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Death Unto Dawn

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the quest. For the name of the major patch, see patch 5.5.
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Death Unto Dawn

Death Unto Dawn.png
Quest giver
Lotus Stand (X:6.2, Y:6.1)
Quest line
Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests
Experience 22,440
Gil 0
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestOn Official Business
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Next Ship to Sail

Kan-E-Senna seems determined not to let the disappointment of Sharlayan's rejection distract her from the task at hand.

— In-game description




※ Solo Duty will commence upon speaking with Alisaie.

Duty Walkthrough

This duty is long in gameplay, so it is best to set aside sufficient time (around 30-45 minutes) to complete it.

  1. Opener
    • For the first part of the duty, you will fight as yourself along with Alphinaud, Alisaie, G'raha Tia, Urianger, Y'shtola, Thancred, and Estinien.
    • You will immediately fight a horde of enemies. Once the numbers thin, everyone will split up. Follow Alphinaud and Estinien to start the second part of the duty.
  2. Telotek Gamma
    • For the second part, you will fight as Alisaie, alongside G'raha Tia. Remember to heal yourself and G'raha Tia when necessary.
    • After defeating the minor enemies, you will fight Telotek Gamma. It will use many AOE circle attacks.
    • When Alisaie is marked with a target, run to the side of the field opposite of G'raha Tia, then run back after the marker is placed on the ground to reduce damamge. Heal afterwards.
    • Once Telotek Gamma is defeated, interact with Angelo to initiate the third part of the duty.
  3. Lunar Odin
    • For the third part, you will fight as Urianger, alongside Thancred and Y'shtola.
    • Focus on healing yourself, your allies and the Confluence. Let your allies damage Lunar Odin.
    • When Y'shtola is chained up, let Thancred damage the chain. Use Fixed Sign to cast a damage reducing barrier.
    • Following that, Lunar Odin will use circular wide AOE attacks and a rush attack that covers one side of the battlefield. Take care to heal throughout the onslaught.
    • Afterwards, Thancred will get chained up and Odin will target the Confluence. Free Thancred to reduce the damage the Confluence will take. It also helps to cast Fixed Sign at this point.
    • The fight will then continue as normal, but when Lunar Odin starts casting Ultimate Zantetsuken, he must be defeated before he finishes or else you will fail the duty.
  4. Lunar Ravana
    • You will then head back to Alisaie and G'raha Tia, this time fighting as G'raha Tia against Lunar Ravana.
    • When adds appear, cast Break to freeze them in place. Then defeat them quickly before they attack the Confluence.
    • When Lunar nails appear, they cast linear AOE's.
    • When Lunar Ravana is near defeat, he will make himself invulnerable. Cast Break on Ravana's Will to keep them from moving, and defeat them until Alisaie breaks through his defense.
    • Defeat Lunar Ravana to initiate the final part of the duty, fighting as yourself alongside Alphinaud and Estinien against Lunar Ifrit.
  5. Lunar Ifrit
    • When Infernal Nails appear, destroy them before Lunar Ifrit casts Hellfire.
    • Lunar Ifrit will share moves with Lunar Odin in terms of linear and circular AOE's.
    • When Lunar Ifrit is defeated, the duty will be completed.


As of Patch 6.0, completion of this quest will remove New adventurer status icon1.png "New Adventurer" status, as long as the player has also cleared the play time requirement of 300 hours. Player status is updated upon changing zones or logging out of the game. As with everything in FFXIV, play time and quest completion are tracked per-character, not account-wide.



