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All the Little Angels

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Isse is beside himself with emotion.

— In-game description




  • Speak with your comrades. 0/4


  • Isse offers an apology for his earlier disdain towards the adventurer.
  • Yugiri also offers an apology for her rash decision to pursue Zenos.
  • Zenos threatens Yotsuyu if she loses Doma to the rebels.
  • Meanwhile in Gyr Abania, a strange, but familiar man has stumbled on a large, mysterious chasm.


Accepting the quest:

Isse: Can you believe it? We faced the crown prince himself and lived to tell the tale!
Isse: You've no idea what this means for us. Everyone's talking about getting more weapons and armor and...and...
Isse: And we're not going to stop until we've taken back our homeland!
Isse: Ah, right. Getting a bit ahead of ourselves, aren't we? We've got wounded to tend to first. We should get back to the village!

Speaking with Isse:

Isse: How are you feeling? After fighting that demon, I can only imagine...
Isse: ...I suppose I ought to apologize to you. know...
Isse: Anyway, uh... Thank you. For not giving up on us. The shinobi too.
Namai Maiden: How are you feeling, my lady?
Yugiri: Much the better for my comrades' ministrations, and your most generous hospitality. You need not worry.
Namai Maiden: Good... If there is anything else we can do for the two of you─anything at all─just ask.
Gosetsu: Stare any harder and you're like to burn a hole in them. Go and say your piece for goodness' sake!
Isse: I've got nothing more to say to them! I'm going to find out how the others are getting on.
Yugiri: Gosetsu, Mistress Alisaie─I owe you an apology. I acted with reckless disregard for my own safety, and endangered I know not how many others in so doing.
Yugiri: Scorning your wise counsel, I knowingly defied our master's wishes, and left you no choice but to follow suit.
Gosetsu: Nonsense. I followed our master's wishes to the letter. Consider once more his words, and the intent therein.
Gosetsu: In offering his head, he but sought to shield his people from harm─loyal retainers included. You must value your life more highly, shadow walker.
Alisaie: On the other hand, your recklessness did serve as an inspiration to many. Mayhap you should not be so hard on yourself...
Alisaie: In any event, if you must apologize profusely, it seems only right that you expend as much effort thanking the one person who supported your plan from the first.
Yugiri: That it does. There are no words which will suffice...but thank you.
Lyse: Aaaaaand there they are!
Alphinaud: Twelve be praised! When I learned of your rather questionable plot to assassinate Zenos, I feared we would need to recruit a new primal slayer.
Lyse: I'm sorry we couldn't be there. Alisaie made me swear to stay behind no matter what.
Lyse: I think she was worried I'd hurl myself at Zenos the moment I set eyes on him.
Alisaie: ...What?
Alisaie: You'll forgive me for changing the subject, but now would seem a good time to discuss where we go from here. Though the Empire has yet to retaliate, the fact remains that we have revealed our presence, and signaled our intentions in so doing. It is only a matter of time before the imperials move against us.
Alisaie: Given that we lack the strength to oppose them, 'tis plain some manner of brilliant stratagem is required. Therefore, I yield the floor to the preeminent tactician of our time, with whom I was privileged to share a womb.
Alphinaud: If you insist... While in Kugane we debated a number of approaches and were eventually forced to concede that we cannot look to the Alliance for aid.
Alphinaud: Even were it possible to ferry sufficient forces and materiel from Eorzea in a timely manner, such a massive undertaking would not long escape the attention of the Empire. 'Twould be a miracle if our ships reached the shore.
Alphinaud: Fortunately, according to Tataru and Hancock's intelligence, the Empire has withdrawn most of its forces from Doma in the past year, leaving her relatively unguarded.
Alphinaud: That being the case, a popular uprising spearheaded by the full might of the Doman Liberation Front may feasibly be sufficient to threaten the seat of provincial government, namely Doma Castle. 'Twould be rather easier said than done, of course, but I have seen worse plans prevail.
Gosetsu: Then we must needs meet with Lord Hien and convince him to return, for there is no surer way to inspire our people to rise up as one.
Gosetsu: He desired proof of his subjects' conviction, and they have provided it─through no less a deed than openly opposing Zenos himself!
Lyse: It will work. It has to work. And next time, we will defeat him...

