will require use of Master Matoya's Crystal Eye. It seems a trip to the Dravanian hinterlands is in order.
  • You gather in Matoya's Cave, and Krile endeavors to track down your stricken companions' missing souls. Despite her best efforts, however, it appears that the threads of aether come to an abrupt end. Bemused and dismayed, you decide to focus instead upon the matters of the present. Alisaie has had word from Lyse that members of the Populares have defected from the Empire, and is desperate to learn of Alphinaud's fate.
  • You join Alisaie outside of Matoya's Cave. Despite the elder's brusque nature, it appears that her words have done much to boost Alisaie's spirits.


Accepting the Quest

Alisaie: I'm glad you've come, though I'm afraid there's little in the way of good news.

Alisaie: After you left, we reached out to both the Alchemist's Guild and Stillglade Fane, and attempted all manner of treatments...

Alisaie: But the results were always the same. Whatever the answer is, it's not alchemy or conjury...

Alisaie: Why did it have to be Y'shtola and Urianger, and not me? Out of all of us, they are the ones who could feasibly have solved this puzzle.

Alisaie: And Alphinaud's still missing. Gods, it's all going wrong... Where do we even start?

???: A grave situation, indeed. Might I be of some assistance?

Alisaie: Krile! I thought you busy delving into the mysteries of Eureka...

Krile: When word reached me of the plight of our friends, I could not well stay away. As a fellow Scion, not to mention your erstwhile mentor, this is one of those times you should feel free to call on me─regardless of my personal circumstances.

Alisaie: I... Yes, I should have thought of that.

Alisaie: Thank you for coming, Krile. We would welcome your insight.

Krile: And I should be happy to provide it. Now, what's this I hear about Alphinaud heading into imperial territory? That boy always did have some funny ideas. Do you remember the speech he gave when he was accepted to the Studium?

Alisaie: “My life's goal is naught less than the salvation of this star!”

Krile: That particular grand pronouncement has been a source of great embarrassment to him, as you know. But the fact of the matter is, he meant every word, and has lived his life accordingly.

Alisaie: Yes, he remains altruistic to a fault. But I'm worried he was too fixated on his goals to see the dangers, as has happened before...

Krile: You needn't be so concerned. Though his values remain the same, Alphinaud is not the blinkered boy he once was. Slowly but surely, his eyes have been opened─thanks to a certain someone.

Krile: A certain someone whom he'd be mortified to learn had heard about his little speech. Mum's the word, eh?

Krile: Right, I had better have a look at our patients. They're in the infirmary, I assume? I'll need absolute quiet, so it would be best if I did this alone. If you'll excuse me...

Krile: All three are in fine physical health. At a glance, I would say they were merely sound asleep...

Krile: ...Except for the fact that I couldn't sense the slightest trace of “them” in their bodies. It's as if their souls have taken leave of their physical forms.

Alisaie: Ah. Yes. The Elder Seedseer made a similar observation.

Krile: I've read the report. When you heard this mysterious voice, you described feeling as if you were “somewhere else,” yes?

Krile: If we assume the aether which comprises your essence is being drawn to some other place...

Krile: Then it may be possible to follow the trail it leaves behind, just as we did in our search for Thancred.

Alisaie: I wasn't around for that. But I can't imagine it was easy.

Krile: Oh, it wasn't. But that's no reason not to try. I will have need of Master Matoya's Crystal Eye if I'm even to make the attempt, so I suggest we pay her a visit.