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Following the rapid expansion of the population of Sharlayan around year 150, The Ecclesia, the old form of governance that gave all citizens an equal voice in matters of how the nation was run was quickly becoming inefficient, with too many voices clamoring and clashing, leading to reaching a consensus nearly impossible. As the Sharlayans are wont to do, they clung to this system regardless, too stubborn or adamant to give up on their old ways. When this eventually met with failure, the nation came together to create a new form of governance. at the beginning of the second century of the Sixth Astral Era, The Forum was born, each of its ninety nine members elected by of-age citizens would lead the nation in all matters. The name "The Forum" comes from the early days of its governance, when the members of The Forum would meet in the public square.


The Ecclesia

Following the founding of the small village that made up the home of the survivors of the Sixth Umbral Calamity that had been rescued by Nyunkrepf Nyunkrepfsyn,[1] a form of governance was created to ensure that all people had a voice in matters of governance. From this was the Ecclesia born,[2] bringing democracy to everyone living in Sharlayan, allowing for everyone to have a say and putting all matters to a vote. However, through the first century of the Sixth Astral Era, as the population of the city-state began to swell, this form of governance quickly proved ineffective, and was replaced by The Forum soon after.


In his wisdom, Nyunkrepf saw that each citizen of Sharlayan be allowed a voice in matters of their community. By around the 150th year of the Sixth Astral Era, however, the city had expanded considerably. In the Ecclesia, too many voices clamored in debate, and reaching consensus on anything, no matter how small, seemed to take an age. Though it was clear a new system was needed, the Sharlayans clung adamantly to their tradition, changing it as little as possible. This met with failure, and in 201 they decided upon a new form of governance. Now, the nation would be led by the Forum, a body of ninety-nine members. Each Sharlayan of age would cast a vote to elect members from amongst his peers. In its early days, the Forum met in a public square, from which its present name is taken. [3]


  1. Statue Gazer says during Scholarly Perspective:"it was Archon Nyunkrepf who brought our ancestors here in his ark, and together they founded what was to become the great nation of Sharlayan."
  2. Statue Gazer says during Scholarly Perspective: "There was once a system of governance in Sharlayan known as the Ecclesia─a great gathering at which each citizen was given a voice in decisions affecting the nation's future"
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