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Once More, to the Ruby Sea

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Once More, to the Ruby Sea

Once More, to the Ruby Sea Image.png
Quest giver
Kugane (X:13.7, Y:9.2)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario

Experience 367,200
Gil 829
Previous quest
Making the Catfish Sing
Next quest
Open Water

For a man who has just defeated ten samurai in a row, Gosetsu is looking rather sheepish...

— In-game description





  • Though Gosetsu ran afoul of the local peacekeepers in Kugane, he managed to win his freedom through a contest of strength mere moments before you and the others arrived to rescue him. Reunited at last, you inform your Doman comrade that you have found a captain willing to take you all across the Ruby Sea, but elect to save the details until you have returned to the Ruby Bazaar.
  • In the offices of the East Aldenard Trading Company, Gosetsu reveals that he and Yugiri parted ways some while ago, hoping to improve their chances of finding Lord Hien, the missing heir to the Doman throne. Even after it became clear that the rebellion was doomed, it would seem the young lord resolved to remain and fight on with Gosetsu at his side. Alas, in the ensuing chaos, the two became separated, and the samurai knows not what became of his master -- only that he somehow survived, and that the Empire still seeks to make an example of him. Alphinaud then explains your purpose in coming to the Far East, and Gosetsu is overjoyed at the prospect of returning to Othard with new allies. Yet it would not be prudent for all to continue onwards, and so it is decided that Tataru and Alphinaud will remain, while you, Lyse, Alisaie, and Gosetsu go to meet Soroban at the docks.
  • Soroban has already seen to the necessary preparations in your absence, and is ready to depart Kugane whenever you and the others are.
  • Before you lies the vast expanse of the Ruby Sea, so named for the shade of crimson it turns with the morning sun. From the Ruby Price, the first line of defense for the port of Kugane, you can just make out the shape of Othard on the horizon, your final destination...
  • Soroban bids you bask in the glory and splendor that is the Ruby Sea. But before you can proceed further, certain customs must be observed...

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