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Thok ast Thok (Hard)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the story-mode Main Scenario trial. For the level 60 challenge-mode trial, see Thok ast Thok (Extreme).


Thok ast Thok (Hard)

Thok ast Thok (Hard).png
53 (Sync: 54)
Party size
Full Party
8 man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
60 minutes
Duty Finder
Trials (Heavensward)
Req. quest
Main Scenario quest Lord of the Hive
Thok ast Thok
The echo icon1.png The Echo
On wipe: +10% (max +50%)

An insectoid beastman tribe connected by a hive mind, the Gnath have but one collective desire: to expand their territory and prosper without fear of dragons. It was by this simple yet powerful wish that a mighty primal bent on war and conquest was summoned into existence. Bound by your promise to Vidofnir to remove this threat to dragonkind, you must now lead your companions into battle against the savage entity known as Ravana, Lord of the Hive.

— In-game description

Thok ast Thok (Hard) is a level 53 trial introduced in patch 3.0 with Heavensward.


Aggressive difficulty r6.png Lord of the Hive: Ravana

Ravana Guide


At every 100 Bloodlust gained (as shown underneath the Instance title in the quest list) Ravana will gain a stack of Damage up icon1.png Damage Up. This counts as a soft-enrage.


Ravana cleaves, keep him facing away from the raid.

Prelude to Slaughter - Uses this after the first 100 Bloodlust. This is a sequence of telegraphed AoEs: #1 Large melee AoE, negligible damage. #2 Pattern of linear fire AoE across the arena with several safe spots. #3 Covers the arena except the center in AoE. This ability has a very long cast time, but does nothing at all until the end of the cast.

Slaughter - Another sequence of AoEs: #1 AoE that comes out of him in a linear fashion two-ways (i.e. Infront and behind him), negligible damage, knocks back. #2 & #3: These happen at the same time, a cross fire AoE will form across the arena that will deal damage when they explode and leaves a cross of fire that inflicts Burn on anyone standing in it. Two players get marked with a purple icon above their head, they will have a large purple circle around them, these 2 players need to spread to opposite sides of the arena and other players should run out of the circle. Deals heavy damage to all inside. Note the purple circle will explode a couple of seconds after the cross explodes, players can move through the cross in those seconds to move out of the circles. Similar to Prelude to Slaughter, this ability has a very long cast time, but does nothing until the cast finishes.

Revenge - Every now and then, Ravana will buff himself for 5s to increase his Parry and will deal damage back to attackers from certain directions, though this deals negligible damage. This buff can generally be ignored.

Chandrahas - Ultimate ability and phase transition, just enjoy the lightshow.

Laughing Moon - In combination with Ultimate ability

Pillars of Heaven - Raid-wide AoE and knockback

Surpanakha.png  Surpanakha - Targets a player and throws linear AoE towards them, damaging anyone in its path. Player is marked by a red icon above their head. Will throw a minimum of 3 AoEs towards the player.
Note: Appears to always target the off-tank, unless they are dead, in which case it will target the main tank (then healers etc.)

Rose of Hate/Rose of Conquest - Casts Rose of Hate, a linear AoE, easily dodged. At same time, 4 purple orbs spawn linked to 4 players, explodes when touched, deals heavy damage and inflicts Vulnerability Up.

Swift Slaughter - Another sequence of AoEs: #1 Several players will be marked with a white icon, they need to spread around the room away from each other, Ravana will rush towards these players dealing damage to them and anyone in his path. #2 AoE in the outer half of the arena, with safe spot in the center. #3 Large AoE in the center with safe spot being at the edge of the arena.

Atma-Linga - Raid-wide AoE, maybe use it twice in a row.

Ravana cycles through 2 buffs, an offensive buff and a defensive buff, these determine what abilities he will use.

Offensive he will use the Slaughter abilities. Defensive he will use Pillars, Suranakha and Rose of Hate, introduced in Phase 2. No buffs he will focus on the tank.

Phase 1

Uses abilities Prelude to Slaughter and Slaughter - focus on dodging AoE.

Chandrahas (Ultimate)

At about 60% multiple adds will spawn. You have about 80 seconds until Ravana does his Ultimate.

Spirit Gana - Casts Blizzard and Falling Laughter

Moon Gana - Casts Fire and Falling Laughter

You need to kill these adds before they finish casting Falling Laughter. Moon Gana will start casting quickly so these take priority, 2 of these will spawn at separate intervals. If Falling Laughter finishes, the adds will drop a large sword into the ground which will be used before Chandrahas.

After about 80s, any remaining adds will die and leave a sword, Ravana Fetters all players and lifts them off the ground. Once for each sword in the ground, he will use Laughing Moon, which each deals moderate damage and applies a stack of Vulnerability up to all players, then cast Chandrahas which deals heavy damage. Note that if there are 3 or more swords in the ground, this will most likely cause a wipe.

Phase 2

Will not use Prelude to Slaughter, introduces all other abilities mentioned.

Offensive stance rotation: Swift Slaughter -> Slaughter

Defensive stance rotation: Pillars of Heaven -> Surpanakha.png  Surpanakha (hits 3 times) -> Rose of Hate -> Surpanakha.png  Surpanakha (hits 10 times) -> Pillars of Heaven

No Stance: Atma-Linga will be used, otherwise he focus the tank.

Pillars of Heaven

After the Ultimate, areas of the wall around the edge will crumble. You can be knocked off the arena by Pillars of Heaven. Make sure you will get knocked back into the wall.

Rose of Hate Orbs

The players with orbs should separate from each other and take the damage from the orbs themselves to avoid unnecessary AoE damage and debuffing to everyone.