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Alphascape V3.0

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the level 70 story-mode raid. For the (Savage) version, see Alphascape V3.0 (Savage). For the third tier of Omega in general, see Omega: Alphascape.


Alphascape V3.0

Alphascape V3.0 Image.png
70 (Sync: 70)
Item Level
Party size
Full Party
8 man 2 Tank role.png 2 Healer role.png 4 DPS role.png
Time limit
90 minutes
Duty Finder
Normal Raids (Stormblood)
Normal Raids
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 20 
Req. quest
Feature quest In the End, There Is Omega
The Interdimensional Rift (X:21.1, Y:24.1)
Final Verification, The Interdimensional Rift
Gyr Abania
Stone, Sky, Sea

Your triumph over the recreated Midgardsormr has convinced Omega of your supremacy, and the master of the rift will now engage you directly in combat. The final experiment is begun and the arena awaits. Gather your courage and steel your spirit, for upon this battle rests the fate of entire worlds...

— In-game description

Alphascape V3.0 is a level 70 raid introduced in patch 4.4 with Stormblood. The raid is also known as O11N.


Alphascape V3.0 (Normal) Guide

Aggressive difficulty r6.png Omega

Omega has many tricks up its proverbial sleeve, some of which can be incredibly tricky to avoid. In this fight, all players are granted the Omega Jammer ability, which is used to deal with two specific situations. When used, an electrical AoE will surge over the target and anything else around it.

Opening Phase

  • Atomic Ray - inflicts unavoidable raid-wide damage.
  • Mustard Bomb.png  Mustard Bomb - a vicious tankbuster against Omega's primary target that deals damage in a very small area. Tanks should make sure that non-tank players are not stacked on top of them during the blast.
  • Ballistic Impact - marks all eight players with AoE circles, forcing them to spread apart to avoid overlapping damage. On detonation, the circles leave behind persistent puddles of fire that inflict a strong and non-dispellable Burns debuff on anyone who remains within the fire for too long. Bear in mind that Ballistic Impact will happen at the same time as Flame Thrower.png  Flame Thrower.
  • Flame Thrower.png  Flame Thrower - spawns eight evenly-distanced cone attacks that fan out from Omega's position, leaving similarly shaped safe-spots in-between each cone. Due to being executed at the same time as Ballistic Impact, all players will have very limited space to maneuver.
  • Wave Cannon - comes in two variations - Larboard Wave Cannon and Starboard Wave Cannon. Larboard shoots from Omega's left side, while Starboard does the same for its right side. Getting hit will deal very high damage and inflict Vulnerability Up icon1.png Vulnerability Up. After using a Wave Cannon attack, Omega will spin around to face the opposite direction and use a second Wave Cannon attack in an attempt to confuse players. If you find yourself being tricked, it helps to remember a simple note: "Larboard" equals Left. If it's not Larboard, it's to Omega's right.
    • Alternatively, it may be helpful to think of the attack name as telling the player the safe side. If it's Larboard, the player can move to their left to be safe (since the attack will hit Omega's Left). This only works if Omega is facing the player, as he usually is for the main tank.
    • In either case, it is important to know which way Omega is facing and pay attention to any swaps he does.
  • Peripheral Synthesis.png  Peripheral Synthesis - creates a wall of Rocket Punch adds that will appear on one edge of the arena and slowly travel across it, inflicting very high damage, knock-back, and a stackable Vulnerability Up icon1.png Vulnerability Up debuff to anyone they collide with. While these can be targeted, they have too much health to burn down in the usual fashion. Instead, players must utilize their Omega Jammer (Duty Action) to deal roughly half of its max health in damage. Omega telegraphs this attack by shouting "<blip> Reconstructing rocket-propelled armament."

At this point, Omega will use another Flame Thrower.png  Flame Thrower (patterned AoE blast) and Atomic Ray (unavoidable raid-wide AoE), followed by a mechanical loop if Omega still has plenty of health remaining. However, if sufficiently damaged, Omega will fly away from the arena and the next phase begins.

Add Phase

After reaching roughly 70% health, Omega will exit the arena, leaving behind electro-puddles in the center and outer edges of the arena that will instantly kill anyone standing in it when it finishes forming, or at any point afterwards.

Once the arena has been augmented, a Level Checker will spawn in the center AoE and begin to cast various Executables. Each cast of Executable inflicts the entire party with the Looper debuff, which changes into Memory Loss if its timer counts down to 0. Characters under the Memory Loss debuff will walk around randomly, nearly guaranteeing that the character will enter the blue puddles and die.

  • Executable #1 - spawns eight Particle Beam-style circles around the arena - one for each player to stand in. Standing inside the circle as its ability casts will dispel the Looper debuff from that player and deal minor damage with Storage Violation. If a circle is not occupied by the time its ability is fired, the whole party is hit with Critical Storage Violation for higher damage and a stack of a Damage Down icon1.png Damage Down debuff, making the DPS check harder.
  • Executable #2 - spawns a point-blank AoE centered on the Level Checker followed by four Particle Beam circles inside the first AoE, along with a ring AoE on the outside of the arena where the first did not hit. To avoid, all players will need to run away from the Level Checker to avoid the point-blank, then run towards it to dodge the outer-blast, giving everyone enough space to get inside the circles (two players each) to dispel their Looper debuffs.

