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Eden's Verse: Refulgence

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Eden's Verse: Refulgence

Eden's Verse Refulgence.png
80 (Sync: 80)
Party size
Full Party
8man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
Normal Raids
Allagan Tomestone of Phantasmagoria 20 Allagan Tomestone of Allegory 10 
Req. quest
Feature quest On Thin Ice

With the dark entity that haunted Gaia defeated, at least for the time being, you return to the task of restoring balance to ice, the final element. Being the most strongly aligned in favor of stasis, it appears that Ryne's direct involvement will be required to properly manipulate the aether. Inspired by tales of Ysayle on the Source, Ryne decides to use her own body as a vessel and wield the power of Shiva.

— In-game description

Eden's Verse: Refulgence is a level 80 raid introduced in patch 5.2 with Shadowbringers.

Shiva's Phases & Abilities

NOTE: It is possible to fall off the edge of the arena to an early doom during the entire encounter. However, should any participant fall, they can be raised after a moderate delay.

Eden's Verse E8N Guide

Phase 1

  • Absolute Zero - Shiva blasts the entire raid with unavoidable damage.
  • Redress - a gaze-attack which inflicts petrify on anyone caught staring at Shiva while she 'redresses' (essentially swapping from Ice form to Holy form, or vice-versa, each with their own unique mechanics). To avoid, simply look away while she changes clothes.
  • (Holy Form) Axe Kick - a massive point blank AoE circle directly underneath Shiva that will cover 90% of the circular arena. Move away as quickly as possible to avoid damage and debuffs.
  • (Holy Form) Scythe Kick - a massive donut AoE from Shiva's hitbox. Players must move into her hitbox to avoid damage and debuffs.

After executing one of these manoeuvres, Shiva will begin to Redress back into Ice Form.

  • Thin Ice - covers the entire arena in slippery ice while Shiva redresses, causing anyone who moves to slip in that direction uncontrollably, possibly over the edge of the arena. Stand still to avoid unnecessary sliding, but be ready, as Thin Ice will often require players to slide out of harms way during future mechanics, starting with:
  • Biting Frost - a massive frontal AoE cone directly in front of Shiva. After a brief delay, Shiva will utilize swords of ice to carve anyone standing in front of her. Due to Thin Ice, players may need to slide behind Shiva to avoid taking damage.
  • Driving Frost - a conal attack against anyone directly behind Shiva. Due to Thin Ice, players may need to slide in front of her (or to her flanks) to avoid.

After executing one (or both) of these manoeuvres, the Thin Ice will dissipate, allowing the group to move as normal.

  • Double Slap - Shiva uses her dual ice-swords to deliver a vicious tank-buster against her primary target.
  • Diamond Frost - unleashes high raid-wide damage that must be healed through.
  • Frigid Stone + Frigid Water - places four AoE ice-circles around the arena that must be avoided, leaving a wavy "+" sign in the centre as a safe spot. However, four players will be marked with proximity markers, whilst another four will be marked with AoE circles, forcing the raid to scramble for safety. To combat this, proximity-marked players should move to the outer edge of the arena, whilst the AoE marked players use the centre of the arena (which has more safe space) to spread out. If done correctly, the raid will take only minor damage.
  • Chasing Ice - marks random players with mobile AoE circles that will essentially follow that player for three consecutive blasts. Marked players should move away from the group and stay on the move to avoid being hit themselves. After marked players have dropped three AoE circles, they can resume combat as normal.
  • Heavenly Strike - inflicts moderate knockback from Shiva's location. Due to lack of railing at the edges of the arena, players who aren't close enough to Shiva may be punted over the edge to their doom. Bear in mind that Knockback Immunity cooldowns can be used to prevent this knockback if preferred.
  • Mirror, Mirror - spawns two mirrors at the outer edges of the arena that will mimic Shiva's next ability after a moderate delay. Shiva will then cast one of her previously executed abilities (currently in Ice Form): Biting Frost (frontal AoE) or Driving Frost (backward cone). If Biting Frost (her frontal cone), then players should get behind Shiva to avoid the frontal cone and also move as far away from the mirrors as possible (which will both execute a point-blank AoE). If Driving Frost (her backward cone), then players should get in front of Shiva to avoid her attack, then move to the outer edge of the arena (between the two mirrors) which will cover the arena with two conal AoE's that leave only a small safe-spot between the mirrors.

On reaching this point, Shiva will execute a manoeuvre reminiscent of the Hydaelyn vs Zodiark revelation from the Qitana Ravel, stomping onto the arena and shattering it into 14 reflections (platforms). The raid will be halved, with each half (composed of one tank, one healer, and two damage dealers) having its own 'reflection' (platform) to itself, marking the end of the phase.

