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All the Little Angels

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All the Little Angels

Quest giver
Yanxia (X:31.2, Y:28.9)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario

Experience 199,800
Gil 984
Previous quest
The Time between the Seconds
Next quest
Here There Be Xaela
Courage the Cowardly Lupin
Dearest Keiko
Perchance to Hanami

Isse is beside himself with emotion.

— In-game description




  • Speak with your comrades. 0/4


  • Zenos yae Galvus has come to Doma, and Yugiri has resolved, over the protestations of your comrades, to assassinate him. You alone have agreed to support her in this endeavor, and so she shares with you Zenos's itinerary -- how the vessel bearing him and his escort will come to the docks east of the Moon Gates, and how, after disembarking, they will continue towards Yuzuka Manor. The docks themselves are not an ideal location for an ambush, however, so the two of you split up to search for suitable hiding places.
  • You find a spot near the manor which should afford you a clear view of the docks. All that remains is to wait for the crown prince to arrive, and to attempt to take him unawares. Should you fail, you will have no choice but to engage him in open combat. But then a part of you would like that very much...
  • As before at the Reach, Zenos is a force of nature, relentless and unstoppable. Yet you have grown stronger since last you met, and for a time it seems as though you may have a chance... until your foe elects to bring a new katana to bear against you. At once, his body begins to crackle with a crimson energy, which bursts forth and fells both Yugiri and the viceroy's few remaining soldiers. You endure a moment longer, but soon join them in defeat.
  • As he stands over you in judgment, Zenos at last recognizes you as the champion of the savages in Ala Mhigo. Discarding his damaged helmet, he implores you to live on, to endure, to grow stronger, and to face him once more, before whirling about and putting an end to a last desperate attempt by Yugiri to kill him. He advances to finish her off, but pauses when confronted by a group of armed villagers, as well as Gosetsu and Alisaie, who are determined to save the ninja's life. It is a touching display of defiance, but having tasted the viceroy's might, you know that even with such numbers, they do not stand a chance. Nevertheless, Zenos withdraws without a word, leaving you and your comrades free to withdraw to safety.
  • It would seem that Yugiri owes her preservation to one Alphinaud Leveilleur, for it was he who convinced the others to rush to your defense. Alisaie takes great pleasure in describing his panic -- as does Gosetsu in observing that she herself was no picture of calm...