After using Executable twice, the Level Checker will begin to long-cast Force Quit - a DPS check that results in a raid-wipe if the Level Checker is not slain in time. Once the Level Checker is destroyed, the blue AoE on the platform will vanish and Omega will reappear off the north side of the arena to begin charging up Delta Attack.

Delta Attack Phase

As soon as Delta Attack begins to charge, an allied Conductive Focus will spawn in the center of the arena. All players will need to target this add and use their Omega Jammer (Duty Action) on it to build up the Electromagnetic Induction meter. Once the meter reaches 100%, a shield will form around the center of the arena, greatly reducing the damage dealt by Delta Attack. Failing to do this in time will result in Delta Attack wiping the entire raid.

Final Phase

After using Delta Attack, Omega will return to the arena and use the attacks from its first phase, but with a few new additions and changes.

  • (Improved) Peripheral Synthesis.png  Peripheral Synthesis - will spawn 1-2 giant versions of the previous Rocket Punch adds at the edge(s) of the arena. After a moderate delay, these adds will launch across the platform in a straight line and devastate anyone caught in their path.
  • Electric Slide - creates a stack-marker on a random player. After a brief delay, Omega launches itself into the targeted player's location, inflicting shareable damage. All players must stack on the selected player to save them from a grisly fate.
  • (Improved) Mustard Bomb.png  Mustard Bomb - causes every second cast of Mustard Bomb.png  Mustard Bomb to tether itself to a random player. After the tethered Mustard Bomb.png  Mustard Bomb is executed, Omega will hit the tethered player with a devastating area of effect blast that deals extremely high damage and inflicts Paralysis icon1.png Paralysis on everyone within range of the blast. As a result, the off-tank should grab the tether and move away from the group as soon as possible.

From here, Omega will begin to cycle through previously experienced mechanics in various combos until Omega has been defeated, or the raid wipes. Mechanical combinations include:

Starboard and/or Larboard Wave Cannons (left or right beams), Atomic Ray (unavoidable raid-wide damage), both versions of Peripheral Synthesis.png  Peripheral Synthesis simultaneously (i.e. slow-moving walls of small Rocket Punch adds and the huge straight-line charging fists at the same time), Electric Slide stack-markers, and more - but nothing you haven't witnessed already.


Gold Coffer (small).png Treasure Coffer 1

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Alphascape lens icon1.png  Alphascape Lens Other N/A ABasic 1
Alphascape shaft icon1.png  Alphascape Shaft Other N/A ABasic 1
Alphascape spring icon1.png  Alphascape Spring Other N/A ABasic 1
Alphascape Bolt Icon.png  Alphascape Bolt Other N/A ABasic 1

Gold Coffer (small).png Treasure Coffer 2

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Alphascape shaft icon1.png  Alphascape Shaft Other N/A ABasic 1
Alphascape crank icon1.png  Alphascape Crank Other N/A ABasic 1
Alphascape spring icon1.png  Alphascape Spring Other N/A ABasic 1
Alphascape Bolt Icon.png  Alphascape Bolt Other N/A ABasic 1

Gold Coffer (small).png Treasure Coffer 3

Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity
Escape orchestrion roll icon1.png  eScape Orchestrion Roll Orchestrion Roll N/A ABasic 1


Omega: You are the Alpha, I am the Omega. <blip> Initiating direct analysis of subject group. Engage!

Omega: <blip> Generating rocket-propelled armament.

Cid: [Player], I'm detecting external armaments! These will be the perfect targets for the jammer!

Omega: <blip> Activating program loop Alpha. Memory manipulation initiated.

Level Checker: Program loop Alpha: primary sequence initiated...

Level Checker: Program loop Alpha: secondary sequence initiated...

Level Checker: Program loop Alpha: final sequence initiated...

Level Checker: Program loop Alpha activating in 5... 4... 3...

Level Checker: <bleep> Critical error. Program loop Alpha aborted...

Omega: Program failure detected. <blip> Engaging Delta Attack protocol.

Omega: Target locked. Inhibitors disengaged. <blip> Firing Delta cannon at maximum power.

Cid: I've detected an extreme energy surge from Omega! Quickly, focus the jammer's lightning in the center of the platform!

Cid: That's it! Keep building energy in that spot! It should generate a rudimentary barrier.

Cid: The protection field is ready, but you'll need your own defenses -- this may break even your considerable limits!

Omega: Survival of Alpha group confirmed. Low probability outcome. Results remain within projected parameters.

Omega: <blip> Analyzing current combat data. Optimizing functions.

Omega: <blip> Generating enhanced rocket-propelled armament.

Omega: <blip> Reconstructing rocket-propelled armament.