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Thancred Waters

Thancred ARR.png

Male ♂
Hyur (Midlander)
The Pillars (7.5,9.9)
Limsa Lominsa
Circle of Knowing
The Scions of the Seventh Dawn
Quest NPC
Voiced by (JP)
Yuichi Nakamura
Voiced by (EN)
Peter Bramhill
Taliesin Jaffe (ARR)
Voiced by (FR)
Pierre Tessier
Voiced by (DE)
Peter Lehn

"I happen to be thoroughly enjoying the company of these ravishing young ladies and, gods willing, will still be doing so come sunrise."

A self-professed bard and chaser of dreams, often seen wandering the wilds of Thanalan. Ever the charmer, Thancred never misses an opportunity to woo a lovely lady with verses of adulation. This foppish facade, however, conceals many secrets, not the least of which is his puissant skill with a dagger.

— In-game description

Thancred Waters is a Hyur found in The Pillars.

Heavensward Appearance
Shadowbringers Appearance
Shadowbringers Concept Art

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
A Final Temptation Main Scenario quest 50 Thancred
The Mother of Exiles Main Scenario quest 50 Thancred
Ifrit Bleeds, We Can Kill It Feature quest 50 Thancred
Consequences Main Scenario quest 60 Thancred
Choices Main Scenario quest 60 Thancred
Il Mheg, the Faerie Kingdom Main Scenario quest 72 Thancred
Unto the Truth Main Scenario quest 72 Thancred
The Wheel Turns Main Scenario quest 73 Thancred
The Best Way Out Main Scenario quest 76 Thancred
Free Trade Main Scenario quest 76 Thancred
A Convenient Distraction Main Scenario quest 77 Thancred
Paradise Fallen Main Scenario quest 77 Thancred
Waiting in the Depths Main Scenario quest 79 Thancred
Faded Memories Main Scenario quest 80 Thancred
For Thavnair Bound Main Scenario quest 80 Thancred
On Low Tide Main Scenario quest 80 Thancred
The Satrap of Radz-at-Han Main Scenario quest 80 Thancred
The Jewel of Thavnair Main Scenario quest 81 Thancred
A Harey Situation Main Scenario quest 84 Thancred
Back to Old Tricks Main Scenario quest 84 Thancred

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
A Wild Rose by Any Other Name Main Scenario quest 17 Minfilia Warde
Amalj'aa Wrong Places Main Scenario quest 19 Isembard
Dressed to Deceive Main Scenario quest 19 Isembard
Lord of the Inferno Main Scenario quest 20 Minfilia Warde
Into the Heart of the Whorl Main Scenario quest 50 Merlwyb
Lord of the Whorl Main Scenario quest 50 Eynzahr Slafyrsyn
Scattered Scions Main Scenario quest 50 Teary-eyed Private
True to Form Main Scenario quest 50 Yda
Levin an Impression Main Scenario quest 50 Serpent Lieutenant
Lord of Levin Main Scenario quest 50 Minfilia Warde
What Little Gods Are Made Of Main Scenario quest 50 Serpent Lieutenant
Still Waters Main Scenario quest 50 Minfilia Warde
Aether on Demand Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
On the Counteroffensive Main Scenario quest 50 Edelstein
The Price of Principles Main Scenario quest 50 Minfilia Warde
In for Garuda Awakening Feature quest 50 Papalymo
In a Titan Spot Feature quest 50 Y'shtola
Guardian of Eorzea Main Scenario quest 50 Minfilia Warde
A Simple Plan Main Scenario quest 50 Minfilia Warde
An Uninvited Ascian Main Scenario quest 50 Edelstein
In Memory of Moenbryda Main Scenario quest 50 Minfilia Warde
As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness Main Scenario quest 60 Lucia

Additional Information

A member of the Scions, Thancred grew up in the backstreets of Limsa Lominsa, and spent his adolescence snatching purses with a band of petty thieves. One day, he targeted an Elezen man who had come to the maritime city-state to study aether. Unbeknownst to Thancred, that man was Louisoix Leveilleur and just as the boy drew near, the Archon sent him flying to the cobbles. Caught red-handed, Thancred was certain he would be tossed onto one of the city-state's prison hulks. Instead, Louisoix offered him an alternative: use his gods-given agility to aid his fellow man. Thus, the Midlander boy returned with the Archon to Sharlayan, and there began to study survival and intelligence gathering techniques. He became an expert in both, then an Archon, and then a member of the Circle of Knowing.
At thirty-two years of age, Thancred fancies himself silver-tongued when it comes to the fairer sex. Many women, however, would beg to differ. His boon companion is a nutkin, who has saved the Archon from several rather embarrassing situations.

