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Parley on the Front Lines

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Parley on the Front Lines

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Quest giver
Kienkan (X:6.1, Y:6.0)
Quest line
Experience 10,800
Gil 2,298
Previous quest
Seiryu's Wall
Next quest
The Face of War

Hien stands ready to depart for Ala Mhigo.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Hien gives orders in preparation for his departure to Ala Mhigo, and Alisaie shares the instructions she received from Lyse. You are to head to Porta Praetoria, where a Resistance fighter will escort you to Alliance Headquarters on Ala Mhigo's northeastern border.
  • You locate the Resistance fighter ordered to await your arrival in the Lochs. Without further ado, you follow your guide to the Alliance's newly constructed field camp.
  • After listening to your various reports concerning Alphinaud, Gaius, and the lethal Black Rose, Lyse shares her own piece of news: it seems that Emperor Varis himself will be taking a chair at the negotiation table on the condition that you and another member of the Scions are present. Lyse bids you let her know when you are prepared to attend the parley.
  • You attend the first round of parley only to witness Emperor Varis dismantle every argument the Alliance leaders bring against him. Rather than let the opportunity for peace slip away, Alisaie begs the Empire's ruler to consider alternatives to war. The Emperor grudgingly agrees to a short recess, granting you time to convert with your comrades.
  • Alisaie suspects Emperor Varis has attended the parley for reasons other than brokering a peace. She suggests you speak with the Alliance leaders, and formulate a strategy for learning the Emperor's true purpose.
  • You speak with each of the Alliance leaders in turn, and discuss a number of potential tactics. It is time to report to Alisaie with the insights you have gained.
  • The parley reconvenes, and the Alliance leaders at last elicit a blunt answer from Emperor Varis. But the revelation is hardly a welcome one. He explains how the Empire is a creation of the Ascians, and that to reclaim the world for the races of man, all nations must join together as one. The assembled dignitaries balk at his ultimatum-that in order to win their freedom, they must allow the Rejoining to proceed. Unable to countenance a sacrifice of that scale, you, too, add your voice to the chorus of defiance, and the talks rapidly disintegrate. With the Emperor's hostile farewell still ringing in the air, your party withdraws to Alliance Headquarters.
  • Though peace was never a likely outcome, it seems the parley was successful in its primary purpose: the delay has allowed the vanguard from Doma time to arrive before hostilities begin in earnest...


Accepting the Quest

Hien: We must leave now to convene with Eorzea’s leaders, and it may be some time before I return to Doma.

Hien: Hakuro – I leave you in command.

Hakuro: My lord!

Yugiri: I shall assemble an advance party with all haste, and join you in Ala Mhigo forthwith.

Alisaie: I’ve just received word from Lyse. The Alliance has established a base camp near Ala Mhigo’s northeastern border.

Alisaie: Once we’ve arrived in the Lochs, we’re to report to a Resistance officer station in Porta Praetoria who will point us in the right direction. Let’s not keep them waiting.

At Porta Praetoria

Resistance Fighter: Ah, you must be the Scion party I was told to look out for! If you'll follow me, I'll take you directly to Alliance Headquarters.

At Alliance Headquarters

Lyse: Welcome back, you two. Greetings, Lord Hien! Glad you could join us!

Hien: Glad to be here. I would have come sooner, were our own defenses not in question. But I am pleased to report that our soldiers are assembling for deployment to Ala Mhigo as we speak.

Raubahn: We are grateful for your support. Thanks to the efforts of our allies, it won't be long before we've established defensive positions on this front as well.

Alisaie: Ahem, we have some good news too... Alphinaud has come back to us. As for the bad news...

Lyse: So, Alphinaud won't wake up, Gaius van Baelsar is alive and hunting Ascians, and the Empire is planning to poison us all with toxic gas. Does that sound about right?

Lyse: Ordinarily, any one of those things would have left me in shock, but the way things have been lately, it's all starting to seem pretty normal.

Lyse: Getting back to your report, are we sure this "Black Rose" is the weapon Maxima was talking about?

Raubahn: It fits the description. And it seems we have Alphinaud to thank for sparing us an early demonstration of its effectiveness. I've a feeling this won't be the last time his bravery in the Empire will serve us here in Eorzea.

Raubahn: The threat of an unknown weapon has had us all on edge... But now that we know what we're dealing with, we can take steps to defend against it.

Raubahn: As for Gaius... I'm not sure what to think. Am I happy he's alive? Not in the slightest. Am I happy he's hunting Ascians? Aye. I'd have to say I am.

Lyse: Oh, speaking of Garleans-you-didn't-expect-to-see, we have a tale of our own, as it happens. When we sent envoys to the imperial army to request talks, they returned with the message that "Varis zos Galvus" would be attending.

Hien: The Emperor himself? Well, Varis did sanction the Populares' peace mission...

Hien: ...But knowing that an Ascian walks in his son's skin, I do not see how we can trust him or anyone from that nest of vipers.

Raubahn: The Alliance would proceed with negotiations regardless, if only to give ourselves more time to prepare. We do, however, require your cooperation...

Lyse: Ah, right, yes... So... as a condition for the talks to go forward, the Empire has requested that a member of the Scions be present. There'll be a representative from each Alliance nation, of course, but I'm afraid we have to ask that you come along too.

Alisaie: Gods, Lyse... you know how much I hate politics. But then what choice do I have? Alphinaud and the others aren't going to do it...

Alisaie: Very well. I shall attend as the Scion's representative.

Lyse: In case you're wondering why I didn't ask you, the Empire also requested the presence of "Eorzea's champion"...

Adventurer: I'll be there. OR I'm not fond of politics either...

Lyse: That's settled, then. We don't know what Varis means to bring to the table, or why he wants you there, but having you close at hand will make all the difference.

Raubahn: The meeting will take place on the border. Anticipating an early assault, we man to position the bulk of our forces nearby.

Lyse: The Alliance leaders should already be on their way. Once you're ready, we can head out and join them.

Speaking to Lyse

Lyse: Well, I don't suppose it's polite to keep an emperor waiting too long. Shall we?

At the Meeting