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Party size
Light Party
4man 1 Tank role.png 1 Healer role.png 2 DPS role.png
Time limit
Level 50/60/70 Dungeons
Req. quest
Feature quest Reap What You Sow
The Sea of Clouds (X:40, Y:7)

Sonu Vanu, chief of the Zundu, faces a tempestuous predicament. Already facing an upwind battle to shelter his people from the warlike Vundu, his mask─the traditional symbol of power in Vanu Vanu society─has grown old and worn. Should it crack, and his authority with it, the peaceful tribe would be powerless to stave off the coming storm. Venture into Neverreap─the sacred isle of the Vanu Vanu that has been overrun by the Vundu and the vicious beasts in their thrall─and emerge with the scale of a mighty waukkeon, that the sun might shine on the Zundu once more!

— In-game description

Neverreap is a level 60 dungeon introduced in patch 3.0 with Heavensward.


Level 60 players need to start the level 60 Sidequest Feature QuestReap What You Sow. Players can start the quest by talking to Sanu Vanu in The Sea of Clouds (x11, y14). To unlock the quest, players need to complete the level 60 Main Scenario Quest Main Scenario QuestHeavensward (Quest). In order to complete it, they must also be able to fly in The Sea of Clouds by acquiring all the Aether Currents of the area.


  • Arrive at the God who Whispers: 0/1
  • Arrive at the Wind that Summons: 0/1
  • Arrive at the Cloud that Laughs: 0/1
  • Defeat the waukkeon: 0/1


Neverreap Guide

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Nunyenunc

Avoid Feather Squall AoE.

Boss will disappear and area will be covered in mist, players must run around the edge to find Nunyenunc's Shadow and kill it.

Kill Nunyeninc's Feathers ASAP, they will explode dealing damage and inflict Vulnerability Up.

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Canu Vanu

Morrowcloud targets random player and inflicts Bleed, healer needs to cleanse this.

Sacred Totem marks players, they will drop a totem in their place, a few seconds later, he will cast Totem Chant, a big purple circle will spawn in a random place, any Totems need to be carried out of this circle before the cast finishes. This is easier to manage if players try to spread out when marked, keeping previously spawned totems in mind.

  • If a totem is inside the circle when the cast is finished, it will turn into a Canu Vanu's Totem and make the boss immune, kill it.
  • The Chant has no other effects, its perfectly safe to stand in the target circle.

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Waukkeon

Marks a random player, they will spawn an add called Divine Mist, ignore it for now.

Several Divine Gale will spawn and boss will start rushing around the area dealing damage to anyone in its path. Kill the Mists then the Gales.

When all adds are dead, boss will cast Turbine, a party-wide AoE and knockback. Everyone needs to stack next to the boss where a largest area is behind them (i.e. If boss is on the west side, they should stack next to boss so they get knocked back east.) You can get knocked off and you can not get resurrection if you do.

Tornadoes will also spawn and roam around dealing damage and knocking anyone into the air that touches them.

  • Use Limit Break 2 as soon as possible due to Tornadoes.


Silver Coffer (small).png Nunyenunc

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Valerian Dragoon's Plate Belt Waist BDungeon 1
 Valerian Dragoon's Sollerets Feet BDungeon 1
 Valerian Fusilier's Boots Feet BDungeon 1
 Valerian Fusilier's Bracelet Bracelets BDungeon 1
 Valerian Fusilier's Ring Ring BDungeon 1
 Valerian Fusilier's Twinbelt Waist BDungeon 1
 Valerian Rogue's Highboots Feet BDungeon 1
 Valerian Rogue's Twinbelt Waist BDungeon 1
 Valerian Shaman's Boots Feet BDungeon 1
 Valerian Shaman's Bracelet Bracelets BDungeon 1
 Valerian Shaman's Ring Ring BDungeon 1
 Valerian Shaman's Sash Waist BDungeon 1
 Valerian Smuggler's Bracelet Bracelets BDungeon 1
 Valerian Smuggler's Highboots Feet BDungeon 1
 Valerian Smuggler's Ring Ring BDungeon 1
 Valerian Smuggler's Twinbelt Waist BDungeon 1
 Valerian Terror Knight's Bracelet Bracelets BDungeon 1
 Valerian Terror Knight's Plate Belt Waist BDungeon 1
 Valerian Terror Knight's Ring Ring BDungeon 1
 Valerian Terror Knight's Sollerets Feet BDungeon 1
 Valerian Wizard's Bracelet Bracelets BDungeon 1
 Valerian Wizard's Pattens Feet BDungeon 1
 Valerian Wizard's Ring Ring BDungeon 1
 Valerian Wizard's Sash Waist BDungeon 1