Unnamed Blades: Obtained through trade in Loth ast Vath, Thancred carries one heavy blade—most likely a salvaged artifact of ancient Allag—and a slim trappers' dagger. Despite being products of necessity rather than choice, the Archon has grown quite fond of the odd pair.

Encyclopædia Eorzea vol 1



Thancred appeared back in Ul'dah around the time that a group of rampaging Goobbue tore through the city during a festival. They had charged and trampled Warburton, the father of a young girl named Ascilla. Warburton had worked for the Garlean Empire as an Ala Mhigan conscript, but was never loyal to them, working in secret for the Ala Mhigan Resistance. Following his death, it was believed that his death had been orchestrated, and the Garleans would come for his daughter next. In order to protect her, he turned her over to F'lhaminn Qesh, her adoptive mother, and renamed her Minfilia, hiding her identity from those who sought to do her harm. He would later introduce her to Louisoix Leveilleur, helping her to develop her Echo.

Thancred would also go on to fight the Empire with the Warrior of Light, Yda Hext, Y'shtola and others who would go on to form the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. When the Lesser Moon Dalamud was on a collision course with Eorzea, he helped lead the populace in prayer to evoke The Twelve.

Following the Seventh Umbral Calamity, He helped evacuate people from the most dangerous areas of the fallout, and helped with the rebuilding efforts of Ul'dah. Later, he would cross paths with the Warrior of Light following an interaction with a young woman and a group of thugs, where they protected the woman and chased the thugs away. Realizing they possessed the Echo, he invited them to the Waking Sands to meet with Minfilia and join the Scions. They were tasked with investigating the recent Amalj'aa attacks, and Thancred joined them.

When it turned out to be a plot to enthrall the poor and the refugees outside of Ul'dah as sacrifices to their Primal god, the Warrior of Light went to stop them, coming face to face with Ifrit itself. Thancred learned that they protected the other captives who managed to avoid the Tempering, and helped escort the survivors to safety.

At some point or another, Thancred began to be more and more absent from the Scions, and was behaving strangely. It eventually turned out that, while under an intense amount of pressure and stress to fill the place of Louisoix, he had left himself vulnerable and was possessed by Lahabrea. His body was used by the Ascian to incite chaos, teaching the Beast Tribes how to summon their Primals and helping the Garleans unearth and reactivate the Ultima Weapon. When the Ascian revealed himself at Castrum Centri, it became clear how the Garleans were able to invade the Waking Sands.

With the looming threat of the Empire invading with the Ultima Weapon, the Scions planned an attack on Castrum Meridianum, stopping Gaius van Baelsar, destroying the Ultima Weapon, and drive Lahabrea from Thancred's body and rescue him.

Following a period of recovery, Thancred was eager to right the wrongs that were committed while he was possessed, he helped investigate the reports of crystal caravans being robbed, most likely for summoning. Eventually he, the Warrior of Light, Y'shtola and Yugiri discovered it was the work of the Sahagin who were attempting to summon Leviathan. While watching Yugiri use her knives and combat skills, Thancred revealed he also shared similar skills he had learned while a youth in Limsa Lominsa. Yugiri admitted she was impressed by his skills, and that they were similar to the Doman art of Ninjutsu.

Thancred also helped the Doman refugees establish a place in Mor Dhona, and helped Alphinaud establish the Crystal Braves following the Scion's ambitions to stand outside the jurisdiction of the Eorzean Grand Companies. However, the Braves framed him, his Scion allies and the Warrior of Light for the murder of Nanamo Ul Namo when The Monetarists sought to take full control of the city-state. During his escape, he and Y'shtola were ambushed. While they both fought bravely, the only means of escape open to them was a forbidden teleportation spell, Flow, which Y'shtola cast, pulling them into the Aetherial Sea.

Unlike Y'shtola, Thancred emerged in Dravania, completely without clothing or weapon. He fashioned himself some makeshift weapons and hunted for skins and food. It was around this time that he realized his very being had been warped by his time in the Lifestream, and had been robbed of his ability to wield Magic. He soon crossed paths with the Gnath, befriending them and trading for real weapons and clothing.

Eventually, Thancred was reunited with some of the Scions and the Warrior of Light, intervening in a battle between them and the Warriors of Darkness. He drove them away and helped with the investigation of what was happening in Ishgard at the time. He also helped to relocate the Scions and bring them all together. However, he learned of Minfilia's fate at the Antitower, having become the Word of the Mother, and therein lost her physical body. Though he tried to hide it, he deeply mourned her loss and held himself responsible.