  • Your discussion with Kan–E–Senna is interrupted by the arrival of a flustered sylph bearing urgent news from Xelphatol. It would seem the Telophoroi have marched straight through the Ixal's homeland, scattering all before them, on their way to the Carteneau Flats. Wasting no time, the Elder Seedseer orders the Twin Adders to ready their airships, and bids you join them on their journey to the battlefield.
  • Outside the airship port, you are surprised to find Arenvald, whom Fordola has brought all the way from Ul'dah in the hope of speaking with Alphinaud. Your happiness soon gives way to shock, however, when you discover that the youth is now confined to a wheelchair due to the injuries he sustained in the tower at Paglth'an. Having apparently resigned himself to the fact that he can no longer join the other Scions on their adventures, he asks Alphinaud to fight on in his stead and be the hero that he cannot. While these well-meaning words only add to the─largely self-inflicted─weight of expectations with which Alphinaud has been struggling, he seems grateful for the encouragement with battle just around the corner.
  • Their numbers bolstered by tempered beastmen and lunar primals, the legions of the Telophoroi test the newly forged Grand Company of Eorzea to its breaking point. As you and your fellow Scions descend upon the field of combat, it becomes apparent that the enemy have set their sights on an aetherial confluence buried deep beneath the ground, though their true designs remain a mystery. Knowing only that they must be stopped, you divide your forces and engage a nigh-endless army of foes, drawing upon hitherto untapped reserves of strength, and succeed at length in driving the Telophoroi hordes from their prize.
  • Heart still pounding, you look up to the heavens to find Fandaniel staring down at you intently. Making light of his failure, he declares that while the day may be yours, your efforts have earned you no more than a brief stay of execution, and with that he takes his leave. Whether the Ascian is right only time will tell, but the fact remains that when tested, the Grand Company of Eorzea emerged unbroken, which is surely cause to celebrate in itself. You permit yourself a weary smile, and troop from the field. Soon after, a grateful Lord Aymeric offers to fly you and your comrades back to the Rising Stones─where it becomes clear he has much to discuss.
  • Reasoning that the Grand Company of Eorzea can be relied upon to keep the Telophoroi at bay, Lord Aymeric requests that the Scions search instead for a means to neutralize the threat of the towers. Given Sharlayan's preeminence in the field of aetherological research, it is agreed that the solution will most likely be found there; along, perhaps, with knowledge pertaining to the Final Days. Unfortunately, you will not be able to confirm your suspicions until Krile has obtained permission for you all to set foot in the infamously insular nation, and a long wait seems in prospect.
  • Sometime later, you accompany Y'shtola and the others on an expedition to investigate the mechanism by which the towers absorb aether, and learn to your dismay that they are draining the lifeblood of the land itself. As you grimly turn for home, you hear an ephemeral voice call out to you and you alone...
  • It warns that the end draws nigh...and that the fate of the star is in your hands.
    • ※ The next main scenario quest will be available from Alphinaud once you have met the following requirements:
    • ※ You must have registered a product key for FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker to your service account.
    • ※ You must have completed the main scenario quest "Death Unto Dawn".


Alphinaud: Throughout my childhood, I remember Grandfather arguing with my father over Sharlayan's policy of nonintervention. And this time, it was my turn to play the role.

Alphinaud: But if even my grandfather could not win him over, what chance had I? If words exist that may sway him, I know not what they are...

Alisaie: With their knowledge, Sharlayan could have done so much for the cause! They could have helped us to uncover the secrets of the towers and save the tempered captives within, and yet─ Gods!

G'raha Tia: The Forum includes representatives from all of Sharlayan's central institutions. With them hindering Krile's investigation, she will struggle to make any headway on her own.

Silent Conjurer: Have you more to discuss with the Elder Seedseer?

Kan-E-Senna: While Sharlayan's stance is indeed disappointing, we cannot allow ourselves to be distracted from the challenge before us. There is much and more to be done.

Kan-E-Senna: I shall begin by sharing the Forum's response with my counterparts in the Alliance. Meanwhile, I would ask that the Scions─

Sylph Emissary: (-???-)Grave tidings, walking ones! Grave, grave tidings!

Kan-E-Senna: Calm yourself, my gentle friend. What has occurred?

Sylph Emissary: These ones who went to see feathered ones send terrible news! Destroying ones have appeared in Xelphatol!

Sylph Emissary: Destroying ones and captured ones and even frightful godly ones! Feathered ones didn't stand a chance and were sent flapping and squawking!

Alisaie: When did this happen!? Is it too late to help them?

Sylph Emissary: Too late, yes, much too late! But luckily, destroying ones were only passing through, and continued on west. Feathered ones who did not fight were left unharmed.

Alphinaud: West... That would be Coerthas.

Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: My lady, the Ishgardians report that the Telophoroi have emerged from the eastern highlands of Coerthas and are marching at speed.

Keeper of the Entwined Serpents: Though their purpose has yet to be determined, the Carteneau Flats would seem their most likely destination. Lord Aymeric has already dispatched his forces, and requests our immediate support.

