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A Feast of Lies

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A Feast of Lies

A Feast of Lies Image.JPG
Quest giver
Kholusia (X:24.7, Y:32.8)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Main Scenario

Experience 226,080
Gil 2,474
Previous quest
Return to Eulmore
Next quest
Paradise Fallen

Urianger is trying to make sense of the strange phenomenon afflicting the residents of Gatetown.

— In-game description





  • By all indications, the residents of Gatetown are under Vauthry's mind control, and as Urianger attempts to fathom its workings, Alisaie arrives with your old friend Kai-Shirr in tow. Based on his account of events, it would seem that those who have lived in Gatetown the longest were the first to be affected. All the pieces fall into place when Y'shtola subsequently returns brandishing a loaf of meol. With dread and disbelief, Ryne immediately recognizes the Eulmoran staple for what it is: sin eater flesh, the consumption of which apparently renders one susceptible to Vauthry's influence. This shocking revelation leaves everyone aghast, but the horrors do not end there... Recalling the words you heard during your first visit to Eulmore, Alphinaud shares his suspicion that citizens who have outlived thier usefulness are being deliberately turned into sin eaters. Suppressing the urge to gag, you endeavor to put such thoughts from your mind, and concentrate instead on the task at hand: hunting the Lightwarden. The being is all but certain to be hiding in Eulmore's upper levels, and it is decided that you will lead the charge into the city.
  • Together with your comrades, you sally forth into Eulmore.
  • While the others keep Vauthry's thralls at bay, you press on to the Canopy, where you are confronted by a lone Ran'jit. Driven by a resolve all his own, the old soldier brings the sum of his might to bear against you, but you narrowly emerge the victor, striking him down once and for all. Rejoined by your comrades, you then ascend to the Emergent and find Vauthry having dinner in his chamber. There, Ryne finally realizes that he is the Lightwarden, being an unholy mixture of man and sin eater. Before you are able to act, however, Vauthry sprouts wings and takes to the skies. Rushing to the balcony, you are met with an impossible sight: the peak of Mt. Gulg, torn from the earth and floating in the heavens. It is that that Vauthry appears to have fled. With you quarry out of reach, you decide to suspend the hunt, that you might instead render aid to the casualties of the battle.
  • To your relief, Thancred informs you that Ryne is able to counteract the effects of Vauthry's mind control, and is busy tending to the afflicted one by one. There are, however, countless wounded requiring attention, and you are asked to assist in the relief effort.


Here is also a video (not mine) of the walkthrough.

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