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Hope on the Waves

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Hope on the Waves

Hope on the Waves Image.png
Quest giver
Kugane (X:11.2, Y:9.6)
Quest line

Experience 46,000
Gil 2,392
Previous quest
The Sword in the Store
Next quest
Elation and Trepidation
An Auspicious Encounter

Gosetsu's trail leads to the sea, and that is where Yugiri would go.

— In-game description



  • Soon after you arrive at the pier, Alisaie shares Gyodo's latest intelligence: the imperial contingent charged with finding Yotsuyu is preparing to deploy to the Ruby Sea. Plainly, the Garleans share your belief that their quarry is bound for Doma. Alphinaud's subsequent admission that he purchased Gosetsu's katana with Scion funds leaves Tataru aghast, but she sets aside her dismay and sends you off to continue your search. Your next stop is the Ruby Price. If Gosetsu and Yotsuyu have indeed set sail, there is a good chance the sentries there will have seen them.
  • Before you can speak with the sentries, chaos erupts: the Empire has launched an attack against the Confederate stronghold on Sakazuki. Wasting no time, you hasten to join the defensive effort, and your heart skips a beat as you make out a familiar figure -- Gosetsu. The old samurai lives still, but whether he does so much longer depends on you. Without breaking stride, you hurl yourself between him and his assailants, and at length succeed in beating them back.
  • Having dealt with the immediate danger, you may turn your attention to your ailing comrade... and his unlikely traveling companion.
  • At Alphinaud's prompting, Gosetsu recounts the miraculous tale of his survival. When the keep collapsed around them, he and Yotsuyu plunged into the One River and were swept out to sea where they drifted for days, before finally coming to rest on the shore of a desert island. Though she came through the ordeal whole of body, Yotsuyu awoke bereft of her memory, and Gosetsu, unable to decide her fate, resolved to deliver her to Hien for his judgment.
  • Your most pressing questions thus answered, it is time to take your leave of Sakazuki. Alphinaud duly leads the way to the nearby pier, where he hopes Alisaie and Soroban will be waiting with the boat.
  • Alisaie's joy at being reunited with Gosetsu is soured by the presence of Yotsuyu, whom she treats with unveiled suspicion. In a bid to diffuse the tension, Alphinaud loudly declares that the party should set sail without delay, and Soroban is happy to oblige, delivering everyone to the shore on the outskirts of Isari.
  • After bidding the rest of the party farewell, Soroban asks that you grant him a moment to discuss a business venture which he claims will be extremely lucrative. It would, he adds, present a golden opportunity to recoup the Scion funds so carelessly spent on a certain katana and restore Tataru to good cheer besides. At last aware of the cost of his largesse, Alphinaud sheepishly encourages you to take Soroban up on his offer.

Solo Duty Walkthrough

Defeat all enemies to complete the duty.

  • Once the duty starts, defeat all present enemies and then run up the ramp.
    • Possible bug: A cutscene must trigger once you progress half-way up the ramp. If nothing occurs and you make it to the top, run back down to the bottom and back up until the cutscene triggers.
  • More enemies will spawn after the cutscene. Prioritize any Magitek Rearguards that spawn, as they will eventually cast Self-Destruct, damaging everyone and placing a Vulnerability Up debuff on you.
  • As soon as Yugiri's Doton field is up, lure any Rearguards inside. This will slow them and allow you to kill them easier.
  • Eventually a Magitek Hexadrone will spawn and target you with multiple AoEs. It will also summon drones that explode after a period of time.
  • When the Hexadrone places a proximity-based marker over you, keep away from your NPC allies and get ready to move to lessen the damage taken.
  • More Rearguards will spawn, and Alphinaud will prepare to cast Starstorm. Yugiri will lure two of the Rearguards to the Starstorm target field, while you must lure the other. Starstorm will damage all Rearguards significantly and allow you to kill them all in time before any of them finish casting Self-Destruct.

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