When the people protested at Falcon's Nest over peace with theDravanians, and Emmanellain de Fortemps was held responsible for the woman leading the violence being shot with an arrow, Thancred told him to stop looking to others for an answer, and to live with the consequences of his decisions. Emmanellain strikes Thancred, accusing him of not knowing a thing about failure. Thancred responds in kind, laying the young lord out, telling him he knows nothing of his failures. Though he regained his composure later when the Warrior of Light spoke to him later, it was clear that Minfilia's loss weighed heavily on his heart.

Later, while helping the Scions and the Warrior of Light investigate the machinations of the Warriors of Darkness, he fought by his allies side at the Bowl of Embers, stopping them from mortally wounding Alisae. When both parties were swept up and brought before The Mothercrystal, Thancred finally found some modicum of closure, thanking Minfilia for everything and telling her he was proud of her.

Later, when the Scions and the Grand Companies were pulled into battle atop Baelsar's Wall, Thancred arrived at the top of the wall with Cid nan Garlond to rescue his friends, and witnessed Ilberd Feare sacrifice himself to summon a powerful Primal to attack all that stood against his ambitions of freeing Ala Mhigo. With few options open to them, Papalymo sacrificed himself, attempting to repeat the same feat that Louisoix performed when stopping Bahamut. Though Thancred was loath to do so, he forced his friends onto the Airship, leaving Papalymo to his devices.

When the Garleans kidnapped Krile to study her and her Echo, Thancred used his abilities of infiltration and espionage to make his way through their fortress to rescue her helped the Warrior of Light to free her. He also took part in the battle of Ala Mhigo. Following the death and supposed "revival" of Zenos yae Galvus, he made his way to Garlemald to ascertain the current situation there, He learned that the entire province was in an uproar, caught in a civil war over rumors that the Crown Prince was actually possessed. Around this time he also met with a Hrothgar and learned the ways of the Gunbreaker, although without the ability to enchant the cartridges with magick and the rather explosive nature of their combat techniques, he was not able to use what he learned, choosing instead to lay low. When relaying information to the Grand Company leaders and his fellow Scions, he succumbed to a strange headache, falling comatose and appearing to be nothing more than a living shell.

In truth, Thancred had been the accidental target of the Crystal Exarch's Calling, pulling his soul to the First, one of the shards of The Source. He arrived there much as he did in Dravania-without clothing or a weapon. He was taken in by the Exarch, and given clothing and a weapon. It was explained to him where he was and the position Norvrandt was in, and the plague of the Sin Eaters. Thancred sought to help in whatever way he could, exploring what little remained of the continent and slaying Sin Eaters while also trying to find a way home. During his travels, he heard of a young woman named Minfilia being held in the dungeons of Eulmore, and her legacy as the Oracle of Light, with the people believing her to be the reincarnation of the Source's Minfilia, who had saved their land almost one hundred years ago by their time.

Thancred fought hard past the Eulmorans to rescue the girl, noting the passing resemblance the girl shared with his Minfilia. He helped hide her from the Eulmorrans to prevent them from taking her life, as they believed she should be made to stand against the Sin Eaters, which would most likely result in her death. In truth, this was the case, as several Minfilia's came before this girl. Though Thancred felt responsibility to protect her, he found himself unable to truly open himself to her. He trained her to fight, and she enchanted his Gunblade cartridges. He sought to help her find her own path, and not live in the shadow of Minfilia any longer, an ideal that the girl shared. When the Warrior of Light appeared on the First and sought to hunt the Lightwardens, the girl was possessed by Minfilia, who told the party that her power would be needed to track the Lightwarden's locations, and how she planned to fade away when the girl ascended and claimed her power. Thancred found this unnacceptable, wishing only for Minfilia to return to him. She simply stated that her time was now passed, but thanked him for everything he did for her.

Eventually, Thancred was able to come to terms with this, and encouraged the girl to seek Minfilia's power. He began to see more and more of her in the girl, and slowly grew closer with her. When they were attacked by Ran'jit, the girl stood up to him, saying that she only wanted to have her own life and find her own path. In that moment, Thancred stood against Ran'jit for the girl, encouraging her further to find her own path. When she returned to find him bloodied and beaten, he simply told her not to worry about him, and bestowed the name Ryne on her, so she may be her own person. Thancred and Ryne would continue to fight side-by-side against the Sin Eaters and the Lightwardens, until finally the Warrior of Light fought against Emet-Selch and slayed Hades, saving the First. While the Scions sought to find a way home, he would continue to stay by Ryne's side, training her and eradicating the remaining Sin Eaters.

