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The Lightwardens

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The Lightwardens

The Lightwardens Image.JPG
Quest giver
Crystal Exarch
The Ocular (X:6.1, Y:5.9)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Main Scenario

Experience 500,000
Gil 4,663
Previous quest
Tears on the Sand
Emergent Splendor
Next quest
Warrior of Darkness (Quest)

The Crystal Exarch welcomes you back to the Crystarium.

— In-game description




  • Speak with the Exarch.
  • Speak with the Exarch at the crossroads beyond the Accensor Gate.
  • Speak with the Exarch at the Northern Staging Point.
    ※ Use the Duty Finder or Trust to enter Holminster Switch.
  • Speak with the Exarch.
    ※ Completion of this Quest will unlock the Trust System for regular use.


  • Having listened intently to your experiences with the Leveilleur twins, the Exarch reveals the existence of powerful beings known as Lightwardens, whose destruction he believes is necessary to save the First and avert the Eighth Umbral Calamity. Soon after, your discussion is interrupted by a breathless Captain Lyna, who reports that a nearby town - Holminster Switch - has come under attack by a swarm of sin eaters. The Exarch quickly issues commands and requests that you assist in the settlement's defense.
  • After you agree to lend your aid, the Exarch urges you to make swift preparations, and meet him at the crossroads north of the Accensor Gate.
  • You rendezvous with the Exarch outside the Crystarium, and he gives you directions to the Northern Staging Point. Time is of the essence.
  • You arrive at the woods on the outskirts of town, where Captain Lyna briefs you on the situation. Considering the number of sin eaters involved, it seems likely that a Light Warden leads the attack. Make preparations to enter Holminster Switch and slay the abomination.
  • You battle your way through the besieged town and put down the Lightwarden raging at its center. At this, the remaining eaters scatter to the winds, leaving you free to withdraw from the Northern Staging Point.
  • The Exarch stands firm as the defeated Warden dissolves into aether, his fixed upon you as you absorb the energy it releases without apparent ill effect. Moments later, the blazing sky dims, night descends, and the Crystarium's exultant steward praises you to the now-starry heavens.
  • Returned to the staging point with the remaining villagers, you have a moment to appreciate the sight of Lakeland beneath a night sky. The Exarch once more exults your victory, but it seems that you have won only the first battle of many in the war against the sin eaters.


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