Primal Awakening

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Sidequest.pngBahamut Quest

Quest Giver Urianger - The Waking Sands (x, y)
Requirements Level 50
Items Needed
Reward Gil 377
Previous Quest Next Quest
In a Titan Spot Alisaie's Pledge




  • Report to the mystery individual at Wineport.
  • Fight your way through Castrum Occidens.
  • Report to J'brohka.


  • Urianger would speak with you regarding the unidentified primal.
  • Cryptic as ever, Urianger informs you that the as yet unidentified primal may soon awaken. He then reveals that an equally unidentified individual who is known to the Scions has taken it upon herself to investigate the being, and would solicit your assistance. Make your way to Wineport in eastern La Noscea, where the mystery maiden awaits.
  • You arrive at Wineport to find Alphinaud's twin sister, Alisaie, who has been conspicuous by her absence throughout your struggles thus far. She reveals to you that Castrum Occidens straddles a cavern formed in the wake of the Calamity, and expresses her desire to probe its uncharted depths. Fight your way through the imperial stronghold and seek a path down into the darkness.
  • You have found the entrance to the cavern in the innermost sector of Castrum Occidens. Report your success to Storm Private J'brohka.
  • J'brohka reveals to you that she is in the service of Alisaie, although she has enlisted with the Maelstrom for reasons of convenience. Her affiliations thus declared, J'brohka invites you to notify her when you are ready to enter the Binding Coil. Alisaie believes the truth of the Calamity sleeps within the cavern's unknown depths...but will she find the answers she seeks?