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To Bend with the Wind

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

To Bend with the Wind

Quest giver
The Ruby Sea (X:29.5, Y:36.5)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario

Experience 367,200
Gil 1,262
Previous quest
Boys with Boats
Next quest
Confederate Consternation

Soroban is in high spirits.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Defeat the gyuki.


  • Soroban is in high spirits.
  • Relieved that you will not judge him and his fellow Blue Kojin harshly for the deeds of the Red, Soroban is eager to take you the rest of the way to Othard. He leaves with the others to ready his ship, and bids you inform the Confederates of your impending departure.
  • The Confederate with whom you speak reiterates that there is no need to pay the Ruby Tithe, though he and the others should be glad if you would consider purchasing supplies before leaving the island.
  • All due preparations made, you set forth, and Sakazuki recedes into the distance as the eastern coastline of Othard grows larger. Recalling that Tansui spoke of Doma's viceroy “holding court” in one of the fishing villages, you come ashore some distance from Isari, in case it should chance to be the selfsame village.
  • Agreements fulfilled and debts paid, you part ways with Soroban, and turn your attentions to Isari, which you soon discover to be occupied by imperial forces. From afar, you catch your first glimpse of Yotsuyu, the imperial viceroy, and Grynewaht of all people, who seems none the worse for the trouncings you dealt him in Gyr Abania and Carteneau. To the disgust and horror of your comrades, Yotsuyu forces one villager to execute another, before having him shot for refusing to kill his own parents. Incensed, Gosetsu resolves to end the madness by surrendering himself into the viceroy's custody, reasoning that she will wish to question him thoroughly, giving you time to formulate a rescue plan. Despite your comrades' protestations, the samurai will not be swayed, and you can only watch as he is led away into the local tavern.
  • Though Alisaie is frustrated by this turn of events, she recognizes that what is done is done, and that you have no choice but to find a solution. Recalling that Gosetsu bade you seek aid at the mysterious tower to the northeast, she takes to the water with Lyse, and begins swimming for the isle of Onokoro.
  • As Alisaie laments a brief moment of Alphinaud-like exposition, massive beasts with big, nasty teeth emerge from the water and howl in rage. Others are soon drawn to the commotion, and since discretion is the better part of valor, your comrades resolve to run, fending the beasts off as they go. You, meanwhile, decide to deal with the first two beasts before following suit.
  • Ravenous beasts are rarely a challenge for you, and these are no exception. Doubtless Lyse and Alisaie fared just as well...
  • As expected, you find your comrades standing over several slain beasts, none the worse for wear. The tower is not far, and you can almost make out the banners, which look rather familiar even at this distance.
  • It would seem that Gosetsu intended for you to seek the aid of the Confederacy, as the large settlement─complete with its own aetheryte─appears to be under their control. But given what Tansui told you before, there is surely little chance that they will answer your call.



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