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Rich Veins of Hope

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Rich Veins of Hope

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The Crystal Exarch has effciency on his mind.

— In-game description




  • The Crystal Exarch has efficiency on his mind.
  • Desiring to use your time efficiently, the Crystal Exarch suggests splitting up for the tasks to come. While he transports the earthseed to Chai-Nuzz in Amity, he asks that you see your young dwarven companion, Korutt, safely back to Tomra.
  • Xamott is pleased that young Korutt was of help to you, and informs you that other dwarves have also come forward wishing to aid your cause. To that end, anticipating that you will have need of mining tools to procure the stone for the Talos, they have modified their spare pickaxes for use by bigger folk. Thus generously furnished, you set out to rejoin your comrades at Top Rung.
  • You arrive at Top Rung to find Alisaie and Alphinaud returned, along with the help they promised. Yet while there is no shortage of willing hands, there is a shortage of pickaxes for them to wield. How very fortunate, then, that you should be carrying a small mountain of the mining tools with you. Equal parts pleased and incredulous, Alisaie bids you distribute them among the gathered helpers.
  • As you go about doling out the pickaxes, you meet many a familiar face. Though each has walked a different path to reach this point, all are united in their desire to do their part for Norvrandt. With the last of the volunteers equipped and on their way, you turn your steps back to Alisaie.
  • After thanking you for your efforts, Alisaie declares that she will take her place alongside the soldiers tasked with defending the laborers while they work. There is much and more still to be done, but in such determined company, you cannot help feeling optimistic.