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Sigmascape V3.0

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Sigmascape V3.0

Sigmascape V3.0.png
70 (Sync: 70)
Party size
Full Party
8man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 10 
Req. quest
Feature quest Won't Let You Pass
The Yawn

Known simply as the “Guardian,” this foe is described by Cid as the machine responsible for defending a capital city. As a creation of otherworldly engineering it is impossible to know exactly what weapons it will bring to bear─only that this will be a contest of force versus overwhelming brute force.

— In-game description

Sigmascape V3.0 is a level 70 raid introduced in patch 4.2 with Stormblood.

See also: Sigmascape V3.0 (Savage) and Omega: Sigmascape


To unlock Sigmascape V3.0, Sigmascape V2.0 must be complete.

Guardian - Abilities & Phases

Sigmascape V3.0 (Normal) Guide

Players will find themselves in an otherworldly location, akin to a mechanical factory, within a square-shaped arena. Unlike the two previous encounters in Sigmascape, V.3 involves a dangerous outer wall that should be avoided at all costs. Any player who touches the edges of the arena for any reason will suffer moderate damage and a dispellable paralysis debuff, rendering them unable to move.

Whilst facing off against this literal death-machine, players will also notice large monitors outside of the arena which will give some visual hints regarding upcoming mechanics. Be sure to glance at them whenever the Guardian begins to Load a program, as the images indicate upcoming mechanics and will allow the raid to pre-emptively organize themselves ahead of time. Final Fantasy enthusiasts will likely recognize the images as sprites from a past Final Fantasy title they may know and love. Enjoy!

General Mechanics

  • Magitek Ray - Guardian turns to face a random player and - after an animated wind-up - emits a straight-line AoE across the arena. As a rule of thumb, if the Guardian turns to face you or your general direction unexpectedly and you notice blue energy forming by its cannon, a hefty side-step can take you out of danger. Any player hit by the beam will suffer high damage and be afflicted with a stackable Vulnerability Up debuff.
  • Arm & Hammer - a devastating tank-buster against Guardian's current target. Be sure to mitigate the blow with cooldowns whenever possible.
  • Diffractive Laser - causes the Guardian to emit an unavoidable raid-wide AoE attack. Bear in mind that Diffractive Laser will often be used as a 'loaded-program' filler.
  • Prey Missile - places a noticeably large orange-red marker on a random damage dealer. After a brief delay, the marked target will suffer moderate damage and a flaming debuff.
  • Load Program - as mentioned before, the monitors outside of the arena will display an image that represents which program is being loaded. There are four possible programs - each being represented by a recognizable sprite of Dadaluma, Ultros, Air Force, and Bibliotaph. Bear in mind that loaded programs are not always in a static order, so instead, we'll describe each one individually.

Now that you know the Guardian's basic mechanics, let's take a look at each program it can load throughout the encounter.

Program: Dadaluma

Once fully loaded, the Dadaluma program begins with an unavoidable shockwave, inflicting damage and knocking back the entire raid from the Guardian's current location. Seeing as the outer edge of the arena is dangerous, all players should position themselves so that they are not pushed into it. Otherwise, they will suffer additional damage and likely be paralysed by the resulting debuff, which will then need to be dispelled by a healer.

Once the knockback has concluded, Chakra Burst spawns eight yellow circles within the arena - each one displaying a slowly descending orb (meteor mechanic), indicating that at least one player must be standing within each circle before the orbs hit the platform. If one (or more) circles are uninhabited by the time the orbs finally descend, the entire raid will suffer damage and debuffs (relative to how many orbs were uncaught).

Once Chakra Burst has ended, Dadaluma himself will spawn within the arena and should be picked up by an off-tank as soon as possible. Whilst active, he will occasionally unleash an Aura Cannon (straight-line AoE) that should be avoided.

Once Dadaluma has been defeated, the fight resumes as normal.

Program: Ultros

Once fully loaded, the Ultros program will unleash large AoE circles beneath all members of the raid simultaneously, forcing everyone to move. Excess damage can be avoided by having the raid stack together so that the circles are baited into one easily avoidable location, though this strategy is not entirely necessary. Shortly afterwards, more AoE circles will appear within the arena, except these will cause massive tentacles to erupt from the ground. Once the tentacles have appeared, each one will try to Wallop members of the raid, which involves large straight-line AoE telegraphs that should be avoided. Once Wallop has been cast, each tentacle will slam down across their telegraphed line and inflict tremendous damage on anyone caught in their wake.

After Wallop has ended, Ultros himself will spawn within the arena as a mini-boss. As soon as Ultros spawns, the off-tank should grab enmity as soon as possible and lure Ultros into a corner. Meanwhile, the Guardian will have become untargetable and begin floating above the arena, targetting a random player with Chain Cannon, represented by a tether-line from the Guardian to its target. If targeted by Chain Cannon, stay on the move to avoid a barrage of AoE attacks. Once Chain Cannon has ceased, the Guardian will aim its Main Cannon at the previous location, dropping a proximity marker. All players will need to burn down Ultros whilst moving as far away from the point of impact as possible.

Once Ultros and the Guardian's cannon attacks have ended, the fight resumes as normal.

Program: Bibliotaph

Once fully loaded, the Bibliotaph program will spawn six demonic circles within the arena - each one requiring three players to stand on them in order to quench them. The raid should quickly form three-man groups and sprint from one circle to another as quickly as possible, as any undispelled circles will eventually summon demonic adds that will also need to be dealt with.

Once the demonic circles have resolved, Bibliotaph will be summoned to the arena and should be picked up by the off-tank as soon as possible. Whilst active, Bibliotaph will occasionally unleash massive point-blank AoE's that should be avoided.

Once Bibliotaph has been defeated, the fight resumes as normal.

Program: Air Force

Once fully loaded, the Air Force program begins with a point-blank AoE from the Guardian itself, forcing everyone in melee range to retreat. Anyone hit by the attack will suffer tremendous damage. Soon after, Missile Simulation will create multiple missiles at various edges of the arena that will slowly begin to travel from one side to the other, leaving only a few gaps for players to weave through them. Any player hit by a missile will suffer moderate damage and debuffs, so avoid at all costs.

As soon as the missiles have travelled across the arena, Bomb Deployment creates two defusable explosives within the arena - each one displaying a red and blue wire. To defuse a bomb, players must look to see which of the two colours is glowing brighter than the other and stand on that respective wire. However, should any player walk on the incorrect wire for any reason, the bomb will detonate prematurely, inflicting moderate AoE damage to those nearby.

With the bombs defused (or detonated), Air Force will spawn within the arena and should be picked up by the off-tank as soon as possible. Whilst active, Air Force can emit a huge cone-AoE across the platform that should be avoided.

Once Air Force has been defeated, the fight resumes as normal.


Gold Coffer (small).png Treasure Coffer 1

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Sigmascape Lens Miscellany ABasic 1
 Sigmascape Crank Miscellany ABasic 1

Gold Coffer (small).png Treasure Coffer 2

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Sigmascape Lens Miscellany ABasic 1
 Sigmascape Crank Miscellany ABasic 1
 Sigmascape Spring Miscellany ABasic 1
 A Battle Decisively Orchestrion Roll Orchestrion Roll ABasic 1

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