Phase 2

Each half of the raid will find themselves on a small circular platform with a Hydaelyn-shaped crystal in the centre. Periodically, this crystal will omit unavoidable AoE against the party, and a noticeable Flood of Light gauge will be present throughout. At this point, elemental adds will spawn at the outer edges of the platform and move towards the central crystal. Players must work together to prevent the elements reaching the central crystal, as failure to do so will contribute to the Flood of Light gauge.

At certain points, other adds will spawn that, instead of moving to the crystal, will instead tether itself to it. On seeing this, members of the group should pick up the tether (which will eventually blast them for damage). If an add remains tethered to the crystal instead, the Flood of Light gauge will increase.

If the Flood of Light gauge is filled, then the raid will be wiped. After dealing with the continuous bursts of AoE damage and elemental adds, assuming the Flood of Light gauge hasn't been filled, then the raid will be returned to the original platform with a special buff.

Phase 3

  • Holy - spawns a proximity marker in the arena centre, forcing the raid to retreat to the outer edges. After the explosion, proximity meteors will spawn around the outer edges, forcing the raid to dash towards the centre.
  • Light Rampant - dishes out vicious raid-wide damage that cannot be avoided.
  • Path of Light - spawns four stack-towers around the arena centre. At least one player must stand within each tower before holy orbs reach the platform. Simultaneously, two players will be targeted with an orange marker. After a brief delay, marked players will be blasted with conal AoE's from Shiva. As a result, marked players must avoid standing close to each other or stacking in towers and, instead, stand between them so that tower-stacked players do not get unnecessarily blasted.
  • If successful, the four towers will disperse and another two will form - this time requiring at least two players to stand within each one. Similar to before, two other players will be targeted with orange markers and should move away from each other (and the stacking players) to avoid clipping them with conal AoE's from Shiva.
  • If successful, the two towers will disappear and one final tower will spawn - requiring at least four players to stand within it. Once againe, two players will be targeted with orange markers and should move away from each other (and the tower) to avoid damaging teammates with the impending conal AoE's from Shiva.
  • Mirror, Mirror - spawns four mirrors at the outer edges of the arena that will mimic Shiva's next ability after a moderate delay. Shiva will then cast one of her previously executed abilities (currently in Holy Form): Axe Kick (point-blank AoE) or Scythe Kick (donut AoE). If Axe Kick (point-blank AoE), then players should move away from Shiva to avoid her AoE, then run to the arena centre - the only safe spot available when all mirrors execute their own point-blank AoE. If Scythe Kick (donut AoE), players should move into Shiva's hitbox to avoid the donut attack, then stand directly in front of any mirror of their choosing (seeing as all of them will execute a donut AoE of their own).
  • Twin Stillness (after Redressing, which will bring Thin Ice) causes Shiva to execute Biting Frost (frontal cone AoE) and Driving Frost (backward cone AoE) in a random order, forcing the raid to slide in front or behind her (depending on which comes first) then slide again to avoid the follow up. As always, be careful not to slide over the edge!

Enraged, Shiva will Redress into Holy Form and begin to spam Absolute Zero (unavoidable raid-wide damage) until reduced to 0 health.

Phase 4

Having been sufficiently damaged, an unskippable animation will play, showing Ryne struggling to contain the immeasurable power of light and ice in unison. The entire raid will be frozen in holy ice, including Shiva/Ryne, who begins to charge Endless Ice-Age. Gaia will teleport into the arena with intent to save Ryne, freeing the raid in the process while using Spell In Waiting to double Shiva's cast-time, initiating a DPS check where the raid must destroy the ice containing Ryne before it is too late. If unsuccessful, Endless Ice-Age will terminate the raid. If successful, congratulations! You have beaten Eden's Verse: Refulgence and saved the world.


Treasure Coffer 1

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Armor of Golden Antiquity Other ABasic 1
 Chausses of Golden Antiquity Other ABasic 1
 Greaves of Golden Antiquity Other ABasic 1
 Bangle of Golden Antiquity Other ABasic 1

Treasure Coffer 2

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Armor of Golden Antiquity Other ABasic 1
 Gauntlets of Golden Antiquity Other ABasic 1
 Chausses of Golden Antiquity Other ABasic 1
 Bangle of Golden Antiquity Other ABasic 1

Treasure Coffer 3

Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Wind-up Ryne Other ABasic 1
 Return to Oblivion Orchestrion Roll Orchestrion Roll ABasic 1

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