White Auracite

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White Auracite is a type of Auracite capable of holding Aether in various forms, such as memories. White Auracite was used by Moenbryda Wilfsunnwyn to temporarily hold the Aether of the Ascian Nabriales, which was then destroyed by a massive influx of Aether from her sacrificing her life and Tupsimati, the staff of Louisoix. This method would be used to take out several other Ascians, such as Igeyorhm, and Elidibus when G'raha Tia trapped his Aether within the Crystal Tower.

White Auracite was also used by the people of Bozja to store memories and emotions from their soldiers, and use them as a source of power. Using White Auracite in this way allowed the Bozjan Resistance to send the Warrior of Light through the memories of Cid nan Garlond to find the inscriptions on the replica Blades of Gunnhildr hanging in the Citadel Bozja before it was destroyed.

White Auracite was even used in the ancient kingdom of Ivalice by the members of the clergy to transform into the beasts named the Lucavi by using their Aether and their most fervent desire.