Silver Coffer (small).png Canu Vanu

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Valerian Dragoon's Barbut Head BDungeon 1
 Valerian Dragoon's Gauntlets Hands BDungeon 1
 Valerian Fusilier's Choker Necklace BDungeon 1
 Valerian Fusilier's Earrings Earrings BDungeon 1
 Valerian Fusilier's Halfgloves Hands BDungeon 1
 Valerian Fusilier's Pot Helm Head BDungeon 1
 Valerian Rogue's Bandana Head BDungeon 1
 Valerian Rogue's Halfgloves Hands BDungeon 1
 Valerian Shaman's Choker Necklace BDungeon 1
 Valerian Shaman's Dress Gloves Hands BDungeon 1
 Valerian Shaman's Earrings Earrings BDungeon 1
 Valerian Shaman's Temple Chain Head BDungeon 1
 Valerian Smuggler's Bandana Head BDungeon 1
 Valerian Smuggler's Choker Necklace BDungeon 1
 Valerian Smuggler's Earrings Earrings BDungeon 1
 Valerian Smuggler's Halfgloves Hands BDungeon 1
 Valerian Terror Knight's Barbut Head BDungeon 1
 Valerian Terror Knight's Choker Necklace BDungeon 1
 Valerian Terror Knight's Earrings Earrings BDungeon 1
 Valerian Terror Knight's Gauntlets Hands BDungeon 1
 Valerian Wizard's Choker Necklace BDungeon 1
 Valerian Wizard's Earrings Earrings BDungeon 1
 Valerian Wizard's Fingerless Halfgloves Hands BDungeon 1
 Valerian Wizard's Hat Head BDungeon 1

Gold Coffer (small).png Waukkeon

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Baldur Axe Greataxe BDungeon 1
 Baldur Blade Greatsword BDungeon 1
 Baldur Bow Bow BDungeon 1
 Baldur Cane Cane BDungeon 1
 Baldur Claws Fist Weapon BDungeon 1
 Baldur Codex Book BDungeon 1
 Baldur Daggers Daggers BDungeon 1
 Baldur Grimoire Book BDungeon 1
 Baldur Katana Katana BDungeon 1
 Baldur Planisphere Star Globe BDungeon 1
 Baldur Rimfire Firearms BDungeon 1
 Baldur Rod Staff BDungeon 1
 Baldur Shield Shield BDungeon 1
 Baldur Spear Polearm BDungeon 1
 Baldur Sword Sword BDungeon 1
 Baldur Tuck Rapier BDungeon 1
 Ugly Duckling Minion ABasic 1
 Valerian Dragoon's Mail Body BDungeon 1
 Valerian Dragoon's Trousers Legs BDungeon 1
 Valerian Fusilier's Gambison Body BDungeon 1
 Valerian Fusilier's Sarouel Legs BDungeon 1
 Valerian Rogue's Gaskins Legs BDungeon 1
 Valerian Rogue's Gilet Body BDungeon 1
 Valerian Shaman's Chasuble Body BDungeon 1
 Valerian Shaman's Smalls Legs BDungeon 1
 Valerian Smuggler's Gaskins Legs BDungeon 1
 Valerian Smuggler's Gilet Body BDungeon 1
 Valerian Terror Knight's Plate Mail Body BDungeon 1
 Valerian Terror Knight's Trousers Legs BDungeon 1
 Valerian Wizard's Longkilt Legs BDungeon 1
 Valerian Wizard's Robe Body BDungeon 1
 Waukkeon Card   This item is guaranteed to drop. Triple Triad Card ABasic 1

Additional Treasure Coffers

Treasure Coffer 1 (X: 14.3 Y: 14.3)

Any of the Nunyenunc's loot, or one of the following:

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Clear Prism Other ABasic 1
 Seafog Blue Dye Other ABasic 1
 Peacock Blue Dye Other ABasic 1
 Rhotano Blue Dye Other ABasic 1
 Raptor Blue Dye Other ABasic 1

Treasure Coffer 2 (X: 12.9 Y: 12.9)

Any of the Canu Vanu's loot, or one of the following:

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Clear Prism Other ABasic 1
 Seafog Blue Dye Other ABasic 1
 Peacock Blue Dye Other ABasic 1
 Rhotano Blue Dye Other ABasic 1
 Raptor Blue Dye Other ABasic 1

Treasure Coffer 3 (X: 14.3 Y: 9.2)

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Clear Prism Other ABasic 1
 Seafog Blue Dye Other ABasic 1
 Peacock Blue Dye Other ABasic 1
 Rhotano Blue Dye Other ABasic 1
 Raptor Blue Dye Other ABasic 1

Treasure Coffer 4 (X: 14.0 Y: 6.4)

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Clear Prism Other ABasic 1
 Seafog Blue Dye Other ABasic 1
 Peacock Blue Dye Other ABasic 1
 Rhotano Blue Dye Other ABasic 1
 Raptor Blue Dye Other ABasic 1


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