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Blue Mage Log allows you to form parties with other blue mages and participate in specific duties introduced in patch 5.15 of shadowbringers.

Prove your prowess in the blue magic arts by completing various trials and dungeons to reap rich rewards.


Complete the quest Blue Scream of Death

The Blue Mage Log tab will be added to the Blue Magic Spellbook interface upon completing the requisite quest.

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Using the Blue Mage Log

With the requisite number of party members playing as blue mage, register for a duty with Undersized Party disabled. Upon entering the instance, a message will display confirming you meet the requirements of the blue mage log.

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Completing Log Entries

Opening the Blue Mage Log tab of the spellbook will display a list of available duties separated into three categories: dungeons, trials, and raids.

Upon clearing these duties while meeting all duty requirements, they will be marked as complete.

Completion of blue mage log entries will reward players with Allied Seals and gil, with greater rewards granted when completing duties for the first time.

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Weekly Targets

Every week, certain blue mage log entries will be marked with a silver or gold star, designating them as weekly targets.

  • The additional rewards for a weekly target can only be earned once per week.
  • Weekly targets will reset every Tuesday at 12:00 a.m. (PST).

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Prime Targets

In addition to the standard weekly target, marked with a silver star in the list of duties, there is also a prime target, marked with a gold star.

While the prime target offers increased rewards, the difficulty is significantly higher. The duties selected as prime targets are not otherwise accessible via the blue mage log.

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