Kan-E-Senna: Tell him he shall have it. The time is come for the Grand Company of Eorzea to prove its worth.

Alphinaud: Well...mayhap it is a mercy that we do not have time to stew upon our misfortunes. Come, my friends, let us make haste to Carteneau!

Sylph Emissary: W-Wait! This one almost forgot! Destroying ones were said to be led by cackling robed one! This one must see that all walking ones know! Farewell!

G'raha Tia: Fandaniel?

Alisaie: Who else. It was only a matter of time before that grinning maniac showed himself again.

Kan-E-Senna: I shall have an airship readied to bear you to Carteneau. Pray see to your preparations and report to the landing with all haste.

Alphinaud: At once, my lady. Let us away.

Kan-E-Senna: The airship will be ready to depart ere long. I bid you make for the landing as soon as you are able. And may the Twelve keep you.

G'raha Tia: I have apprised our comrades at the Rising Stones of the situation. They will head directly to Carteneau.

Alisaie: Alphinaud has been unexpectedly delayed... But you should probably go and see for yourself. He's by the entrance.

Fordola: Come on. This'll only take a moment, all right?

Alphinaud: [Forename]. It would seem Fordola here has come all the way to Gridania to find us.

Alphinaud: I have explained the situation, but she insists her business is urgent.

Fordola: Aye, and it'll be over sooner if you shut up and come with me.

G'raha Tia: After Paglth'an, I had assumed the Telophoroi would continue to target settlements, but it is plain they considered Xelphatol a mere obstacle on the road to Carteneau. What, then, draws them to the Flats? ...We must keep a close eye on their movements.

Alphinaud: I rather doubt that Fordola obtained the chirurgeons' permission before bringing Arenvald halfway across the realm.

Alphinaud: ...And solely to deliver a message at that. They should both have known better! But what's done is done...and I will not soon forget his words.

Alisaie: You can tell me later what that was all about, but judging by the set of Alphinaud's jaw, it appears to have done him some good.

Alisaie: Thancred and the others have already left the Rising Stones. And according to the communications officer, Amalj'aa and kobold forces are also bound for Carteneau as we speak.

Alisaie: They mean to keep the promise they made in Ala Mhigo, and we must do the same, by saving as many of their tempered kin as possible.

Alisaie: Anyway, the airship is ready to depart. We should get going.

Y'shtola: Do you see that?

Alisaie: The glyph? Yes. How worried should we be?

Y'shtola: Listen well, and judge for yourself. Though I can see aetherial currents, I had not thoroughly examined those that flow through the heart of Carteneau. But now that I am here, things have become clear.

Y'shtola: The Flats conceal an aetheric confluence, like to the pillars of the Azim Steppe, but greater in scale. Far greater.

Y'shtola: The glyphs that Fandaniel has conjured reach into its very midst...

Y'shtola: ...And I believe I know their purpose. Should the lunar primals destroy them, it would spark a chain reaction with the potential to obliterate the confluence entirely.

Y'shtola: The resultant disruption to the flow of aether would sow chaos among the elements, prompting earthquakes, floods, and tempests large enough to lay waste to the realm.

Urianger: That he would go so far cometh as little surprise. We must needs protect the confluence at all costs.

Alisaie: The tempered that we were able to treat will be taken to the city–states for observation. As soon as the Alliance is satisfied that they're fully recovered, they will be free to return home.

Alphinaud: At the close of the battle, when the clouds parted and the moon shone down on us all...I cannot well express how I felt. Somehow, it seemed more a beginning than an ending.

G'raha Tia: Throughout the battle, I could not shake the feeling that all present were performing for the amusement of Fandaniel.

G'raha Tia: Nor did his blithe reaction to this latest defeat give me cause to think otherwise. I can only conclude that such failures are of little consequence to his broader scheme...whatever it may be.

Thancred: It was decent of Lord Aymeric to bear us home aboard his airship. The gods only know how we would have squeezed this many people onto the Bonanza...

Y'shtola: I will recommend that the Alliance keep a closer watch over Carteneau. The Telophoroi may have failed in their attempt to destroy the confluence this time, but there is naught to stop them trying again.

Urianger: The Carteneau Flats seem fated to play a prominent role in the history of the realm, do they not? I wonder...might the abundance of aether that floweth through the region have led the Allagans to entomb Omega there?

