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Shadowbringers (Quest)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Main Scenario Quest. For the expansion, see Shadowbringers. For the achievement, see Shadowbringers (Achievement). For the Dark Knight ability, see Shadowbringer (ability).

Alisaie appears to have made her decision.

— In-game description





Completion of this quest unlocks the Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Poetics vendors in Eulmore and the Sundry Splendors.png Sundry Splendors vendor in The Crystarium.



  • Alisaie appears to have made her decision.
  • Alisaie vows to press on, no matter how long it takes or how much it hurts. Speak with Alphinaud next for his decision.
  • Alphinaud is eager to continue along the road, and behold more miracles at your side. Speak with Urianger next for his decision.
  • Urianger would sally forth with you into the jaws of peril, and see you survive “unto the morrow.” Speak with Y'shtola next for her decision.
  • Y'shtola would repay you for all the support you have given her, and implores you to do as your heart decrees. Speak with Thancred next for his decision.
  • Thancred seizes upon the chance to express his appreciation for all you have done, and promises to guard your back during the coming battle. Speak with Ryne next for her decision.
  • Unlike your fellow Scions, Ryne seems gripped by doubt and feelings of powerlessness. After some encouragement, however, you convince her to trust in the path she has chosen. With your party thus assembled, you turn to face the foreboding doors of the Capitol.
  • You enter the Capitol building with your companions and find yourselves face-to-face with Emet-Selch himself. The Ascian belittles the value of the fragmentary lives which now populate the Source and its reflections, challenging you to prove yourself worthy of his people's legacy. With the gauntlet thrown down and the Exarch awaiting rescue, you steel yourself to wade into the infernal flames of the Final Days of Amaurot.
    • ※To enlist your companion NPCs for this duty, speak with them near the entrance or access Duty Support via the main menu. Use the Duty Finder if you wish to complete the instance alongside fellow players.
  • You battle your way past terrors made flesh, and arrive at the brink of the star's fiery oblivion.
    • ※In the event that you leave the instance, you may re-enter by speaking with the attendant in the foyer of the Capitol.
  • Though you survive the tragedy which befell Amaurot, Emet-Selch remains resolutely unimpressed by your efforts. Taking to the field, he brushes aside your comrades' every attack, refuting each argument leveled against him with the same easy contempt. Exhausted from battering yourself against the Ascian's adamant defenses, you are powerless to prevent the Light within from breaking its bonds, and you slump to the ground in agony. Emet-Selch has won.
But then Ardbert is there at your side, and with his hand at your back, you find the strength to take another step. Emet-Selch's disbelief is compounded as the Exarch appears and intones a spell to bring you further reinforcements. Now enraged beyond measure, the Ascian casts aside his mortal form, and reveals to you his true name─Hades. The final hour─the final conflict─is at hand!
※The Dying Gasp can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • You wage a titanic battle not only against Hades, but the hopes and dreams of Ascian-kind, of which he is the keeper. In the end, however, your own unwavering conviction brings the ancient being low. You have done a great and terrible thing. Pen the conclusion to this momentous chapter of history, and make your return to the Ocular.
  • “Remember us...”
With all your might behind the throw, the axe of incandescent Light shatters the bound soul of Emet-Selch.
“Remember...that we once lived...”
The Ascian's words ring in your ears, even as both Y'shtola and Ryne declare your soul free of the Wardens' taint. You have won.
After an exhausting swim to the surface, you and your companions are given a hero's welcome by the people of Norvrandt. The Crystarium erupts in celebration, and you enter the city beneath a blessedly clear sky.
  • You look on proudly as the Exarch proclaims that the First is saved, and that the Eighth Umbral Calamity no longer threatens the Source. But then a moment of confusion descends as those assembled puzzle over the steward's continued presence. His timeline has supposedly been unmade, yet with the man himself still very much alive, it would seem the summoned Scions are stuck in the First.
Happy enough to postpone their return if it means the Exarch's life is spared, your comrades urge you to head back alone. Once the portal is prepared, you step through without further hesitation, eager to bring word of your success to Tataru.
  • When traversing the rift, the steady beat of time is rendered mutable, and so your unexpectedly early return catches Tataru entirely off guard. The redoubtable secretary swiftly recovers, however, and regales you with what she knows of the situation in the Source. Wishing to confirm the current news from the front line, as well as contact her “surprise” helper, Tataru bids you take your ease for the moment─a brief respite before the ceaseless turning of two tumultuous worlds beckons you once more unto adventure.