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Alexander - The Burden of the Son

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Alexander - The Burden of the Son

Alexander - The Burden of the Son.png
Party size
Full Party
8man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
Normal Raids
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 10 
Req. quest
Feature quest One Step Behind
The Dravanian Hinterlands (X:20, Y:26)

You have delved into the deepest parts of Midas, and its power source lies but a short distance ahead. For the sake of Idyllshire, and Roundrox, you must disable the core before Alexander awakes to wreak havoc on the realm. Your allies stand at the ready─steel yourself to break through the Illuminati's last line of defense.

— In-game description

Alexander - The Burden of the Son is a level 60 raid introduced in patch 3.2 with Heavensward.

Alexander - The Burden of the Son or A8 is the fourth floor of Alexander: Midas. It requires the player to have an average item level of 200 or above to enter.


  • Defeat Onslaughter: 0/1


The Burden of the Son Guide

The first three phases consist of engaging with the bosses from The Cuff of the Son. These phases will be simplified versions of these fights, and players simply need to handle each mechanic while the boss cycles through them and burn the bosses down. This fight has a hard enrage timer of 10 minutes.

Phase 1: Onslaughter

  • Hydrothermal Missile: A magic-based tankbuster.
  • Perpetual Ray: This attack deals high damage and debuffs a player with Magic Vulnerability Up, making Hydrothermal Missile deal massive damage. A tankswap is required after this, as the damage will quickly become unmanageable.
  • Mega Beam: The boss will begin charging, then fire a massive beam that deals heavy damage, debuffs with Vulnerability Down and has a heavy knockback. Players simply need to move out of the way of the front of the boss.
  • Execution: The boss will summon two Steam Regulator A and two Steam Regulator B. Players need to burn these down quickly, as they will soon explode and deal raid-wide damage, as well as debuff with a stack of Vulnerability Up and Damage Down for each one that is allowed to explode.
  • Discoid: Four players are tethered to an orb that slowly starts moving towards them. If these orbs touch their player, they will die. Tanks should take these hits. They explode in a small AoE that also deals damage.
  • Seed of the Sky: The boss summons AoEs under players, dropping missiles on those spots. If a player is hit, they will take heavy damage and be debuffed with Vulnerability Up and Damage Down.

Once this boss is defeated, it will leave the arena, and the Vortexer and Brawler will drop into the arena.

Phase 2: Brawler & Vortexer

Each tank should pick up one of these bosses and move them to opposite sides of the arena. This will make their attacks easier to handle, as well as make it easier to handle a bosses attacks in the next phase. Vortexer:

  • Ice Missile: A player will be marked with a large shimmering AoE and a chunk of ice over their head. Wherever the player is when the marker disappears, a persisting Ice AoE will drop there. Stepping into this will deal persistent damage and debuff with Frostbite.
  • Earth Missile: Drops an AoE to where the player was standing. Leaves behind a persistent lava puddle that deals damage when players stand in it, and debuffs with Sludge and Leaden, drastically slowing movement.
  • Super Cyclone: A large wind knockback from the boss, dealing moderate damage.
  • Brute Force: A hard-hitting tankbuster.


  • Single/Double Blaster: The boss will rise up and summon canons to its arms. Though the effect will show on both arms, players need to watch to see if the boss summons one or two canons to determine which attack is firing. For one canon, the main tank will be targeted, so mitigate and heal through while the rest of the party move away. For two canons, players need to stack and mitigate the attack.
  • Magicked Mark: A magic-based tankbuster.

The best strategy is to keep the bosses turned away from each other and pulled over to the east and west of the arena. Once a party has defeated its boss, move to help the other party defeat theirs.

Phase 3: Swindler & Blaster

Similar to the Vortexer and Brawler, these bosses will drop onto the arena, and should be picked up and moved to opposite sides of the arena. Blaster:

  • Summon Clones: Players will be marked with a blue arrow, then a clone of the boss will drop on them shortly after. These clones will then charge in a straight line from where they spawn, dealing damage and debuffing with Vulnerability Up if hit.
  • Mind Blast: AoE magic damage. Mitigate and heal through.
  • Brute Force: A hard-hitting tankbuster

Swindler: Players will be periodically debuffed with Low Arithmeticks (red debuff) or High Arithmeticks (blue debuff). Players must stand on the floor that is the opposite height to their debuff.

  • Magicked Mark: A magic-based tankbuster.
  • Enumeration: A player is surrounded by a circle with orbs overhead. The orbs indicate how many players need to stand in that circle to mitigate the damage. If too many or too few players are in the circle, the attack does heavy damage and debuffs with Vulnerability Up.
  • Height: The boss checks where players are standing to see what height they are at. If players are standing on the correct floor height for their debuff, the player will take a small amount of damage. If they are on the incorrect floor height, they will be hit with Height Error.
  • Height Error: Deals heavy damage and debuffs players with Vulnerability Up.

Pull these bosses to the north and south of the arena to make their attacks easier to handle. Swindler needs to be kept away from all other bosses, as it will receive a buff for each boss that it is near. Once the bosses are defeated, all the bosses will return to the arena and merge, creating Brute Justice. The boss will drop to the arena and deal damage with Transform, knocking players back.

Phase 4: Brute Justice

  • Double Rocket Punch: A heavy-hitting tankbuster that needs to be shared with both tanks and mitigated.
  • Long Needle: Four players have AoEs dropped underneath them, and one player is marked for stacking. Any player hit by the AoEs will take heavy damage and be debuffed with Vulnerability Up. Everyone can stack with the marked player to mitigate damage.
  • Apocalyptic Ray: The boss turns towards a player and fires lasers perpetually. Every second standing in this attack deals heavy damage and a stack of Vulnerability Up. Simply move behind the boss.
  • Super Jump: The boss leaps to a random player and deals heavy damage with splash damage. Spread out to avoid excess damage.
  • Flarethrower: A frontal cone of fire. This attack is mixed in periodically.
  • Short Needle: Fires three volleys of AoE damage that needs to be mitigated and healed through.
  • Mega Beam: This attack is the exact same as before.
  • J Kick: The boss leaps into the air and slams down into the center of the arena, dealing raid-wide damage.

The boss will cycle through these attacks in the above order. After the first cycle, the boss will separate, and each boss will appear, firing AoEs and their specific mechanics. These can be handled the exact same way as before. Players simply need to be sure to not step on the Landmines that spawn and watch for which height debuff they receive. The boss will only do this attack once. After this, the boss will reform and return to the arena and cycle through these attacks again until it is defeated or it enrages. When the boss enrages, a timer message will appear, alerting players that they only have 10 seconds to defeat the boss, or they will be wiped.


Treasure Coffer 1

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Tarnished Midan Crank Other ABasic 1
 Tarnished Midan Spring Other ABasic 1

Treasure Coffer 2

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Tarnished Midan Shaft Other ABasic 1
 Tarnished Midan Crank Other ABasic 1
 Tarnished Midan Spring Other ABasic 1

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