The Striking Tree (Hard)

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The Striking Tree (Hard)

The Striking Tree (Hard).png
50 (Sync: 50)
Party size
Full Party
8man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 15 
Req. quest
Main Scenario quest Levin an Impression

Ramuh, arbiter of the forest and guardian to the sylphs of the Twelveswood, has been summoned to Eorzea, that he may protect the domain of his children. Once placed upon his scales, what judgment will fall upon the Warriors of Light at the hands of the Lord of Levin?

— In-game description

The Striking Tree (Hard) is a level 50 trial introduced in patch 2.3.


Ramuh Hard Guide

Transcluded from (Extreme):

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Lord of Levin: Ramuh


Chaotic Strike - Fears 2 players that are not top enmity after a short cast time. They will walk slowly toward Ramuh then get killed by the melee AoE (Area of Effect) Thunderspark by Ramuh if Chaos/Seduced is not broken by Thunderstorm. Player with the Thunderstorm needs to move to the feared players. This is a team coordination mechanic, think T8 ballistic missile.

Grey Arbiter - Adds (additional enemies) that spawn at 65%, just kill them all so the party does not wipe (the entire party killed) to Judgement Bolt. Because they fire lightning beams at random targets, these adds do not need to be tanked. They also have an ability that fires at Ramuh and lowers the time left until Judgement bolt, so kill them sequentially. Melee should begin from behind the boss and ranged from in front of the boss, and move clockwise.

Judgement Bolt - Negligible damage if all Grey Arbiter adds were killed, otherwise dealing 30k damage and instantly kills the player.

Orbs - Eat 3 to give a shield for a minute that prevents you from dying to Shock Strike, otherwise it does around 17k damage and goes through Hallowed. Building shield also removes tether. The more orbs are out, the more damage Thunderstorm deals. Managing shield duration is the tank swap mechanic. Eating more than 3 will give an 'overcharged' shield that reduces healing per stack but still blocks Shock Strike. It caps at 3 stacks.

Rolling Thunder - After the add phase, two random people can get chained by a lightning. These two players need to stop all actions and one, and only one, of the chained players need to quickly gather 3 orbs to break the chain. If the off-tank gets the chain, he picks up the orbs and provokes Ramuh afterwards.

Shock Strike - AoE attack on tanks. Tanks need to gather three to get a debuff (Surge Protection) that makes them able to survive Shock Strike. The current off-tank picks up 3 orbs from every second Thunderstorm and Provokes Ramuh. Tanks keep swapping like this until the end. Tanks can get more than three stacks of orbs but any extra after third reduces healing received (Static Condensation).

Thunderstorm - Happens all throughout the fight. AoE circles at random spots and three following random players. Some of them leave orbs behind that empower Ramuh but can be picked up. The orbs and Thunderstorm circles leave a stacking debuff (Electroconductivity) on anyone hit, which will be the main mechanic of the fight. The water in the arena will also electrify after Thunderstorm, dealing more damage if stood in.

Thunderspark - melee AoE, moderate damage, but kills Chaotic Strike targets.


Phase 1: 100% - 64%

Thunderstorm and Chaos Strike

At 64%, adds spawn. Ramuh will need to be rotated to face away from the group as adds are killed. Thunderstorm and Chaos Strike persist.

Phase 2: 64% - 0%

Introduces tether mechanic. Thunderstorm frequency increases. At 29%, untargetable adds spawn that just deal a little extra damage.

Solo strategy (level 70+)

With a high player level (70 to 80) and high-end gear, The Striking Tree (Extreme) can be finished solo or with a small party. To do so, enter the trial unsynced by selecting "Undersized Party" in the duty finder options.

With sufficient defenses, healing and damage, the fight's mechanics can be largely ignored, and all damage focused on Ramuh. It is still advised to kill the Grey Arbiter adds as they spawn. )