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The Illuminated Land

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The Illuminated Land

The Illuminated Land Image.JPG
Quest giver
The Tempest (X:34.2, Y:25.7)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Main Scenario
Experience 22,440
Gil 1,635
Previous quest
The Light of Inspiration
Next quest
The End of a World

Grenoldt is brimming with newfound inspiration.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Grenoldt is brimming with newfound inspiration.
  • Grenoldt channels his newfound inspiration into crafting a suitably splendid lamp for the Ondo's planned devotions. Pleased with the results, he proceeds to share the cause of his recent slump, explaining how the perfection of the ancients' works had stolen his will to craft. Thanks to the crystal you showed him, however, Grenoldt now claims to be overflowing with creativity─enough to weave the strength of bittersweet sagas into armaments you can use. An intriguing proposal, but one which might have to wait until you've delivered the artisan's lamp to the Ondo chieftain.
  • You deliver Grenoldt's lamp to Tolshs Aath, and the grateful chieftain recognizes you and your companions as the sign they have been waiting for. You are invited to gather at the Walls of the Forgotten, and, after witnessing the Ondo's devotions, Tolshs Aath appoints a guide to show you the way to the “illuminated land.”
  • You greet the Ondo guide, and he directs you towards a tunnel leading downwards. It seems your comrades are already assembled below, and eagerly await the guide's directions.
  • You listen patiently as your guide explains the path you are to take. Judging by his description, the trek to the illuminated land will be no simple undertaking...
  • You meet Urianger on the floor of the first cavern, and he suggests a careful progression of scouting and relaying directions to those who come behind. Y'shtola waits ahead, the next link in the chain you are to follow.
  • Alphinaud hesitates before a thick growth of white coral, explaining that there are two possible routes forward: the winding coral branch, or the path along the rocks to the south.
  • Your dogged footsteps eventually lead you to Alisaie, who claims to have found the entrance to the Caliban Gap. If the guide is to be believed, you need only traverse this last passage before arriving at your destination.
  • You and your companions gather at the mouth of the tunnel, and Alphinaud bids you dispel the Ondo's barrier. The glowing wall quickly dissipates, clearing the way to complete the last leg of your journey.
  • As you exit the Caliban Gap, you are greeted by the spectacle of a vast city. Y'shtola describes the monumental enchantment that blazes before her aether-sensitive gaze, and your party is left momentarily awestruck.
  • Y'shtola points out the similarities in design between the remnants you have seen and the buildings which now tower before you. It is, without a doubt, a construction of the ancients, but upon the ruins has been draped the semblance of the city which once stood there. And somewhere, hidden within this enchanted metropolis, awaits Emet-Selch and the captive Exarch...