Estinien: Many though the enemy were, their numbers consisted largely of tempered beastmen, with a few lunar primals to keep things interesting. The Garleans themselves ventured little, and lost less.

Estinien: It has ever been the Empire's way to have others fight their battles, but even they would blush at the Telophoroi's use of tempered slaves.

Tataru: You should've seen my face when Lord Aymeric turned up on our doorstep. Did none of you think to send word he was bringing you home?

Aymeric: I trust you all enjoyed a comfortable flight aboard the pride of the Ishgardian fleet? Lest you worry, the Bonanza has been towed to a nearby location to be retrieved at your convenience.

Thancred: You have thought of everything, Lord Aymeric. And may I say how much I appreciated the hospitality you afforded us on the way home.

Aymeric: Think nothing of it. Our destination lay in the same direction─and it afforded me the perfect opportunity to learn how my errant friend has been since last he took his leave.

Aymeric: It would seem you have finally found a place to settle down.

Estinien: Hmph. I merely grew weary of wandering the Far East.

Aymeric: Returning to more serious matters─while the Telophoroi have been driven from Carteneau, 'tis like that the bulk of their forces yet remain.

Aymeric: On the evidence of the Grand Company of Eorzea's first joint military operation, however, I am confident that we have the potential to meet such threats head-on─even without the aid of you and yours.

Aymeric: As such, while our forces keep the Telophoroi at bay, I would ask that you apply your talents to the task of neutralizing the towers.

Y'shtola: A sensible division of labor. While the towers remain, so too will the threat of the lunar primals.

Y'shtola: And given our expertise in the field of aetherology, we are better qualified to find the solution.

Thancred: That we are. Especially should it happen to lie beyond the Alliance's dominion.

Thancred: There is a time and a place for formal investigations, of course, but certain secrets are wont to hide where only enterprising individuals may venture.

Aymeric: I could not agree more. There are none better suited to this task, nor any upon whom I would rather rely.

Aymeric: On behalf of the Alliance, I thank you. We look forward to receiving any information you are able to uncover.

Aymeric: And with that, I must take my leave. Should you have need of assistance, pray do not hesitate to ask. Fare you well, my friends.

Alphinaud: I confess, I had hoped to be able to study the towers more closely, vital as they plainly are to the Telophoroi's plans. If we can discern their ultimate function, we will be one step closer to understanding our enemy's grand scheme.

Alphinaud: Should we succeed in neutralizing them, of course, it is all but certain that the Telophoroi will mount an all-out invasion.

Alphinaud: And then it will begin. The one who awaits at the heart of the chaos will come for us. For you.

Alphinaud: ...Yet in the end, our true nemesis may be the calamity to end all calamities. The Final Days themselves.

Alisaie: Yes, all right, Alphinaud. We need a plan, not portents. As Thancred so eloquently pointed out, we are in a position to seek information from all manner of places, not least...

G'raha Tia: ...Sharlayan.

G'raha Tia: According to Krile, the Forum have been more secretive than ever of late. While this may be related to the appearance of the Telophoroi, that remains a matter of speculation.

G'raha Tia: But one thing is clear: the Forum is determined to keep us from discovering the truth. Master Fourchenault's performance at the Lotus Stand was enough to convince me of that.

Urianger: The matter beareth further investigation, I do heartily concur.

Urianger: Nor can I think of a more promising place to look for the answers we seek on the matter of the towers. Sharlayan hath ever been the wellspring of aetherological knowledge.

Estinien: I care not where we go. Here or there, my lance will be ready.

Thancred: And what of you, [Forename]? Might you be persuaded to join us?

Alphinaud: Hear, hear! It is time we laid bare the Telophoroi's dark designs!

Alisaie: Only after I do!

Alisaie: If he and his friends in the Forum think we'll leave them alone if they ignore us, they're in for a shock!

Thancred: To be frank, I myself would sooner plump for a tropical paradise. But Krile does need our help, and who knows where the trail might lead us?

Y'shtola: It appears we are in agreement. We have but to wait for Krile to secure the necessary permissions. In the meantime, there is a matter I would investigate.

Thancred: Does it involve tall structures?

Y'shtola: By strange coincidence, it does. At present, I have only a creeping suspicion, but with your help, I will soon find out whether my fears are warranted.