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Divide and Conquer

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Divide and Conquer

Main Scenario Progress: 406 / 853 (47.6%)


Stormblood Progress: 27 / 162 (16.7%)


Conrad is a man struggling to cope with a bitter reality.

— In-game description




  • Conrad is a man struggling to cope with a bitter reality.


Speak with Conrad

Conrad: You saved a good many of my men, and I cannot thank you enough for that. ...But the fact remains: our forces were decimated. In this state, we'll not be mounting an assault on Castellum Velodyna or anywhere else. We need to be honest with ourselves about our prospects. But first, we need to put our affairs here in order. Afterwards, I'll join you all at Castrum Oriens. 
Alphinaud: Understood. We will go and speak with General Aldynn. 

Speak with Raubahn

Raubahn: Pipin has already departed with the wounded, has he? Good. We have completed our search of the Reach and the surrounding area. As far as we can tell, Zenos and his men returned straightways to Specula Imeperatoris after quitting this place. 'Twould seem he's lost interest in us. 
Alphinaud: Which brings us to the most troubling question of all - not how he found us, but why he chose to spare our lives having done so. 
Raubahn: In war, you kill or capture your enemy. You don't leave him to fight another day. Only a fool would turn his back and walk away...but Zenos is no fool. Whatever his motive, this is neither the time nor the place to think on it. I will leave a token force to watch over the Reach. The rest will fall back to Castrum Oriens. We can discuss a path forward there. 

Speak with Lyse at Castrum Oriens

Lyse: Krile is with Y'sthola. She still hasn't woken up, but...Krile says she's through the worst. 
Alphinaud: Given the severity of her wound, we could have hoped for no more. Let us pray she makes a full recovery. 
Lyse: We lost a lot of good people, didn't we... I saw it happen. When that Skulls commander cut down Meffrid. A single blow, and that was it. Everything he fought for, all his hopes and dreams for the future. Gone in an instant. And do you want to know the worst part? It wasn't a Garlean who did it - it was an Ala Mhigan. Gods help me, if I ever - No. Not now. Not while the General's waiting. 
Alisaie: Oh, Lyse...
Conrad: Were it not for the swift actions of the Scions and the Alliance, many more would have died. You risked your lives to save ours, and for that we thank you. 
Alphinaud: There is no need for thanks. We are allies, are we not? 
Raubahn: Aye, just so. Let us not dwell on this tragedy, but look to the future. 
Conrad: The future...? I'm sorry, General, but there is no future for us. We've lost too many... Gods, I can still see Meffrid with that woman standing over him... <sigh> They've ripped the heart out of us, General. They've broken us. Our fight is over. 
Alphinaud: Master Kemp, please...
Conrad: I'll always hate them with every fiber from my being. For what they took from us, then and now. Our homeland...our freedom...our bloody children....
Lyse: You mean the Skulls... The youths who fight for Zenos.
Conrad: Crania Lupi. The Black Wolf's legacy, and our shame. A unit made up of children born to Ala Mhigan dignitaries who came during the age of occupation. Sons and daughters of Gyr Abania raised to be proud citizens of the Empire, with all the rights and responsibilities that entails. It'd be easy to curse them and call them traitors, but they're our children. Our flesh and blood! If the only way to forge the future we want is to cut down our own, then...
M'naago: Then what was it all for!? 
Lyse: Naago...
M'naago: What will you say to the families of the fallen - to the mothers and the windows and the orphans? Will you tell them it was all for nothing!?
Raubahn: Listen to the girl. We dare not suffer our comrades' sacrifices to have been in vain. Now is the time to steel our resolve and press on, painful though it may be. 
Conrad: And when Zenos comes back with his army? What then? This isn't the first time, you know. You'll be hard-pressed to find men brave or stupid enough to face him again. 
Lyse: I still can't believe how strong he was. He humiliated us back there, the Warrior of Light included. Gods help us if he's next in line to the Garlean throne. 
Alphinaud: Loath though I am to say it, we should not be surprised. Before succeeding van Baelsar in Ala Mhigo, Zenos led the imperial army to Doma, where he crushed the rebellion utterly. As a matter of fact, Doma remains in his charge to this day. Suffice it to say, Varis's heir is a peerless warrior and an accomplished general. The question is, how are we to contend with such a foe? 
Warrior of Light: (What will you say?) (We fight and we fight, and we keep on fighting until we win. / We take the fight to Doma.  / I have a feeling you're about to tell us.) -> We take the fight to Doma.
Alphinaud: Interesting... You are suggesting we kindle the flames of revolution in Doma once more, and force Zenos to fight a war on two fronts? 
Conrad: For that, there would need to be someone left to fight on this front by the time you got back. Look, I'll not deny the plan has promise - and I feel for our brothers and sisters in Doma, truly I do - but I fear we lack the strength to see it through. 
Raubahn: Have faith in your people, Master Kemp. Them and the Scions. Hold fast, rebuild, and when all is in place, we shall defeat Zenos together. 
Lyse: If you're going to Doma, I'm coming too. I want to help our friends there...and make sure nothing like this ever happens again.
Raubahn: Give us the time we need, and we will give you something far greater. 
Conrad: Very well. For all you have done for us, we will fight on. But be swift, comrade.s Ala Mhigo has suffered enough. 

Speak with Alphinaud

Alphinaud: It goes without saying, but the Scions alone have not the strength to topple a provincial government, here or anywhere else. And I am quite certain the same can be said of the Doman Liberation Front. Nevertheless, we can but go and assess the situation for ourselves, and see what can be done. Lest you doubt what good we few can accomplish, I would remind you that my grandfather and his twelve disciples once journeyed to these lands to save Eorzea and her people from certain doom. Brave souls with an impossible task. And Eorzea lives on. Our present mission may not be as monumental in scope, but it is no less important to the multitudes whom we would free from imperial oppression - whom we will free.