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The Key to the Castle

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The Key to the Castle

The Key to the Castle Image.JPG
Quest giver
Sul Uin
Il Mheg (X:14.3, Y:31.1)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Main Scenario
Experience 220,320
Gil 4,493
Previous quest
Courting Cooperation
Next quest
A Visit to the Nu Mou

Sul Uin regards you with munificent expression.

— In-game description





  • Sul Uin regards you with a munificent expression.
  • You speak unto Sul Uin your desire: entry to Lyhe Ghiah, that you might vanquish the Lightwarden of the land. Only then do you learn that your quarry is in fact the king and ruler of the faeries, Titania, who defeated a Lightwarden that had threatened Il Mheg, only to be corrupted by the aether that was subsequently released. Though the pixies are convinced that you will perish in the attempt, they readily agree to cooperate─if for no other reason than that it would prove interesting to watch. They duly bestow upon you a white dress, one of four relics required to lift the seal over the castle. If you are to obtain the first of the three remaining items, you will need to set forth for the Untouchable Gate by the lake to request an audience with the slippery Fuath.
  • Standing before the Untouchable Gate, you call out to the Fuath, but there is no reply. While the party considers other ways to reach out to the creatures, the watery voice of a Fuath rings out. It agrees to give you the shell crown relic, but in exchange you must brave the dangers of their domain, Dohn Mheg, in a show of “thrilling sport.” With no other recourse, you make ready to sally forth into unknown waters.
    • ※To enlist your companion NPCs for this duty, speak with them near the entrance or access Duty Support via the main menu. Use the Duty Finder if you wish to complete the instance alongside fellow players.
  • You fight your way through the Fuath's domain, providing them the sport they desired and earning the shell crown for your trouble.
  • Before you can depart with your prize, the Fuath live up to their reputation by attempting to claim you for their own, and you are swallowed up by a mighty wave, everything turning black. Fortunately, your ability to breathe underwater saves you, and you awaken in the depths of the lake with Ardbert yelling in your ear. At his urging, you set out to rejoin the others back on dry land.
  • Your comrades are relieved to see you none the worse for your soaking, and Alisaie presents you with the shell crown by way of reward for your doggedness. At that moment, Sul Uin flutters in with word that armed men are drawing close to Il Mheg─the Eulmoran Army in all likelihood. While the twins return to Lydha Lran with the pixie to assess the situation, you and the others agree to continue your quest to collect the remaining relics.