Speaking with your comrades:

Yugiri: I will be traveling to the Azim Steppe, [Forename].
Yugiri: I found Lord Hien once before, and I am confident I can do so again. Moreover, it was to me whom he put the question of Doma's resolve. I feel it my duty to deliver to him our people's reply.
Gosetsu: Our countrymen's deeds speak for themselves. Lord Hien cannot deny the truth of their hearts.
Gosetsu: Too long has it been since I looked on his face. It would be of great comfort to see him again─and no small comfort if you were to join us in the search, I should add!
Lyse: I wonder what kind of man Hien is. From what I heard, he's about the same age as me. And then there's Fordola, who isn't a whole lot younger than us both...
Lyse: Like her, he was born and raised in an imperial province. This is all he's ever known. But unlike her, he chose to do something about it...
Lyse: I want to meet him. I want to know why. Maybe, if I understand that, it'll help me to understand a lot of other things...
Alisaie: The beloved king returning to urge his countrymen to rise up in rebellion. Not a story you'd ever hear in Sharlayan or Ul'dah, is it?
Alphinaud: Not in those words, perhaps, but no land's people is so cynical to be wholly immune to inspiration. Singular individuals have the power to move hearts and minds no matter where they go.
Alisaie: Mmmhm. Doubtless you speak from personal experience.
Alisaie: As much as this Lord Hien intrigues us, [Forename], there are vital tasks to be attended to here─preparations for the inevitable assault on Doma Castle, for one.
Alisaie: There is also the matter of coordinating our efforts with the Confederacy and our comrades in Kugane, dealing with this troublesome aetheryte─I could go on, but you understand.

Speaking with Alphinaud:

Alphinaud: ...Aye, so it goes. We all have our responsibilities.
Yugiri: We shall depart for the Azim Steppe at once.
Gosetsu: You will be joining us, [Forename]?
Alisaie: For our part, we shall do what we can to aid the Doman Liberation Front in your absence.
Alisaie: We will refrain from conducting any large-scale operations in your absence, and instead devote our energies to bolstering our ranks and training our new recruits. When you return, we will be ready for war.
Lyse: If anything happens, if you need us to come back sooner, you'd better contact us. “Noble sacrifices” are a last resort, remember?
Yugiri: Follow me, my friends. We have many malms to travel before we reach Reunion.
Isse: Wait! Don't leave yet!
Isse: Here, take these for the road. It's simple fare, but it's the least we can do for you, after what you did for us.
Isse: ...It may be stupid and naive of me to say this, but I will.
Isse: When you come back, we'll finish what we started. We'll beat the imperials and we'll win our freedom! So...don't keep us waiting too long!
Meanwhile, in the keep of Doma Castle...
Zenos yae Galvus: ...I would expect no less of Bahamut's conqueror.
Zenos yae Galvus: Prepare the airship. His Radiance will not object; we have fulfilled our obligations here. I would see this prize for myself...
Zenos yae Galvus: Do you understand why I appointed you to act in my stead? You, whose only accomplishment was to whisper the right words in the right ear?
Zenos yae Galvus: Because of your petty hatreds. They render you the perfect instrument to bleed your kinsmen of hope─ to make an example of Doma, such as was ordered.
Zenos yae Galvus: Listen well.
Zenos yae Galvus: If you yield Doma to the rebels, you will not be given another chance to beg forgiveness.
Zenos yae Galvus: Do your duty. Now. Or die with the rest of them.
Grynewaht: A-Are you all right, my lady? That was uncalled for...
Yotsuyu: They say your Eorzean is helping the rebels.
Yotsuyu: I want [him/her] dead. I want [his/her] friends dead. I want the heads of everyone [he/she] knows and loves mounted on the castle walls!
Grynewaht: You mean I can finally go after [him/her]?
Grynewaht: Bwahahahaha! I've been waiting for this chance! I promise you, my lady─ [he/she] won't escape this time! Not this time, oh no!
Meanwhile, in the fringes of Gyr Abania...
???: Aye, this is the place.
???: ...When his shade was banished, you swore to leave this life behind. And yet here you are...
Estinien: Yet if this be the work of the Eyes, what choice do you have but to end it? <sigh> Or so the boy would say. Damn you, Alphinaud.