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See also: The Pool of Tribute

Susano is the Primal summoned by the Beastmen The Kojin.


Lord of the Revel, summoned by the Kojin tribe in an act of desperation.

From the myriad of deities housed within the three sacred treasures of the Kojin, Susano stepped forth to answer their pleas for deliverance. This divinity of the sea sees battle as a celebration, but challengers will find no revelry nor mercy at the edge of his fabled blade, Ame no Murakumo.



Additional Information

Susano is a boss found in The Pool of Tribute.


Name Type Rarity Quantity


Zone Coordinates Level range
The Pool of Tribute Unknown 63


Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Breaking and Delivering Main Scenario quest 63 Alisaie
The Lord of the Revel Main Scenario quest 63 Alisaie

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