The pair, alongside Urianger and the Warrior of Light, traveled out past the Wave in Amh Araeng where Ryne felt the presence of a Lightwarden. They discover Eden, a large Sin Eater that turned out to be the cause of the explosion of Light that consumed much of the First. After discovering Gaia, they slowly uncovered the truth of her and the original Sin Eater being an Ascian. When the Warriors of Light of the First slayed the Ascians, and the wave of light erupted forth, Gaia was born of the darkness, completely forgetting who she was. When they learned who she truly was, Thancred and Ryne fought hard to keep Gaia as she was and give her her own life. By the end of the whole ordeal, the Crystal Exarch and the Warrior of Light found a way to return the Scions to their bodies. He said his goodbyes to Ryne, and returned home.

Upon his arrival and recovery, Thancred was eager to return to the frontlines and ascertain matters on the Garlean front. He learns that following the battle in The Ghimlyt Dark, the Garleans had retreated. The Scions were also confronted by Fandaniel of the Telophoroi and their mission to bring about the Final Days as they played out in the past when the Ancient's home world was destroyed. Seeking to learn more and find a way to prevent the destruction of the world and all life, Thancred, the Scions and the Warrior of Light travel across The Northern Empty to Sharlayan to see if any history can teach them about what to expect for the Final Days. While Y'shtola, Krile and G'raha Tia researched in the library there, Thancred, Estinien Wyrmblood and the Warrior of Light headed to Thavnair to learn what they could about countering the power of enthrallment the Telophoroi's towers held. Eventually they were able to work with the Alchemists of Thavnair, and using scales from Vrtra, are able to create wards to protect themselves from the tower's effects. Using these, the Scions and the Warrior of Light enter the Tower of Zot and find a way to disable the towers. Setting their sights on the Garlean Empire, where the origins of the towers is believed to be, they head out for Ilsabard.

Thancred led a strike operation against a Garlean base and disabled their Magitek and communications. With this, the Eorzean Alliance is able to fight their way into what remained of a small town outside Garlemald, which they named Camp Broken Glass. After many trials and tribulations, he, the Scions and the Warrior of Light made for the Tower of Babil, the main tower of Anima, the Primal formed from Varis zos Galvus' body when the people of Garlemald turned their faith to him to protect them.

Thancred further played a part in learning of the Final Days and how they ravaged the planet. He and the party ended up visiting the Loporrits on the moon on the vessel constructed to shepherd the people of Etheirys to the stars should the Final Days return. Refusing to give up on their home, however, the group returned home, planning to forestall the apocalypse, no matter what it took.

When Thancred expressed concern for Ryne and the First, G'raha Tia was prompted to remember that Elidibus may remember something about the Final Days, and they may be able to learn something from him. This led the Warrior of Light to the first, and eventually to Elpis, where they learned the truth of the Final Days.

Upon the Warrior's return, Thancred and the others convinced The Forum to give them access to The Aitiascope to traverse the Aetherial Sea and meet with Hydaelyn. Upon reaching her, passing by the spirits of friends and foes from the past, the goddess sought to test their conviction to face Meteion. Thancred fought by his friends' side and proved himself amongst the worthy.

When the Ragnarok reached Ultima Thule, the Scions were attacked by Meteion, who, wielding the power of Dynamis, began to make the ship uninhabitable. Before blacking out, the Warrior of Light witnessed Thancred attacking Meteion. The party later learned that he had been erased from existence, but that his hope had made the land on which they were able to walk and the air they could breathe, as his last wish was for them to "Survive".

Eventually, the Warrior of Light was able to bring their friends back into existance, and they helped them traverse Meteion's memories of all the past worlds she had destroyed in The Dead Ends. Thancred helped lead the charge, but was overwhelmed by The Endsinger. Before he and the others could be destroyed, the Warrior of Light activated the ship's transporter and sent him and the Scions back to the Ragnarok, where they waited for the Warrior's return. Eventually, Meteion appeared, informing them that the Warrior of Light should be right behind her, but did not soon reappear, caught in a death match against Zenos at the edge of all creation. Unable to do anything, Thancred and the Scions simply had to wait. When the Warrior of Light appeared on the deck of the ship barely alive, he scolded the Warrior of Light, saying that he was only being so harsh because they cared.

Following the events in Ultima Thule and the saving of the world, the Scions disbanded. Thancred would travel with Urianger with "no particular destination in mind", other than to visit the Loporrits and see how they were adjusting to their new home.

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